Was it a Bic?

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By the time I heard the news that one nerd stabbed another nerd with a pen at last weekend's Comic-Con I wasn't even phased. The way I'd seen people body slam each other to get a free tshirt, who knew what this crowd would do.

More about Comic-Con, with pics!, soon.

Still recovering!

My D-List Sightings Continue

Howard K. Stern!

Anna Nicole's lawyer was at Starbucks. He looked glum.

I don't think I have to tell you the photo was not taken at Starbucks.

Photo: AP

The Oil Has Been Stopped!

When I read this yesterday that oil was no longer spilling into the ocean- killing wildlife, polluting our environment and ruining careers for fishermen/women- I cheered at work. A couple people looked at me like "heh?".

I think this is the cap. Hard to say for sure, since the news doesn't seem to give a sh*t. I'm still not going to the nice BP gas station by my house, no matter how many bacterial wipes they provide after I pumped my gas (I do love that, tho).

Did Ya Know?

The oil spill has not been stopped.

Photo: AFP


Mel Gibson has made Tom Cruise jumping on a couch look delightful, Alec Baldwin seem like a concerned parent and Christian Bale appear like a passionate actor. O'Reilly still looks like a douche. (Zing!)

If you want to hear Gibson's latest, go to Dlisted.

Some of the quotes:

"You make me want to smoke. You f*ck my day up."
That actual made me laugh, although I know this situation isn't funny. But you f*ck my day up would really throw off a coworker. I might try it today.

"I left my wife, because we have no spiritual common ground."
Good for her. I can't imagine what spiritual common ground would be with Gibson

"I'll put you in a fucking rose garden you c*nt! You understand that? Because I'm capable of it!"
And there you are. End. of. career.

This n That

His toupee isn't the worst thing about Mel Gibson. And to think we named one of our kitties after his Lethal Weapon character.

J. Low looks like Carrie Anne from Dancing with the Stars. Am I the only one that sees this? (and think there's been some work done)

What do we think of Bravo's Work of Art? I think they could've found better artists.

We Were Shakin'

Another earthquake in LA.

I was on the 20th floor, in a meeting when the room started to sway. Seemed to last a long time.

Your Oil Spill News

Oil is still spilling into the ocean.

While we're celebrating our split from the Brits, we should consider splitting from them once again, in the way of British Petroleum. F*ckers.

Now they've done it. They've made Jimmy Buffet mad. A man who sings about margaritas can't take it anymore...actually he seems quite mellow when discussing the destruction. Must be all the margaritas?

The oil company that runs the drilling platform behind the spill doesn't even pay American taxes. Not a surprise, really.