You Can Rest Easy, Armstrong's "A" Found

Apparently when Neil Armstrong made his famous statement from the moon, it upset people because he didn't say "One small step for 'a' man", leaving out the 'a'.

Some of us knew what the guy meant, realized he had, oh I dont know, JUST FLEW TO THE MOON, and we gave him a break. The guy had been eating freeze dried eggs and pooping in a tube, surely we can give him this one error.

Well, now all those english teachers can rest- the "a" might have been found. Did you even know they were looking for it?

An Australian computer programmer says he found the missing "a" from Armstrong's famous first words from the moon in 1969, when the world heard the phrase, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Some historians and critics have dogged Armstrong for not saying the more dramatic and grammatically correct, "One small step for a man ..." in the version he transmitted to NASA's Mission Control. Without the missing "a," Armstrong essentially said, "One small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind."

Photo/source: AP


Ken Paves New Hair Salon

The fave hair dresser of Jessica, Eva, etc. opened up his new salon in Beverly Hills.
Jessica and Ken.

Carmen, Ken, Eva, Jessica.

Thursday TV

Survivor- After 2 weeks the teams that were divided by race are now merged into two teams. All that hoopla for nothing.

The Office- So f**king funny. Love this show.

Grey's Anatomy- The characters annoy, and yet I watch. That's my mantra about this show. Loved the ending with McSteamy. But how did he fly out there so fast?

Is ER getting better? Or am I the only one watching? It has been good lately.
The end, while predictable (although they tried to manipulate us to think the opposite) had me crying.


The Gays Must Be in Heaven

Cher is auctioning off furniture, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Who is going to nab that dress with the spiffy piano keys down it? That's snazzy.

Oh No, Are Suspenders Back?

I hope I still have my Mork from Ork suspenders! Those were the coolest with the moon clipped on.

Kirsten Dunst in LA.

Shaz- Had a Does of Botox?

Sharon "Shaz" Stone looks a little different in the face. Her dress gives a very interesting view of her back side.

Vivica A. Fox or a Tranny?

It's that crazy Viv in Vegas. But if you said tranny, you're not all that wrong!



Celeb sightings in NYC

I saw Brian Grazer (Opie's producing partner) riding a razor scooter down West Broadway in Soho last night. He looked like a moron. Not sure why he opted for a scooter instead of just walking like everyone else. The scooter made him look taller though. Maybe that's why he wears his hair so spiky. He is Tom Cruise short.

Spotted a very pregnant Maggie Gyllenhaal in Greenwich Village. She was resting one hand on her pregnant bump and hailing a cab with the other. She looked refreshingly normal and not celeby at all.

Boy would it be nice to run into Tony Soprano again this weekend!

- ET

How Does She Wipe?

Sorry to be gross, but really. How does having the world's longest fingernails benefit her in any way?

Lee Redmond of the U.S. who has won entry into the latest edition of Guinness World Records September 28, 2006 with the world's longest fingernails.

Photo: Reuters


Julia Not Looking Schlumpy

Julia Roberts look much better out of those big skirts and sweaters.

Who Knew Jamie Lee Was Jake's Godmother??

...or is it Godfather? Oh I joke that Jamie Lee. Im sure shes not a hermaphrodite.

Katie's Losing the Baby Weight, Tom is Getting Weird Hair

T&K out Tuesday night.



Pink du Soleil

This is part of Pink's concert?



Does Gwen Ever Take Off the Red Lipstick?

And that dress...yikes.



Project Runway- The Final Four

Well, it wasn't too surprising that all 4 get to go to Fashion Week because haven't they been playing a promo clip where Heidi tells them all 4 of them are going? Seems like Ive been seeing that clip for a few weeks.

The winner:
Uli steals Michael's model and wins. The judges praised her for doing something different, but to me it looked pretty similar to her other stuff.

The bottom two:
No one even pointed out that Michael lost his model, and didnt do that well in the challenge. Coincidence? I think not. or maybe. I dont know.

What was Jeffrey thinking with this potato sack?

Laura does the same thing as always, but she does it well.


Jimmy Kimmell crashes Clay's CD signing, pretending to be a huge fan.

Clay was on Larry King today and Larry was just grilling Clay on the gay issue. Larry cant understand why Clay wont just say whether or not he's gay because there's no down side. Uh, Lar. Have you heard of the Claymates? They will freak if Clay comes out as gay.

He's undressing you with his eyes.

Tears on Dancing with the Stars

Harry Hamlin gets the boot from DwtS and his partner has a mini meltdown. Is this her only job? Does she have to wait until DwtS4 to get work? Harry was an awkward dancer, and really, made any heart throb status he once had go down the drain.

Right after watching the melodrama of stars afraid they were getting the boot from a reality show I watched Oprah, which was a 3 hanky show.

Elizabeth Edwards discussed the death of her son and her breast cancer. Kinda makes crying over the dancing show seem awfully silly.

