Go Bernie!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Filibusters the tax cuts for the wealthy.

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Black Yawn

I'm so proud of myself for that title.

Black Swan is a critically acclaimed movie about uptight Natalie Portman ballerina trying to play the dual roles of white/black swan (good/bad swan) in Swan Lake. Mila what's her name from That 70's Show is an edgy ballerina who wears lots of black eyeliner and is sassy. You can probably already see where this is going.

Within minutes it is obvious what is going on, there is no suspense. This is not a psychological thriller. The symbolism of the ballet production vs. her real life are so in your face there is no suspense.

Way better than the movie is this from 30 Rock

This N That

I know this is months old, but I love the Oprah "We're going to Australia" voice at 2:14.

If Dexter and his sister can't stay married, who can?

Taylor Swift, who just turned 21, gives her advice on staying young. Really.

This is why Johnny Depp does those pirate movies. Gots to get paid.

Babs and Bob

Robert Redford was not into being on Oprah, I'm not sure if he's shy or doesn't like Barbra but he could barely muster a smile.

Babs' new house was ca-razy.

JLow's Face

I understand wanting to counteract aging, but JLow is looking like Carrie Ann from Dancing With the Stars.

Was Jon Hamm Not Available?

I guess Ryan Reynold's publicist got to People first as he was picked as Sexiest Man Alive. Jon Hamm looks to have been in the running.

This N That

Goopy Gwyn on Glee was painful. The Chicago dance was awkward. I was surprised she agreed to do that number since it was done in the movie by her peers (aka: women who she goes up against for roles) and it made the movie actresses look far superior.

GOP Senator, against Obamacare, freaks out when he finds out he doesn't get federal coverage for 30 days.

A man shoots his tv because of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

The Way They Are

Babs and Robert Redford on Oprah today.

I am not sure I can control myself. I might try and make out with the screen. And that's just with Babs. Not sure what I'll do when RR comes on to the set.

I'm running out to buy a black beret.

Boner in Charge, and Marijuana Fails

America, just when I think you have some sense, Boner is in charge of the House. And the legalization of marijuana in California doesn't pass. This is when we need it!

Boner can't even pretend to have emotion, or care about the average person, so let's have him lead! The guy is big business all the way. His face is orange for Pete's Sake.

The repubs are already saying they will reverse the health care bill. I know, you think that's a relief because you noticed that jump in costs (we all got it). But the polarization of the rich and the poor is going to be greater.

Remember, the repubs do not have a tax plan that saves the average American more taxes.

Did Ya Vote?

I did something called provisional voting which seems like the juvenile detention of voting, but just means they didn't get my voting info recording in time to be on that very large ledger they have (why so large?).

The House looks to be going to the repubs so Obama will probably not get anything passed, but what were the dems doing anyways? Yea for healthcare, but what else? They all (except Obama on most days, and a few others) are ticking me off.

Looks like no Meg Whitman in the governor's mansion! Jerry Brown is leading in that race.

Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear Rally Gets Huge Crowd

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rally yesterday gathered more than 200,000 people (Beck got around 80,000).

So don't believe the media hype that the teabaggers (he he) have any power. They just yell louder.

Yeah for sanity!

Let's Have a Chat About Project Runway, Shall We?

Uh, WTF?

The winner of Project Runway was Gretchen. I am guessing the producers helped Gretchen with styling- the sunglasses, the bronzer, the hair. Three of her outfits were the granny panties. Shouldn't she have to make full outfits? And I don't think the brown would look good on most people.

Andy was clearly out. His Ann Taylor Loft garb was nothing new. Too shiny, too holiday-office-look. Actually looked like they got drunk at their holiday office party and put part of the decorations on their heads.

Mondo, Mondo, Mondo! I think the judges were ticked he didn't listen to them (polka dot dress, the accessories on their head). And Michael Kors is just a bitter designer. He called the plaid pants clown pants, I thought they were fab.

Michael D (who?) got to show his line. It's ok. One of the tops looks like the model was shot in the chest. Maybe that's the new style. Keeps the bad guys from attacking you because you already look shot.

Ivy got to show her line. Very simple.

Valerie shows her line. Inspired by the Jetsons I suppose.

Michael C. shows his line. Brown.

Casanova shows his line. You have to see these outfits.

Photos: People, NY Mag.

Project Runway

Lifetime's site is a mess, so I can't even find Gretchen's hideous outfits from last night. This is all I can grab:

Michael C is odd, and I think phony, and I think all that crying was half fake, and what else...his clothes weren't great. But Gretchen's were just odd. And Heidi liked them?

