Project Runway Starts Tonight

Have we recovered from Gretchen winning over Mondo?

I wouldn't be surprised if you said "I'll never watch that show again", but here we are at season 9.

What is it About 27?

As I'm sure you've heard, Amy Winehouse joins many other musicians who died at age 27. Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain all died at 27.

While some of them died by their own hand making dying at 27 not so much a coincidence but a choice, there are many others that met that fate from other circumstances. Like Mia Zapata, a Seattle singer who was murdered.

The list is here.

This N That

Is Lady Gaga paying homage to Bette Midler, or just clueless?

Does JK really need a bracelet worth that much?

This can't be true- Jennifer Lopez's mom asks Ben Affleck for marriage advice for J. Low. Was his advice to be a guy and marry a woman who will put up with just about anything?

Harry Potter Breaks Records

The foreboding billboards "It All Ends 7.15" might've been better predicting Jennifer Lopez's marriage than the end of the Harry Potter franchise.

With the franchise now at $2 billion, it seems likely they'll find some way to make another movie.


The eighth "Harry Potter" movie took in $92.1 million in North America on Friday and went on to earn a weekend total of $168.5 million, according to studio estimates. The new "Potter" film's box-office gross topped those of previous record holders like "The Dark Knight" and "Spider-Man 3," although it trailed them in attendance. "Deathly Hallows Part 2" ranked sixth overall when it comes to number of tickets sold.

And with the city of Los Angeles on lockdown this weekend, who knows how many tickets they really would've sold.

Emmy Noms

From the AP
The Emmy nominations are out and "Mad Men" is leading the series pack with 19 bids, including best drama.

The sharply observed view of 1960s America received 19 Emmy nominations Thursday and has a chance to repeat for a fourth time as TV's best drama. Stars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss are up for lead acting honors.

The top nominee overall is the miniseries "Mildred Pierce," which also earned a bid for star Kate Winslet. Other leading nominees include the Prohibition-era drama "Boardwalk Empire," sitcom "Modern Family," ''Saturday Night Live" and fantasy saga "Game of Thrones."

The Emmy ceremony is scheduled to air on Fox on Sept. 18.

List of all the noms here.

The Beckhams Name Their Baby...

Harper Seven Beckham

Now who is with me- did you think of George Costanza? This is a comment you either get or you don't. Not gonna explain.

Harper is fine if you think of Harper Lee, but kitschy if you think Harper Valley PTA. No doubt the Brits don't know that show.

Photo: US Weekly

Was She Dressed This Way...

to audition for a community theater version of Cleopatra? Or to meet the royals?

It was to meet the royal couple at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts gala.

Jenny from the blech!

Photo: People

Fashion This N That

I know it is very unoriginal to critique Jen A, but this dress for her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony? Yes, I read that it's Prada. Still.

And I know it is very unoriginal to say something positive about Kate's fashion, but she does have good dress sense.

And I like Hermione's Harry Potter premiere dress, but somehow I think Michael Kors would make a kleenex comment.

And with that, enter Helena Bonham Carter.

Weekend Box Office

Transformers 3 made an Independence Day record with $97 million.

The other top movies for the long weekend:

2) Cars 2 $32 million
3) Bad Teacher $17 million
4) Larry Crowne $15 million
5) Super 8 $9 million
6) Monte Carlo $8 million
7) Green Lantern $7 million
8) Mr. Popper's Penquins $6 million
9) Bridesmaids $4 million
10) Midnight in Paris $4 million

Source: Box Office Mojo


The second most common question people ask me about Rick Springfield, besides "does he have any songs other than Jessie's Girl?" (yes, something like 16 Top 40 songs, people c'mon now) is "does he recognize you?" since I've seen him in concert a few times.

Let's have the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

A few weekends ago I met my Rick concert cohort in Primm, Nevada at Buffalo Bill's, where Rick was performing. YEEEHAAAW!

A table displayed a few Rick tchotchkes including a bottle opener. I'm sure they have boxes of these and are trying to get rid of stock, but given Rick's arrest a few month's ago for DUI, I'd let this trinket sit in the warehouse a bit longer.

During the concert Rick makes his way into the audience.

Like a lion to a gazelle, I move in.

"Rick! It's me! Remember me? Turn around Rick! RIIIIIIICK!"

And he heads off in the other direction.

So I guess I hope he doesn't recognize me and then gives me the cold shoulder. Ok, it wasn't cold. It was warm. You didn't think I would get that close and not touch, did you?