Survivor- What Was That?

Fans vs. Favorites premiered last night, with Jonny Fairplay asking everyone to vote him off. Was the initial fee they gave him enough so that he didn't care? There's no way he would win, so maybe he just did the easy thing, took the money and ran.

"Favorites" should be changed to "who we could get to come back" because I challenge about half of them as favorites (Cirie? Parvati? Eliza? Ami?). I don't even remember Ami.

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Anonymous said...

I must have missed the season with mr. Fairplay, thank goodness. Glad he is gone. I thought he got messed up in a trick gone bad to get voted off. The editing kinda messed it up. Never mind. But do I have to go thru willing Jonathan and Cirie off again? Best part of the show was when yau-man bumped Fairplay going for the idol and Fairplay whined about Yau-man hurting him. lol. Parvati always makes things interesting.