They've given Gretchen many passes, they like her for some reason.


Some fabulous people sent me Rick Springfield's autobiography!

I started reading it as soon as I got it, flipping to find the cheating revelations (which I just assumed would be in there, and sure enough they were). I'll try not to be hurt that after all the throwing ourselves at him, he hit on neither my sister nor myself (and in my sister's case we literally threw her at him).

I'm not sure why he chose this photo, though.

Thanks D and S!


I thought the pics of a barely dressed Lea Michele from Glee in GQ was tacky. Their fans are young for Pete's sake. Oh, and honey. Quit singing Barbra Streisand. You are no Barbra Streisand. (I'm not linking to GQ, you'll have to find it yourself)

I did love that I walked in the room with Glee on, and Lea Michele was in a sailor outfit and the gay guy was sitting next to her singing and I knew it was from Streisand and Judy Garland. Maybe I'm a gay guy.

OMG I love this. I think I could move in with Tim Gunn after watching this:

Side note- Liza and Donna Summer sang a duet! I've never heard of this song! This is like 60's gay mixed with 70's gay. It's fab in it's oddness. Don't you want to meet the man that is lovin' Liza and Donna Summer? That's quite a guy!


I Want This as a Ringtone

I've probably posted this before, but it makes me laugh so here it is again.

I particularly want a ringtone of minute 1:26.

David Lee Roth vocals only:

Obama Lowers Taxes for Most Americans and No One Noticed

Read it here

I Was Just Talking About Her!

A couple days ago at work someone mentioned Airplane! and brought up the "I speak Jive" part and I told them that was Beaver's mom.

Barbara Billingsley passed away at 94.

The Miners are Getting Out

Kudos to them for not stabbing each other with a pen while trapped.  Maybe they didn't have a pen. 

Who is the guy doing the commentary for MSNBC?  Take it down a notch, we're only on miner 3, there's 30 more to go.  A glimpse of the capsule coming out isn't reason to say "there it is there it is there it is." When talking about one of the miners wives he said "look at the emotion on her face" and she didn't have any. In fact she was quite stoic.

Now if only most Americans knew where Chile is.

Political This N That

The RNC highlight a study that says the Democrats' tax plan is more generous to Americans.

If American would learn about the candidates, and not judge them by their ads, would this be an issue?

10,000 people line up to save their homes.

Frozen Yogurt?

It's actually mechanically separated chicken.

Source: Huffington Post


Rotten #7 is out, with the bind up (issues 1-6) available on Amazon soon. And you app people can get Rotten #1 for your iPhone.

Ain't in Cool News, USA Today and FHM have all given Rotten great reviews.

I still think this should be made into a movie with Clive Owen.

Cool song in this:

Rally to Restore Sanity

 Jon Stewart's rally, Rally to Restore Sanity, is October 30. This is probably a counter to the nut job tea baggers.

Speaking of nut jobs- that O'Donnell woman wonders if evolution is true, why don't monkeys turn into humans. She could be an elected official? People c'mon now!

That goes perfectly with Stephen Colbert's rally Keep Fear Alive.


Carson Kressley (blonde guy from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) at Trader Joe's. We were both looking in the salad/sandwich section and I needed to get in front of him and he quietly said "excuse me". He looked focused, had on a crisp white shirt, and I didn't see him anywhere else in the store.

Luckily- he didn't critique what I was wearing.

Project Runway

I tell ya, every week the judges of Project Runway make me shake my head and say "wha?" I think their Botox is affecting their thinking...although last week I thought the right person won.

But what was with putting Gretchen's dress in the top 3? Looks like a bridesmaid dress at Stevie Nicks wedding in the 70's where blow was in the centerpieces.

Lifetime makes it tough to grab images, so it is too annoying to blog each week. But for this dress, I MADE IT WORK!

Now We're Talking!

Bon Jovi is nominated for induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  Hopefully that means Rick Springfield isn't far behind!

The noms:
Beastie Boys, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Donovan, Tom Waits, LL Cool J, Dr. John, the J. Geils Band, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Donna Summer, Joe Tex, and Chuck Willis. The Beastie Boys got a nod in 2008. Nyro, LL Cool J, and Summer were all nominated last year.

