Larry Gives Kathleen Some Advice

Kathleen Turner was on Larry King's show promoting her new book. She told Lar that she was divorced and hadn't had sex in two years. Larry asked why she didn't get together with her ex-husband. Kathleen said they were divorced and Larry still said something about that they could still get together. With many divorces under his belt, I guess Lar knows a thing or two. Anyways, Kathleen then said something about her ex-husband has a new love interest.

Larry always knows how to make someone feel like crap, doesn't he?

Kathleen also discussed Romancing the Stone and either implied that her and Michael got together, or were going to get together but then his wife showed up on the set. Kathleen said at the time she didn't know that they weren't separated until the wife showed up. That's probably what Angelina thought, too. That's why the wifeys have to do the set visit.

Photo: AP, from when she was on the Today show.

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