Not Talking About You Know What

Any "news" outlet talking about the obnoxious event today loses all credibility.

"Jenny From The Bloc" Is Funny

I totally stole that catchy title from who knows, everyone's sayin' it.

Read about who Jennifer Lopez performed for over the weekend and decide for yourself: Not Cool or Who Cares?

RIP Donna Summer and Robin Gibb

No video. Just enjoy the divas singing-
(I sang this at karaoke once. Ah!)

2/3rds of the Bee Gees are gone.

One Less Beastie

Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys died Friday at the age of 47.One of the best thing about them besides their music is that they didn't seem douchey.

Fab Babs is 70!

And Shirley MacLaine is 78. Who doesn't love a good kick, ballchange with a shoulder shrug. Genius, I tell you, genius!