My pics would be
Bon Jovi -duh
Beasties -not sure they'll make it in, but it would be cool if they did
Neil Diamond -Metallica is in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame before this guy? C'mon.
Tom Waits -this has to be a for sure thing, everyone loves this guy and if you don't, whatever you do- don't tell anyone!
Laura Nyro -she has to get in over J. Geils!
Donna Summer -put on your rollerskates!

LL Cool J? I like Round the Way Girl, and Going Back to Cali like the next person, but Hall of Fame? And who are Joe Tex and Chuck Willis? I remember Darlene Love as Murtoch's wife in Lethal Weapon, but I know she sings a Christmas song on Letterman yearly (or she did for awhile). Donovan is the dippy hippie?

Don't Ask Don't Tell

From ABC News:
The effort to lift the military's ban on openly gay and lesbian service members had a major setback Tuesday when Senate Democrats failed to win the 60 votes needed to advance a defense bill that included conditional repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell law.

Now about Glee- not digging it so much.  I mean, the butch PE teacher whose last name is Beast? C'mon.

Health Insurance Reform

Health insurance changest that take affect today are here.

And Mr. Tan John Boehner isn't happy about it.

Why is he, and all the others so angry, against you not having a cap on treatment? against children not being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions? against you not being dropped by your insurance for any reason except fraud?


Only someone with a cold, black heart wouldn't think this is cute.

Via Dlisted


Do you know PostSecret? A website that posts postcards that are sent anonymously. It looks like now they only post on Sunday and for some reason don't show the archives.

Some make you tear up, some make you laugh out loud. The towing one in particular made me guffaw.

Speaking of Reality Shows

Anyone else notice the foreheads of those Project Runway judges? They don't move! And that includes Heidi (I am sure that is why she has that hair)

And Nina is 45! That can't be right. She has to be in her 50s.

And while we're talking Project Runway, read how nice Tim Gunn was to fans at one of his signings. Love him.

Survivor- Now You're Thinkin'!

Finally! One of the female "older" tribe members made fire with her glasses. She told Jeff she practiced for two months after hearing him say in an interview "why would you ever go on Survivor and not know how to make fire?" No sh*t.

And if you're going on the Amazing Race learn to rappel. And if you're going on Top Chef season your food (but not over salt). Project Runway- know how to make a straight hem. Let's learn from these shows being on so long.

But let's get to the real issue- the "older" tribe were people 40 and over. Oy.

And yes- I am still watching this show!


So...I'm at the bar of a nice restaurant in Santa Monica with a friend.

I didn't notice when a couple sat down at the table next to us, but at some point I look over and the guy had a pinkish red glow from a candle that made his face look odd.

So I stared at him and then thought "that guy is a weird looking Michael Keaton, there's something odd about his face...or is that the Michael Keaton?"

At this point I had stared too long, which I don't like to do (although Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Rick Springfield would tell you different). I didn't want him to think I'm a stalker (I mean, he's no Clooney), and I really was staring because his face looked weird. Possible chemical peel.

When I looked over later, he had leaned or moved his stool so that the blonde he was with blocked my view with the back of her head. Ha!

Now I wouldn't have said anything to him, but if I would have said something should it have been:
-220, 221 whatever it takes (Mr. Mom)
-we're loooove doctors (Night Shift)
-Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice (well, Beatlejuice)
-I can't believe your Batman was more successful than Clooney's

Remembering GE

Today is GE's birthday. She was someone I could always call and vent, get advice from and laugh with over how stupid people are.

I can't even tell you how much, during a busy time at work I said "in through the nose, out through the mouth". And no, that wasn't after a bong hit. It's a way of breathing that helps calm you, that GE taught me.

Join me- in through the nose (that's for you to breath in) and out through the mouth (and out cha go). Ahhh...so relaxed...

Miss you GE.

Work Done?

I think Heidi has had the Joyce DeWitt haircut on Project Runway to distract from some kind of plastic surgery (why else would she have that hair?!)

Here she is last night. What do we think?

Claire Danes looks like she's had a nose enlargement. What is going on with her face? She's only 31.


You're Only Going to Get a Few Emmy Noms in Your Career

So why dress in Hanukkah Hershey Kiss wrappers. AND- with bad hair.

This dress alone is why Joan Rivers should be on the red carpet. Anna Paquin about to lead the marching band...or fight a bull.

Tina- what kind of crop circle pattern dress are you wearing?

Photos: FWD

Clooney, Hamm, Gervais...

And Bucky Gunt!

The Emmys were entertaining last night.

The opening sequence was brill although Kate Gosselin was not needed. Jon Hamm is a hunk of burning love with a sense of humor who can dance (if in a comedic way). De-lish.

