Madonna in Paris

I think this should start a trend. Lets all walk around in our bathrobes.
I'd wear my mom's floral plastic camping bathrobe that I occasionally mention but I have been informed that it was one of the tragedies of some stolen luggage at Seatac. Some luggage thief is walking around with that bathrobe on. I shake my fist at them!



MTV VMA's Were Odd

Were they weird or was it just me?

First of all- what was with John Norris' hair? Yikes.

Secondly- does no one have a sense of humor?
Jack White barely acknowleged Jack Black when JB suggested the two have a Black & White band...and Vanessa Minillo acted like she didnt get what Sarah Silverman was doing by saying Paris Hilton was fat.

Jared Leto was odd, that skit with Britney and Kevin didnt make sense, and were the Black Eye Peas drunk at the end?

Al Gore had a funnier line than Jack Black had all night: "I wasnt going to come but then I heard Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy here I am." Why didnt he show personality during the election??? Robot Gore no more??

Lots of Jackass promoting their second movie. An MTV movie, perhaps?

If you missed OK Go's trendmill routine: you tube

MTV VMA's Red Carpet

Normally I dont post about JLow, but this outfit is hard to ignore (obviously the intention, I know).

Pink? I thought she shaved her head?

Bam and family. He totally did Jessica Simpson, right?

Ice Cube and wife Coco. Really, how does she not laugh when wearing this?

Jessica, Christina

Aha. She did shave her head...partly.

Mariah at the BMI Urban Awards

Really, those thighs could crush melons.

This awards show presented by U.S. performing rights organization BMI, honors the songwriters and publishers of the most performed urban songs on U.S. radio and television for the past 12 months.

Photo: AP


Brad in New Orleans

Brad Pitt in New Orleans to announce the winners of an architectural design competition for environmentally friendly housing for a neighborhood hard hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Photos: Reuters


Project Runway: Buh-Bye Angela

Maybe Angela's a nice, country girl...or maybe she's an evil designer trying to infiltrate the world of fashion with too many "rosettes". Whatever the case, she stayed way too long...I was beginning to think she was this seasons Wendy Pepper, and that we'd see those rosettes in the finale.

The designers had to make a jet setting outfit for themselves, and walk down the runway. Then they were sent to Paris where Angela was given the boot. Looks like they will design their next outfit in Paris.

The winner:
Jeffery wins one.

The loser:
When she was told it looked a little Holly Hobbie she said "Thats good". Not for high fashion, Angela.

I cant believe not one judge said it looked a little like Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, but whatev. Michael's cool.

Uli's nice, but she makes too many similar things.

Didn't Laura just find out she was pregnant? And now shes showing?

Vincent makes it another round.

Kayne is in the bottom 2. How did he think this was good?

Bono Talks to Some Fans

Johnny Depp is Nice Part II

How many super rich, busy people would take the time to hold up this sign.

Im assuming Allison is the girl with the camera.

Keira Knightley or Young Jessica Lange

Kiera on the set of Pirates 3. Another one???

GM Cancels Survivor Sponsorship

From the AP:

General Motors Corp. has decided to end its sponsorship of CBS' hit series "Survivor," but the world's largest automaker said Wednesday that the decision had nothing to do with the reality show's controversial decision to divide its contestants in the upcoming season by race and ethnicity.

GM spokeswoman Ryndee S. Carney said the company made the decision in the normal course of making its media buys months ago, before the show made its recent announcement.

"I think it's just a coincidence. I know it's not cause and effect," Carney said.

Coincidence? Yeah, right.

Jessica's Roller Skating Party

Didn't look like a lot of celebs attended.

Jessica Simpson arrives at The Roxy in New York, Tuesday, August 29, 2006 for a roller skating party to celebrate the release of her new album, 'A Public Affair.'

Also there:
Oksana Baiul?!

Photo: AP, Getty Images


Prison Break is Getting Ridiculous

The show is going over the top. The vet sewing the hand back on? The brothers getting out of an elevator shaft so quickly. The new super smart cop who figured out to go to the cemetary, figured out 3rd Otis Right...what cant this cop do?

I know, I should just sit back and watch without analyzing. But I cant help it. It has turned into a heckling show.

Kid Rock Wears a Shirt

So nice to see him out of the tanks. Here's the happy couple at a Dodger's game.



Jon Voight is a Tool

While this is funny, it is a tad sad and very pathetic. He knows the names, he's just being a jerk. Right?

defamer- Jon Voight doesn't know Zahara's name

Katrina: A Year Later

Gulf Coast is still a mess. MSNBC

Phew. Anderson Cooper is out of the war zone in the middle east. I was getting worried. AC in New Orleans

Some Katrina animals still homeless

Aw, the memories: Kanye on the Katrina telethon

Johnny Depp is Nice

Not only does J. Depp act like he likes the painting, but he signs autographs for fans after a long day of shooting Pirates 3.



Brad & Ang

Why does AJ always look ticked?

The body language between these two looks a little tense.



DNA Doesnt Match

According to, the creepy guy who claimed to have killed Jon Benet will no longer be charged with her murder since the DNA doesnt match. What a weirdo.

Im not posting his picture, or name, because he has gotten way too much publicity as it is.

The Emmys: Ass Over Tit

Helen Mirren said she was glad she didnt go "ass over tit" when she walked up the stairs.

A visibly shaken Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she didnt believe in curses...I thought she was talking about Helen Mirren, but when she said "curse this" I realized it was the Seinfeld curse she was talking about. Doesnt mean that show wont get canceled, JLD.

What was with Kate Jackson's face? Chin implant?I always had to be Sabrina when we would play Charlie's Angels as kids.

Jeremy Piven had a weird ensemble, complete with ascot but gave a nice speech, where he got teary eyed mentioning his Dad.

Greys Anatomy didnt win anything.

Two acting legends who have strained relationships with their acting children (in the past Keifer has thanked his mom in speeches but not his dad).

Although, here's father and son posing together. I couldnt stop laughing during Keifer's speech. I kept picturing him sitting on the booth with his pants down.

When Jennifer Love Hewitt walked on stage my bf said "I think they're getting bigger".

The Emmys: Love Conan

CB did great.

The Emmys: The Office/24 Win



The Emmys: Who Watches Monk?

A Monk threepeat?!?! Argh. Steve Carrell should have won.