And even if you didnt vote for Kerry/Edwards you have to like Elizabeth. She seems like a real person, not some fake politicians wife. The story about her literally collapsing in the grocery aisle when she saw her dead son's favorite soda had me crying.

The Most Unflattering Dress Ever?

It's bad enough that Nicky Hilton taints Milan Fashion Week by strutting for Robert Cavalli, but this dress is just hideous.

Selma Moving On

Selma Blair, recently separated from Ahmet Zappa, is cuddling up with her former costar Johnny Messner. They were in 2002's Sweetest Thing.



Scary Hatcher Arrested

Violation: being scary.

A scene from Desperate Housewives



What Happened to Ray Liotta's Face?

He's pulling a Mickey Rourke.


Just need to say one word- Clooney.

George Clooney, a longtime advocate for sending peacekeepers to Darfur, makes another earnest appeal Monday in Burbank, Calif., to help stop genocidal violence in the Sudanese region (with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, right, and actor Don Cheadle, left, by his side). Despite his political involvement, the Oscar winner says he has no ambitions to run for office.



Bob Fosse is Rolling in His Grave

Ashlee Simpson in the West End production of Chicago.



The Departed Premiere

Photo: AP


Anna Nicole's Attorney on Larry King

Howard K. Stern finally admitted that he and Anna are in a relationship and that he is the father of the baby.


The name of the baby: Danilynn Hope

Would You Blog Me Reported it First!

Ok, not first because we heard it from someone...but first of the blogs. Oh let me have my moment:

Ah ha! Our big scoop. While everyone was saying Steven Tyler had throat cancer, I said Hep C.

From EOnline:
In an interview with Access Hollywood set to air Tuesday night, Aerosmith's sinewy singer reveals that he has quietly been battling hepatitis C, a blood-borne infection that can potentially lead to fatal liver damage, including cirrhosis or liver cancer.

As we reported in March:
Steven Tyler has the hep

So we have gotten one scoop in a year! Woo hoo!


Ashton and Demi Still Together

This has lasted longer than anybody could've predicted.
Ashton, Demi and Tallulah at the Open Season premiere.

Photos: AP, Reuters



Track and field line judge Lia Mara Lourenco is helped after a javelin hit her in her foot during 'Brazil Trophy,' a national track and field competition, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006.

Photos: AP


Still a Little Scary...

...but better. Maybe that long hair is covering up her cheek implants.

Meg Ryan at the Metropolitan Opera 2006-2007 season opening night at Lincoln Center September 25, 2006 in New York City.


Superdome Reopens

Monday Night Football at the Superdome tonight.
Lets hope they took some white sage to that place.

Green Day and U2 perform.

The Saintsations (seriously, thats the name) perform during pre-game show.

Photos: Reuters/AP


U2 By U2

I love U2, but I don't think I need to read their autobiography.
U2 at their book signing in London.



Being a Star is Exhausting

Jennifer Aniston musters up the energy to walk her dogs.



Run Katie, Run!

Here are a couple of observations regarding the photo below:

#1. It was so hot in LA this past weekend so why is Katie all bundled up? If you look at everyone else around her, they are dressed for the warm weather. Does Scientology make you cold?
#2. Who do Connor and Isabelle live with? Nicole and Keith are missing a lot of her kids' sporting events.
#3. Katie looks bored, angry and irritated.
#4. Look at Isabella - she is giving Katie that, "What the hell is up w/you evil almost step mother" look. OR, "Don't worry, I feel your pain, I'll help you escape.
#5. Tom's hair. No further comment needed there.

- ET

Sunday TV- Fun With Coma Patients

Amazing Race

Did anyone notice when the one-legged girl and her "boyfriend" came in first Phil said "what is it like to be first, 2 legs into the race?"

Two legs into the race? Interesting choice of words, Phil.

And isnt it heavy to carry around her different legs? How many different legs does she have?

Desperate Housewives

Why is Susan, aka Scary Hatcher, so amazing that men just fall over her? Susan's new love interest is Dougray Scott, aka the Prince from Ever After (love that movie).

The hijinx with the coma patients was just too much. When has someone asking you out (someone who has be fawning over you for days so it should come as no surprise) caused you to spill your strawberry smoothie, let alone over a woman in a coma?


Mel Wears Mask and Wig to Movie Premiere

Being anti-semitic is a drag, isnt it Mel?

According to the AP:

Mel Gibson visited two Oklahoma towns this week to attend screenings of his new movie, "Apocalypto."

Gibson did not make a public appearance during screenings held at the Riverwind Casino in Goldsby and Cameron University in Lawton. At the entrance of the casino — where the film was shown Friday to a mostly American Indian audience — reporters were kept behind partitions.

He arrived at Cameron on Thursday morning wearing a mask and wig so he wouldn't be noticed, university spokeswoman Amber McNeil said.

Wonder what the mask was of? I have a few ideas...


How Old is Brooke Hogan?

Isn't she 18? Yikes!

Photos: AP