Clooney Clooney Clooney

You have to love this guy

Hurricane Katrina- Five Years Ago

Photo: AP

Netflix Movies

LOVE this movie. It won best documentary at the Oscars in 2009, and if that year there were 10 Best Pic noms, it should've got one.

Quirky movie with liberal anti-war subtext with Clooney- what's not to love?

The September Issue chronicles Vogue staff, mainly Anna Wintour, as they put together a record size September Issue. Good documentary, but Wintour and her side kick Leon Andre Talley or whatever his name is are beyond ridiculous in their over-the-top snotty attitudes. Grace Coddington, someone with actual talent, constantly gets the snub from Wintour. I think Wintour is jealous of Coddington's aesthetic. When Wintour rejects a gorgeous image from Coddington's photo shoot that said it all. Wintour is insecure (and wearing pleated skirts at her age!) This documentary reminded me of other people who think they are great- they get there by bossing people around and making people fear them, but underneath they might not have anything to offer at all.

The Taking of your time 1 2 3. Oy this movie is bad. Tony Scott uses his same signature style as he did in so many other movies. And Travolta as a bad guy just gets old.

Watch the original with Walter Mattheu.

Movies are $16

Last night I went to see The Kids Are All Right. When the cashier told me it was $16 the first thing I thought was "Is this Married Lesbians Mix it up with Kooky Mark Ruffalo movie in IMAX?"

How could it cost that much? It's an indy movie.

Good thing I brought my own water.

Egg Recall

Half a billion eggs have been recalled

Very Important Birthday

A few days ago was Rick Springfield's birthday. I know what you're thinking- did I take the day off work, put on an oversized neon shirt, eat Reeses Pieces while singing Jessie's Girl over and over. No. But now that I type that, I should have. Dang!

He just played several shows in Washington, including Lynden (isn't that the "Footloose" town? Can't dance?) and Kennewick where it made the paper that some fans dressed up.

Bed Bugs at Movie Theaters

I remember seeing Christina Applegate in an interview say bowling balls and movie theater seats were some of the dirtiest places. I don't bowl much, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to invent a seat cover you could take with you to the movies. Although, why they are worse than restaurant seats, or bus seats, I don't know.

Now comes news that people in NYC are getting bit by bed bugs while watching movies. That would particularly suck if you were watching a bad movie.

While I would say that makes me love NetFlix streaming even more, there is something great about seeing a movie in a movie theater. If only we could do it without pesticides.

I Wondered When They Were Going to Make This a Movie!

Mr. Popper's Penguins is being made into a movie with Jim Carrey. For a long time I had thought this book would make a good movie and was curious why it wasn't being made. Especially with the way Hollywood will take any book and try and make it a movie whether it should be or not (I'm talking to you Eat Pray Love).

If you read the book, you wouldn't pick Carrey as the lead. But oh well.

Ameilia Bedelia fans- wouldn't Maggie Gyllenhaal be a good choice? Another book I would think Hollywood would turn into a movie. And Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

Dr. Laura Quits

I've heard she's fake-quit before, I'm too lazy to look it up and post it.

Winnebago Man

Maybe you've seen this. I just recently became aware of Winnebago Man.


Winnebago Man has been turned into a documentary.

Blanket- A Snuggie Without Holes

No More Zah! For Target

Girlfriend. Don't tick off the gays. With 10-20% (guessing) of the population gay, and an additional number of supporters, this is not a demographic to mess with. They are powerful, just look at Lady Gaga's career, Golden Girls long run on Lifetime, Bravo TV...

Target donated money to a conservative politician, which the company claims was for business reasons. But the politicians stance on gay rights has many people boycotting Target. I'm not sure where I will buy my $5 leggings, but the Target near me stopped selling alcohol (?!?!) so this boycott shouldn't be a problem.

Didn't Target have issues with birth control pills awhile back? They allowed some of their pharmacists to deny women birth control pills. So their conservative views isn't a surprise.

BP is Arco

Ha. I drove by my former favorite gas station (they supply lavender-scented anti-bac wipes!) that I no longer use since it is a BP. I should say- was a BP. Noticed today that they changed it to Arco.

Same company, different name. So sneaky!


Angelyne- at Trader Joes. And word has it another diva goes to that Trader Joes- Faye Dunaway. And my source said she is scary, and bosses one of the TJ employees around. Ha. "Get me those pita crackers! No wire hangers! AHHH"

Angelyne was in her pink car driving out of the parking lot. My source, when I mentioned that I saw Angelyne, jumped a bit and said "is she here???" I couldn't tell if she was annoying, or mean or what.

