Work Done?

I think Heidi has had the Joyce DeWitt haircut on Project Runway to distract from some kind of plastic surgery (why else would she have that hair?!)

Here she is last night. What do we think?

Claire Danes looks like she's had a nose enlargement. What is going on with her face? She's only 31.


You're Only Going to Get a Few Emmy Noms in Your Career

So why dress in Hanukkah Hershey Kiss wrappers. AND- with bad hair.

This dress alone is why Joan Rivers should be on the red carpet. Anna Paquin about to lead the marching band...or fight a bull.

Tina- what kind of crop circle pattern dress are you wearing?

Photos: FWD

Clooney, Hamm, Gervais...

And Bucky Gunt!

The Emmys were entertaining last night.

The opening sequence was brill although Kate Gosselin was not needed. Jon Hamm is a hunk of burning love with a sense of humor who can dance (if in a comedic way). De-lish.

Clooney Clooney Clooney

You have to love this guy

Hurricane Katrina- Five Years Ago

Photo: AP

Netflix Movies

LOVE this movie. It won best documentary at the Oscars in 2009, and if that year there were 10 Best Pic noms, it should've got one.

Quirky movie with liberal anti-war subtext with Clooney- what's not to love?

The September Issue chronicles Vogue staff, mainly Anna Wintour, as they put together a record size September Issue. Good documentary, but Wintour and her side kick Leon Andre Talley or whatever his name is are beyond ridiculous in their over-the-top snotty attitudes. Grace Coddington, someone with actual talent, constantly gets the snub from Wintour. I think Wintour is jealous of Coddington's aesthetic. When Wintour rejects a gorgeous image from Coddington's photo shoot that said it all. Wintour is insecure (and wearing pleated skirts at her age!) This documentary reminded me of other people who think they are great- they get there by bossing people around and making people fear them, but underneath they might not have anything to offer at all.

The Taking of your time 1 2 3. Oy this movie is bad. Tony Scott uses his same signature style as he did in so many other movies. And Travolta as a bad guy just gets old.

Watch the original with Walter Mattheu.

Movies are $16

Last night I went to see The Kids Are All Right. When the cashier told me it was $16 the first thing I thought was "Is this Married Lesbians Mix it up with Kooky Mark Ruffalo movie in IMAX?"

How could it cost that much? It's an indy movie.

Good thing I brought my own water.

Egg Recall

Half a billion eggs have been recalled

Very Important Birthday

A few days ago was Rick Springfield's birthday. I know what you're thinking- did I take the day off work, put on an oversized neon shirt, eat Reeses Pieces while singing Jessie's Girl over and over. No. But now that I type that, I should have. Dang!

He just played several shows in Washington, including Lynden (isn't that the "Footloose" town? Can't dance?) and Kennewick where it made the paper that some fans dressed up.

Bed Bugs at Movie Theaters

I remember seeing Christina Applegate in an interview say bowling balls and movie theater seats were some of the dirtiest places. I don't bowl much, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to invent a seat cover you could take with you to the movies. Although, why they are worse than restaurant seats, or bus seats, I don't know.

Now comes news that people in NYC are getting bit by bed bugs while watching movies. That would particularly suck if you were watching a bad movie.

While I would say that makes me love NetFlix streaming even more, there is something great about seeing a movie in a movie theater. If only we could do it without pesticides.

I Wondered When They Were Going to Make This a Movie!

Mr. Popper's Penguins is being made into a movie with Jim Carrey. For a long time I had thought this book would make a good movie and was curious why it wasn't being made. Especially with the way Hollywood will take any book and try and make it a movie whether it should be or not (I'm talking to you Eat Pray Love).

If you read the book, you wouldn't pick Carrey as the lead. But oh well.

Ameilia Bedelia fans- wouldn't Maggie Gyllenhaal be a good choice? Another book I would think Hollywood would turn into a movie. And Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

Dr. Laura Quits

I've heard she's fake-quit before, I'm too lazy to look it up and post it.

Winnebago Man

Maybe you've seen this. I just recently became aware of Winnebago Man.


Winnebago Man has been turned into a documentary.

Blanket- A Snuggie Without Holes

No More Zah! For Target

Girlfriend. Don't tick off the gays. With 10-20% (guessing) of the population gay, and an additional number of supporters, this is not a demographic to mess with. They are powerful, just look at Lady Gaga's career, Golden Girls long run on Lifetime, Bravo TV...

Target donated money to a conservative politician, which the company claims was for business reasons. But the politicians stance on gay rights has many people boycotting Target. I'm not sure where I will buy my $5 leggings, but the Target near me stopped selling alcohol (?!?!) so this boycott shouldn't be a problem.

Didn't Target have issues with birth control pills awhile back? They allowed some of their pharmacists to deny women birth control pills. So their conservative views isn't a surprise.

BP is Arco

Ha. I drove by my former favorite gas station (they supply lavender-scented anti-bac wipes!) that I no longer use since it is a BP. I should say- was a BP. Noticed today that they changed it to Arco.

Same company, different name. So sneaky!


Angelyne- at Trader Joes. And word has it another diva goes to that Trader Joes- Faye Dunaway. And my source said she is scary, and bosses one of the TJ employees around. Ha. "Get me those pita crackers! No wire hangers! AHHH"

Angelyne was in her pink car driving out of the parking lot. My source, when I mentioned that I saw Angelyne, jumped a bit and said "is she here???" I couldn't tell if she was annoying, or mean or what.

If ya don't know Angelyne here's her Wikipedia page.

UPDATE: The day after I posted this, Dlisted posted this photo of her.

Speaking of Delusional Actresses...

Julia Roberts says she doesn't use Botox.

Yes, that clearly is the forehead of a 40 yr old.

Um, No

If you don't know my love of Barbra Streisand, let me tell you now- LOVE HER.

So these photos of Jennifer Aniston trying to be Babs was a little nauseating. And to be truthful, not flattering on Jen. Babs looked way better with this look!

The original, Babs:

Photo: Huffington Post

Get Out Your Rainbow Flag!

Prop 8 has been overturned