What Did We Think?

I haven't watched the wedding. DVR'ed it, but I don't know that I'll watch. I thought her dress was very mild for an Alexander McQueen dress. But I like that she didn't try and out-do Diana, and just went for a simple, if like Grace Kelly, dress.

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On This Day...

69 years ago the world was blessed with the presence of Barbra Streisand AND 77 year ago Shirley MacLaine. Any gay worth his gay card is celebrating today. L'chaim!

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The Job Situation

As I've mentioned before, prices are going up yet companies that are hiring are doing so at a lower wage. Where is this money going? It has to go somewhere. This Huffington Post article describes the new reality for job searchers.

One of The Worst Movies I've Ever Seen

I know what you're thinking- we could've told you that and we didn't have to sit through two hours of bad wigs, monotone acting and lame story. Bella is hiding from the bad vampires in a tent, and the only way she can keep warm is if Jacob, the shirtless werewolf, holds her all night. While Edward watches. C'mon!

It grosssed $300 million domestic.

Best Show on TV

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Ok, it is produced by Ryan Seacrest. But that aside, great show.

I didn't think it was necessary to bring in a real cow to show the cuts of meat, but the demonstration after that showed that the remnants that are used for dog food can be treated with ammonia and fed to humans. That was shocking.

When they showed his family, the little girls with the English accent, I decided I wanted to be English. And a guy. Basically, I want to be him.

Go Jamie!

Political This N That

Beck is leaving his show. Though he'll probably still haunt us somehow.

Government shutdown means delayed tax refunds if you file by paper. And, did you know you have until April 18 this year? The 15th is a Washington DC holiday.

Prepare for a recount. Wisconsin Dem wins Supreme Court seat. Important because of all the Wisconson union turmoil.

Here's My Rant

Having recently lost out on a job because one of the other people up for the position (with less experience than me) would accept an unlivable wage, I know first hand what is going on in this country as far as corporations taking advantage of the desperate job seeker.

Corporations not only pay little, but they put you as "contract to hire" so that they don't have to pay you benefits. I guess that whole Microsoft-contract dispute from awhile ago didn't discourage this.

But while corporations are paying less, it doesn't seem that prices are less.

Have you noticed how expensive everything is? Not just gas (over $4 here), but Trader Joe's, the long standing joke of my friends about how much I love that place, is a noticeable hefty receipt. I'm not saying Trader Joe's is gauging. More like, the gas it costs the deliver the food costs more, or the materials cost more.

Gawker discusses how AOL let freelancers know they wouldn't need their services, but offered this:
You will be invited to contribute as part of our non-paid blogger system

If I was the poor sap, who had to type out those words. I would just walk out the door, and go sell hair wraps on the streets of Hawaii (ok, I'd have to fly there).

What have you noticed about companies? The workforce?