If ya don't know Angelyne here's her Wikipedia page.

UPDATE: The day after I posted this, Dlisted posted this photo of her.

Speaking of Delusional Actresses...

Julia Roberts says she doesn't use Botox.

Yes, that clearly is the forehead of a 40 yr old.

Um, No

If you don't know my love of Barbra Streisand, let me tell you now- LOVE HER.

So these photos of Jennifer Aniston trying to be Babs was a little nauseating. And to be truthful, not flattering on Jen. Babs looked way better with this look!

The original, Babs:

Photo: Huffington Post

Get Out Your Rainbow Flag!

Prop 8 has been overturned


Was it a Bic?

Made my own ecard:

Make your own, or guffaw at the ones on their site at someecards.com


By the time I heard the news that one nerd stabbed another nerd with a pen at last weekend's Comic-Con I wasn't even phased. The way I'd seen people body slam each other to get a free tshirt, who knew what this crowd would do.

More about Comic-Con, with pics!, soon.

Still recovering!

My D-List Sightings Continue

Howard K. Stern!

Anna Nicole's lawyer was at Starbucks. He looked glum.

I don't think I have to tell you the photo was not taken at Starbucks.

Photo: AP

The Oil Has Been Stopped!

When I read this yesterday that oil was no longer spilling into the ocean- killing wildlife, polluting our environment and ruining careers for fishermen/women- I cheered at work. A couple people looked at me like "heh?".

I think this is the cap. Hard to say for sure, since the news doesn't seem to give a sh*t. I'm still not going to the nice BP gas station by my house, no matter how many bacterial wipes they provide after I pumped my gas (I do love that, tho).

Did Ya Know?

The oil spill has not been stopped.

Photo: AFP


Mel Gibson has made Tom Cruise jumping on a couch look delightful, Alec Baldwin seem like a concerned parent and Christian Bale appear like a passionate actor. O'Reilly still looks like a douche. (Zing!)

If you want to hear Gibson's latest, go to Dlisted.

Some of the quotes:

"You make me want to smoke. You f*ck my day up."
That actual made me laugh, although I know this situation isn't funny. But you f*ck my day up would really throw off a coworker. I might try it today.

"I left my wife, because we have no spiritual common ground."
Good for her. I can't imagine what spiritual common ground would be with Gibson

"I'll put you in a fucking rose garden you c*nt! You understand that? Because I'm capable of it!"
And there you are. End. of. career.

This n That

His toupee isn't the worst thing about Mel Gibson. And to think we named one of our kitties after his Lethal Weapon character.

J. Low looks like Carrie Anne from Dancing with the Stars. Am I the only one that sees this? (and think there's been some work done)

What do we think of Bravo's Work of Art? I think they could've found better artists.

We Were Shakin'

Another earthquake in LA.

I was on the 20th floor, in a meeting when the room started to sway. Seemed to last a long time.

Your Oil Spill News

Oil is still spilling into the ocean.

While we're celebrating our split from the Brits, we should consider splitting from them once again, in the way of British Petroleum. F*ckers.

Now they've done it. They've made Jimmy Buffet mad. A man who sings about margaritas can't take it anymore...actually he seems quite mellow when discussing the destruction. Must be all the margaritas?

The oil company that runs the drilling platform behind the spill doesn't even pay American taxes. Not a surprise, really.


Went to see Rick in Vegas at Mandalay Bay last weekend with fellow fan J. It was glorious in it's fake beach, one foot of water with a life guard (not joking), and $11 drinks. It was like Fort Lauderdale spring break. Although low on the douchey guys as it was mostly women, some patient husbands (including J's husband who stood in the back and watched our sandals as we waded in the water to the stage), and a couple of guys who were probably staying at the hotel and thought they could meet some women. They soon found out that all eyes are on Rick.

Normally I bring a disposable camera to Rick shows, because of this:
 My phone doesn't take good pics.

He was facing my direction, and my phone takes the pic as he is turned. 

Although, for not a good camera, you can still see Rick's crack:
Yes, he started to drop the pants. I was trying to get my phone to take a pic and J said "did you see that?" and I didn't since I was preoccupied with phone. But upon looking back through my pics I notice that I captured it on film. Rock on! I'm sure that's similar to the reaction Mr. Zapruder had upon reviewing his footage.