Happy Leap Day!

Not sure what we do on leap day.

I'll just post some cute polar bear pic. Paris Hilton might be dumb enough to want to carry one around.

We Survived Starbucks Closing!

The media was all over Starbucks closing all their stores for three hours yesterday. Who is drinking coffee at 5pm?

The Daily Show and "douchebags on laptops":

Project Runway- Hair It Is

I don't know what Chris was thinking when he added real human hair to his clothes. All I can think is that he figured Rami would win and he wanted to do something crazy.

It was pretty obvious Rami would win. Nina tried to make an issue with his coat, but I think the producers told them to have issue with all the clothes.

Chris and Sweet P. do end up showing their collections at Bryant Park, but they are out of the competition. You can see all of the runway collections here. All of Christians look similar, so I would be surprised if he won. Rami and Jillian both have good collections so either could win. Sweet P.'s collection is pretty good.

Obama Answers 'Boxers or Briefs' Question

I can't believe anyone still asks this question, but apparently US Weekly did. When asked the infamous question asked of Bill Clinton years ago, this was Obama's response:

I don't answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in 'em!

Great answer!

Oscar Whining

More proof that Hollywood needs to get a grip.

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart discussed when he let Marketa Irglova back onstage to give her speech after winning Best Song. Her fellow winner Glen Hansard accepted the award, and when Marketa went to speak the music drowned her out.

In one of Oscar's sweeter moments, Stewart let Marketa back onstage to give her speech. (A courtesy not let to all the sound guys, etc. who didn't get to speak when they won, but we'd be there all day. Surely those guys have figured out by now how Hollywood works. And hey, they got to show their funny tie on national tv.)

It certainly helped that Marketa had a good speech. How bad would that have been if she said "Like, um, I have to thank, OMG, this Oscar is heavy..."

According to Stewart, Hillary Swank was backstage and complained "I didn't get to go back onstage when I forgot to thank my husband."

Well, Hill, you gave a lengthly speech where Marketa gave none. Surely everyone forgets someone, we can't let them all back onstage. And, you're not even married to your husband anymore so shut up.

Stewart talks about it:

Photo: Reuters

Another Debate?

What are they still talking about? How many licks does it take till you get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

Oscars- Least Watched Ever?

I don't understand. Either you watch the Oscars or you don't. Do people tune in when there's a movie they like? That doesn't really make sense. It's not like the Super Bowl and your team is playing.

The Oscars are a ratings dud. Nielsen Media Research says preliminary ratings for the 80th annual Academy Awards telecast are 14 percent lower than the least-watched ceremony ever.

Nielsen said Monday that overnight ratings are also 21 percent lower than last year, when "The Departed" was named best picture.

The least-watched Oscars ceremony ever was in 2003, when there were 33 million viewers.

Nielsen has no estimate yet on how many people watched Sunday night, but based on ratings from the nation's biggest markets, the Oscars will be hard-pressed to avoid an ignominious record.

The show had a 21.9 rating and 33 share.

2003, the previous lowest rated year, was when Chicago won, exiled Roman Polanski won Best Director and Adrian Brody was a surprise Best Actor. It had some surprises, that those people missed. See, that's why you just watch.

Source: AP

Rick on Oprah!

I saw an interview with Rick where he said one time he got a call to be on Oprah's show about one-hit wonders. He said that was a depressing moment for him. So when Oprah says she's been trying to get him on her show forever, that could be why he hasn't agreed until now.

I'm not sure what the theme is, but it isn't one-hit wonders. Henry Winkler and Willim Shatner will also be on.

I don't know the definition of a hit, but Rick had 3 albums and a soundtrack go platinum. Take that Oprah!

Valerie Did Drugs, etc.

Valerie Bertinelli was on Oprah yesterday discussing her drug use back in the day, weight loss, and that basically her and Eddie had nothing in common. She also described dating Steven Spielberg and passing out on her wedding night.

She also said her hair wasn't her real hair.


No Ballet Flats at the Oscars

Feeling like she was being used commercially, Diablo Cody decided not to wear the million dollar shoes. Wonder if that changed her dress choice, since the shoes were silver. Her choice of flats were no doubt comfortably and certainly frumpy.

Harrison Ford is talking to you! Quit slouching and talk to Indy.

He Didn't Do That Bad

Just not enough jokes. I think the academy thought that since this was a political year Jon Stewart was a good choice.

Jon and Casey Affleck

Photo: People

When Was the Last Time You Saw Sean Penn Smile?

