Would You Blog Me Year End Review

What else can we say, but have a photo summary of the most entertaining man of the year:

Pics from our favorite site- Defamer
Don't forget your Defamer daily.

This Movie Will Blow Your Mind

(boo bad pun...its the nog talking)

Anyone who doesn't like Steven Spielberg's new movie Munich either
1)has 'roids and the movie's length made them cranky
2)they don't like Spielberg and want to hate everything he does

Who can forget the image of the masked man looking over the balcony of the dorms where the athletes were housed? Even for those of us to young to remember the event, the replay on tv over the years is still haunting. Spielberg doesn't milk this scene, just gives us a few glimpses.

I say, grab your air doughnut for your movie seat and check out Spielberg's latest creation.

The fact that this man released War of the Worlds and Munich in the same year is amazing.

Elton Makes it Official

Elton John is marrying his longtime boyfriend on December 21, when England makes it legal for anyone to marry.

Either I've had too much eggnog, or this is Kid Rock at Elton John's stag night. President Clinton sent a taped message wishing them well. Sigh, sometimes I miss that Clinton.

Support Syriana

When you're in the mood to think, go see Syriana.
An intense movie about the oil industry, it is sometimes too smart.

I was getting frustrated in the beginning trying to keep everybody straight. But if you just watch the movie the purpose will be brutally clear by the end. Makes you want to get a hippiemobile that runs on vegetable oil.

Clooney does a great job, he seems to have left his trademark Dr. Ross swagger behind.

Send the message to Hollywood that we want intelligent movies, and go see Syriana.

K-Fed Up

K-Fed Up is the phrase du jour.
Someone actually took the time to buy and set up this website.

Your Daily Access Hollywood

Things I learned while bored and watching Access Hollywood tonight:

-Kathy Rigby is retiring from being Peter Pan. Ok, she has to be 60. She's just now retiring?
-Valerie and Eddie Van Halen are divorcing. Again, thought this happened awhile ago
-Eva Longoria is an idiot
-Donald Trump won't go into the delivery room with his wife
-No one watching this show will ever use any of the dieting advice from Lindsay Lohan's trainer

I challenge any of you to name a more annoying dork than Billy Bush

Award Season Begins

Today the Golden Globes announced their nominees for the best in film and tv. The GG's are pretty funny because they're like the crazy stepsister of the Oscars. They usually have some out there nominations and wins (Madonna won Best Actress for Evita).

E! called some of the nominees at 5am after the announcement to get their reaction. Always makes me laugh because its just a Golden Globe nomination, not congratulations that they just cured cancer. I love award shows, but they are pure entertainment not crowning someone a genius. Someone needs to tell that to Eva Longoria.

Here's some of the nominees:
FILM- Drama
Brokeback Mountain; The Constant Gardener; Good Night, and Good Luck; A History of Violence; Matchpoint

FILM- Musical or Comedy
Mrs. Henderson Presents; Pride & Prejudice; The Producers; The Squid and the Whale; Walk the Line

Ok, skipping to what George Clooney was nominated for: Supporting Actor, Syriana; Director Good Night, and Good Luck; Screenplay Good Night, and Good Luck.

George is the Jamie Foxx of this year. If George wins I hope he gets the audience going in the "Hey" "Hey" "Ho" "Ho" that Jamie did for several awards shows.

The Meaning Behind the Purple

Madonna performed recently in Tokyo and she's wearing purple, of course. I have to know the meaning behind the purple. That boa is getting her closer to Trannyville.

Here she is at a press conference in Tokyo. Does she have no one in her life who will tell her that hair is bad?

Netflix This

The original The Office is hilarious.

I wouldn't watch the American version immediately after the British one, but this is worth a watch.

Who doesn't like Office Space?

Forever in Blue Jeans

Anderson Cooper was on The Colbert Report recently and he couldn't have been cuter. I haven't seen genuine laughs like that from a celebrity in a long time. So non-fake it was great.
See him on The Colbert Report

His brother also has a last name for a first name, Carter Cooper. Sadly, he jumped to his death out of their mother's penthouse when AC was in college. Their mom is Gloria Vanderbilt. Remember her jeans?

Movie Reviews in One Sentence

Cinderella Man.
Good movie if you can tolerate Renee's odd puffy face, but by now you know whether or not you like a Ron Howard movie, right?

March of the Penguins.
Sadder than what I was hoping for (I know, freezing temperature, what did I expect?), but it is so cute I almost became a vegetarian.

Happy Endings.
Great movie that proves that Lisa Kudrow is the best actor from Friends (was there really any doubt), and that Tom Arnold can act!

Paging Dr. Noah Drake

Rick Springfield is back on General Hospital after 20+ years. I tuned in to check it out and Dr. Drake is a drunk. Drake the Drunk. Also, it looks like the same cast as when I watched it 20 years ago. Bobbie, Alan Quartermaine, his wife, Luke...all there. Same actors! It was freaky.

I just happened to get pneumonia when Luke and Laura got married in the 80's so I got to stay home and watch it. How lucky was I? (No VCRs back in the old days) Do kids these days know how lucky they have it?