Babs and Bob

Robert Redford was not into being on Oprah, I'm not sure if he's shy or doesn't like Barbra but he could barely muster a smile.

Babs' new house was ca-razy.

JLow's Face

I understand wanting to counteract aging, but JLow is looking like Carrie Ann from Dancing With the Stars.

Was Jon Hamm Not Available?

I guess Ryan Reynold's publicist got to People first as he was picked as Sexiest Man Alive. Jon Hamm looks to have been in the running.

This N That

Goopy Gwyn on Glee was painful. The Chicago dance was awkward. I was surprised she agreed to do that number since it was done in the movie by her peers (aka: women who she goes up against for roles) and it made the movie actresses look far superior.

GOP Senator, against Obamacare, freaks out when he finds out he doesn't get federal coverage for 30 days.

A man shoots his tv because of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

The Way They Are

Babs and Robert Redford on Oprah today.

I am not sure I can control myself. I might try and make out with the screen. And that's just with Babs. Not sure what I'll do when RR comes on to the set.

I'm running out to buy a black beret.

Boner in Charge, and Marijuana Fails

America, just when I think you have some sense, Boner is in charge of the House. And the legalization of marijuana in California doesn't pass. This is when we need it!

Boner can't even pretend to have emotion, or care about the average person, so let's have him lead! The guy is big business all the way. His face is orange for Pete's Sake.

The repubs are already saying they will reverse the health care bill. I know, you think that's a relief because you noticed that jump in costs (we all got it). But the polarization of the rich and the poor is going to be greater.

Remember, the repubs do not have a tax plan that saves the average American more taxes.

Did Ya Vote?

I did something called provisional voting which seems like the juvenile detention of voting, but just means they didn't get my voting info recording in time to be on that very large ledger they have (why so large?).

The House looks to be going to the repubs so Obama will probably not get anything passed, but what were the dems doing anyways? Yea for healthcare, but what else? They all (except Obama on most days, and a few others) are ticking me off.

Looks like no Meg Whitman in the governor's mansion! Jerry Brown is leading in that race.