I don't think he smiled when he won an Oscar. I'm sure he is happy to be hangin' with Ellen and Portia, but his date was Petra what's her name. Nothing like telling your ex-wife you are so over her by grinning...something Robin Wright probably hasn't seen for years.

No Brad Renfro, No Charles Nelson Reilly

The In Memoriam montage last night didn't include Brad Renfro and Charles Nelson Reilly (who I guess could be considered more stage and TV that big screen).

People is reporting:
When asked for an explanation as to why, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences said in a statement, "There are too many people to include everyone. We tried to represent all the branches of the Academy."

Jimmy Responds to Sarah

Chock full o' celebs (Brad! Harrison! Huey Lewis!) who obviously have agents that told them the value of viral videos.

O' Clooney

Why do you have to be such a regular guy?
A reporter invites Clooney over for dinner, and he accepts. And ends up in the crawl space. here

The cause of the beeping happened to me only instead of knowing that the beeping meant I needed to replace the batteries I panicked and thought there was a carbon monoxide leak.

Penn and Teller Win Best Picture, Director and Writer

And they don't give a crap.
Gloomy gus, sheesh!

One of them barely spoke, and then the other one waltzed up to the microphone and managed to utter out something. They've only been the frontrunners, forever.

Sorry that getting accolades in front of the world interupted your day.

Renee is Odd

Was she strutting onstage?

Best Acting Awards- Not a Yankee Among Them

Since Daniel Day Lewis and Javier Bardem were almost guarantees, the academy mixed it up and handed out a few surprises for the women.

Julie Christie couldn't have felt too good about the montage of previous best actress winners that was shown before the winner was announced. Sure there was Helen last year. But before that was Charlize, Nicole, Halle, Gwyneth, Julia. I think I read somewhere the average age of Best Actress winner is 26.
Marion Cotillard wins.

Tilda! I saw her in Scotland years ago. I knew I should've interupted her afternoon and said something to her! Dang me and my politeness. That, and I don't know what I would've said.

Daniel Day Lewis has to hope that this win means they will never, ever show that picture from his first win. He was rockin' a serious mullet.

Javier Bardem wins.

I think Bourne Ultimatum has more Oscars than any movie besides No Country For Old Men. Complete list here


Gary Busey interupts Ryan Seacrest's interview with Jennifer Garner and gives her a kiss on the neck. Hopefully Jen's assistant has Purell handy.

It's no Courtney Love throwing her compact at Madonna during a Kirk Loder Mtv interview, but if you have any idea about how crazy Busey is you can understand the drama.


What is With Clooney's Girlfriend

She looks plastic.

"She was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar..." Seriously she was a waitress in Vegas when they met. Sooo, does he pay her to be his girlfriend? She can't continue to be a waitress, right?

Photo: People

Were the Designers on Strike?

The dresses were just ok.

Haven't we seen Cameron in something similar before?

Again, haven't we seen this dress before?

I know it's Chanel but what-evs.

I don't even know what I think of this.

This dress would've been better in color so we could see the draping. I totally got that word from Project Runway.

Kristin Chenowith wore similar.

I like designer/tv commentator Randolph's Dukes analysis: "She wore jersey last year, she wore jersey this year. Not much else to say about it."

Laura Linney needs some pizazz.

Amy Ryan at least looks comfortable.

Photo: People

Oscar Dresses- Red, red and red

Miley Cyrus

Anne Hathaway

Julie Christie. What is with those gloves? Did she have carpal tunnel surgery?

Helen Mirren

Heidi Klum.

Katherine "it's hi-guhl" Heigl

Ruby Dee

Jon Stewart's wife Tracey

Even Mickey Rooney's wife Jan!


My predictions:

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men
Director: Coen brothers
Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Actress: Julie Christie is the front runner, but I'm going with Marion Cotillard from La Vie En Rose. Although I read foreign performers are rarely rewarded and if so, it's for a well-loved film (ie: Life is Beautiful and that guy that jumped on the chairs). So this is probably Christie's.
Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem
Supporting Actress: Amy Ryan, although less voters probably saw Gone Baby Gone than the other films. This could be the category that they give something to Michael Clayton and Tilda Swinton. The academy is older (Mickey Rooney!) so they may want to give it to Ruby Dee. She's hardly in the movie, but that never matters to Oscar.
Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody, who is wearing $1 million dollar shoes.
Adapted Screenplay: No Country For Old Men, although I'm thinking there could be a surprise winner here. The Coen brothers will win for director and picture, so why not mix it up?
Animated Feature: Ratatouille
Documentary Feature: Sicko, although it probably won't win. I think this is the category that the academy members have to actually see the nominated movies if they want to vote in this category.
Foreign Language: The Counterfeitters
Cinematography: Roger Deakins is nominated twice, I think he'll get it for Jesse James.
Art Direction: Atonement, although There Will Be Blood is close.
Editing: No Country For Old Men
Visual Effects: Transformers
Costume Design: Atonement
Makeup: Pirates
Sound Mixing: Transformers...I think if this wins, the guy that has been nominated 20 times will finally win.
Sound Editing: The Bourne Ultimatum
Original Score: Atonement
Original Song: Enchanted is nominated three times but I think the song from Once.
Animated Short: Peter & the Wolf
Live Action Short: I did eeny meeny: The Tonto Woman.
Documentary Short: Freeheld

Just in Time for the Aniston Jolie Showdown

Angelina shows off her stomach at the Independent Spirit Awards today. Aniston/Jolie/Pitt among other stars are hosting a party, probably tonight, and the press will want to make much of Aniston reacting to a pregnant Jolie. Aniston has to not care at this point, right?

Photo: AP

Fur Wearing Whore with Dumb Whore...

And the dumb whore is Ashton because he is just annoying.
Rumer's dress is pretty.

These clowns at some event in Beverly Hills.

Photo: People


This show is just a migraine. What the heck is happening? Is Jack and Kate's baby really Sawyers? Must be why they show us a blonde boy at the end. It looked like she called him Eric and then looked into the camera. I know if I look it up on a message board I'll be reading theories for 3 hours.

Update: Ah ha. She said "Aaron", which is the Claire's son. So the baby is one of the Oceanic 6 and presumably Claire doesn't make it off the island and Kate is taking care of him. Jack didn't want to go see the baby because he can't deal with what happened when they were rescued. That's my guess.

Away From Her

Good movie, but I will be surprised if Julie Christie wins Best Actress. She has won a lot of the awards up until now, but I think the Oscar voters are going to see the french actress from La Vie En Rose as a more powerful performance.

Bill O'Reilly Gets a Pass, Again

Don Imus lost his job after his comments about a woman's basketball team. But some how Bill O'Reilly says racist remarks (like when he said he was surprised black people at a restaurant weren't screaming for ice tea) and no one protests or boycots. It's like everyone knows he's an idiot.

Today he said on his radio show:
"I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama".

He's such a creep.

Political This N That

I don't care so much about an alleged affair between McCain and another woman except that...she's a lobbyist. It's kinda like when you see a pretty pharmaceutical sales rep show up to your doctor's office. You want your doctor to prescribe what's right for you.

Being that he has been against lobbyists, it is curious why the lobbyist, who looks a lot like his wife, was with him on corporate jets. Allegedly, blah blah blah

Full story here

Photo: MSNBC, taken today while they were touring an assembly plant.

Bon Jovi Rockin' a Mullet

I'm trying to remember if Bon Jovi ever had mullets back in the 80's. I think it was feathery. And big.

Photo: AP

Romancing the Blarney Stone

The authenticity of the Blarney Stone, kissed by about 400,000 tourists a year, has been questioned by Mark Samuel, an archaeologist and architectural historian, and Kate Hamlyn in a new book.

Have all those people kissed the stone, and it wasn't even the right stone?

When I was in Ireland I saw the Blarney Stone but did not kiss it being the germaphobe that I am. People kiss that and then you kiss it. Blech. You have to pay, too. And lean over backwards. By kissing the stone, people believe you get the "gift of gab". If I were shy, that would be one thing. But I'm not.

Source: AFP

Coke and Pepsi Are Going to Be Ticked!

On Oprah's show yesterday, Dr. Oz encouraged everyone to go two weeks without soft drinks. I thought this was very ballsy considering what happened to Oprah when she made a comment about hamburger.

They also talked to the guy that turned blue. He had a unique personality. About what you think a guy who takes silver without a doctor's consent would be like.

Box Office

1) Jumper $27 million
2) Step Up 2 $19 million
3) The Spiderwick Chronicles $19 million
4) Fool's Gold $13 million
5) Definitely, Maybe $9 million
6) Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins $8 million
7) Juno $4 million
8) The Bucket List $4 million
9) Hannah Montana $3 million
10) 27 Dresses $3 million

Oh, where is Paris' movie? According to box office mojo, The Hottie and the Nottie is still at $27,000. Looks like it is no longer in theatres.

Bush: 'Darfur Crisis Needs to End'

As Bruce Willis said to the policeman who is slow in realizing the danger in Die Hard: Welcome to the party, pal.

Sure, we had to tie a dead body to a chair and throw it onto him from Nakatomi Plaza...

Now what do we have to do to make him realize global warming?

This N That

Another Hollywood divorce, but no surprise: here

Guttenberg on prime time! Dancing With the Stars announced: here

Why do magazines pay so much for celebrity baby photos? here

President's Day

A recent poll had George W. Bush rated as the tenth best president. Really. No word on if people voted after they heard they were getting $600.

Seems like a silly poll. How would we know if Taft was a good pres?

Bush in Tanzania today. This picture is just too easy to make a joke about.

Photo: AP

Mills McCartney Settlement Soon?

Heather Mills and former Beatle Paul McCartney have reportedly settled their very public and bitter divorce with a whopping $108 million settlement being awarded to Mills, according to Britain's the Daily Mail.

Mills, who represented herself during the divorce, will reportedly receive a lump sum of $40 million up front, with another $5 million a year until their four-year-old daughter Beatrice turns 18.

The settlement, which includes a strict confidentiality agreement, falls short of Mills initial request of up to $160 million, according to the Daily Mail.

Source: MSNBC

Walken Gets Hasty Pudding Award From Harvard

Or as I like to call this award, who the students want to meet. It's just a bunch of Harvard comedians, right? I think Conan was part of the group.

Photo: AP

Violinist Falls, Breaks Valuable Violin

When I first read this headline I thought: My friend Melissa plays violin? She has been known to take a tumble. I always make sure she is ok, then start laughing. That is the fall ettiquette.

David Garrett, a former model who has been called the David Beckham of the classical scene, said he tripped while carrying his 18th century violin as he was leaving London's Barbican Hall after a performance, smashing it to bits.

"I had it over my shoulder in its case and I fell down a concrete flight of stairs backward," Garrett said Thursday. "When I opened the case, much of my G.B. Guadagnini had been crushed."

Garrett said he bought the 1772 violin for $1 million in 2003, and he is now hoping to get it repaired in New York, where he is based.

Source: AP

Larry Gives Kathleen Some Advice

Kathleen Turner was on Larry King's show promoting her new book. She told Lar that she was divorced and hadn't had sex in two years. Larry asked why she didn't get together with her ex-husband. Kathleen said they were divorced and Larry still said something about that they could still get together. With many divorces under his belt, I guess Lar knows a thing or two. Anyways, Kathleen then said something about her ex-husband has a new love interest.

Larry always knows how to make someone feel like crap, doesn't he?

Kathleen also discussed Romancing the Stone and either implied that her and Michael got together, or were going to get together but then his wife showed up on the set. Kathleen said at the time she didn't know that they weren't separated until the wife showed up. That's probably what Angelina thought, too. That's why the wifeys have to do the set visit.

Photo: AP, from when she was on the Today show.

Kirstie Out as Spokesperson

Kirstie Alley is no longer the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Could be that she gained weight (I don't know that she did), could be her Scientology views, could be that they just wanted a new campaign, no one is saying.

Valerie Bertinelli will continue with ads, and Queen Latifah will be brought on. Doesn't she do ads for Pizza Hut?

Is anyone else annoyed by Valerie's ads where she says "you can have chocolate cake everyday!" What kind of chemicals would be in that? (Just my opinion, I have no proof Jenny Craig food is full of chemicals.)

Photo: People

Survivor- We Wuz Robbed

I thought we were going to see more than just smooching. Yawn.
Jeff Probst, in an interview, made it sound like Ozzie and Amanda sneak off.

I don't really understand why Mary was voted off, or why that meat head Joel that started the whole Vote Mary campaign ended up voting for Tracy.

And why was Chet going so slow during the challenge. He was taking his time getting out of the water.

Here's the Tribal Council Voting, and I still don't understand why Joel voted for Tracy: here


So, we know that the Oceanic 6 is Jack, Kate, Hugo and Sayid, with another one revealed next week. Does that creepy guy count as one? We see him in a future episode getting a bullet out of Sayid. The people that are saving them then go after them once there home? So Sayid goes after them?

Jeff Fahey fact: danced with the Joffrey ballet. I'm not sure what he is know for...I want to say he was a B-movie hunk back in the day?