Hurricane Katrina

Six years ago today the levees breached, flooding 80% of New Orleans, and affecting nearby states. 1,836 people died.

Hurricane Katrina is virtually no where in the news. I know we just had Hurricane Irene, but it wasn't soon after Hurricane Katrina that the news stopped covering the situation. For some reason, New Orleans is pretty much ignored. I'm not the only one that thinks that, right?

Besides, even though we just had Hurricane Irene, the news could still report on Hurricane Katrina whether at the anniversary or the progress of the city throughout the year.

Someone who is not ignoring New Orleans is Brad Pitt. His organization Make it Right, is building green homes for the lower 9th ward residents. All homes are built above the Katrina water level, and have roof access. Check out some of the homes here.

This house floats when flooded:

HBO is playing Spike Lee's "If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise", which you should watch.

Project Runway- Camel Butt

This week- more teams! Also- design for Heidi's fashion line, an outfit that matches her New Balance shoes! Cecelia just didn't give a crap anymore and quit the show and Joshua was brought back!

So let's get to it:

The contestants had to run around a track to choose teams. Now, there's a reason men and women don't compete against each other in racing competitions, so...not surprisingly all the men finished before the women. Well, except for Bert and Olivier who made a sad fall onto the ground and then had a panic attack. Poor Ollie. Bottom line- not a fair competition, Lifetime, the network for Women...allegedly!

The project leaders were the top 3 runners which were Josh, Anthony Ryan and Bryce.

Anthony Ryan picked his buddy Laura to be on his team, and then had final pick which meant he was stuck with Bert.

Anthony made this outfit. I guffawed when Ms. Kors said "you did the impossible, you managed to make it baggy and tight at the same time...look at that camel toe" and when the model turned around and all the judges gasped at the shorts up her backside, Bert said "and camel butt." Heidi let it be known that if it was up to her Anthony Ryan would be sent home.

Anthony Ryan said Bert's outfit looked like she was a cocktail waitress. So either Nina or Michael said to Anthony Ryan, "well where is your model going in that outfit?" and he said "nowhere." More guffaws.

Laura's was no good, and when will these vesty things stop?

I guess not until after Joshua takes one through a shredder.I mean this vest thing is atrocious yet Michael and Nina Garcia liked it, with Nina almost squealing about liking Josh's outfit. I just can't figure that woman out sometimes. The short? ick. And THE HAIR. The judges didn't even mention it. Is Josh related to the producers?

Even though Joshua won, Anya's dress is going to be replicated and sold online. I guess Joshua won for being the team leader.

The actual dress on Amazon is sans that stripe. And sells for $118.

Josh, he with more bark than talented bite, made Becky cry by calling her clothes dowdy. And he is so hookery.
The judges were not so nice about Becky's outfit. Although, this model should keep this top if she's looking to find a boyfriend. Hellllooooo.

The judges seemed to like Bryce's dress, although I thought it looked like a cinched pillowcase.

Danielle makes very unflattering clothes for women. And she was sent packing.

This is Kimberly's outfit...sort of. Danielle made the jacket. 

Joshua (the returning one) made this- it looks like she has a backpack but really it's a fake gun holster. So the person who attempts to rob her for her backpack will be excited that there isn't a gun to retaliate.

Even though Heidi told Olivier that it looked like Farm Girl when she saw the skirt earlier, he stuck with it. Cropping the top right at the hip did not help.

Team leader Viktor also won. His jacket will also be sold online.

This is a Sad Post

From Yahoo News:

Jon Tumilson, a Navy SEAL, was one of 30 Americans killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 6 when a rocket-propelled grenade took out a U.S. Chinook helicopter. He was mourned at a service in Rockford, Iowa, attended by 1,500 family members, friends--and Hawkeye, Tumilson's dog.

The Labrador retriever was such an important part of Tumilson's life that the friends and family of the San Diego resident called the dog his "son."

When Tumilson's friend Scott Nichols walked to the front of the room to speak, Hawkeye followed, reports. "As Nichols prepared to memorialize his friend, Hawkeye dutifully laid down near the casket," Scott Stump writes.

This video is on some kind of loop, so the news must've filmed the service and only had a few second of the dog.

RIP Ashford

Nick Ashford from the married, songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson, passed away. A&S wrote Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand, and I'm Every Woman among other songs. Unless you're a young one, you might remember they wrote and performed Solid (as a Rock):

Nothing says you are solid as a rock like singing to each other in a tunnel. What was it with 80's videos and gang members?

I didn't realize that they started the Solid as Barack version and that SNL was parodying them. I thought SNL came up with it. Still, you know Ashford & Simpson were happy a black presidential nominee rhymed with one of their most famous songs. You know Soft Cell is hoping someone running in 2012 rhymes with "Tainted".

This N That

I don't normally pay attention to sports. But a story about a baseball player who is late to the plate because he's going poo poo? Now that I'll read about!

Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank passes away.

January Jones isn't warm and fuzzy? Ya don't say.

Don't Forget to Update Your Netflix!

Netflix use to send me an email when they got my movie, when they shipped out my new movie, when they wanted to know what I thought of a movie, when they wanted to know the picture quality of a movie...we were like besties.

We're 8 days away from when new charges will take effect for Netflix and have I received one reminder email? Of course not.

So before September 1 (or it might be whenever your billing date is in September) log in to your Netflix account and chose the plan you want. The default option you will notice is the higher price.

New Babs

A new Barbra Streisand CD is out today, and this is the cover:

I've heard Streisand is thrifty, but honey splurge for some artwork. The photo looks like she was captured on her way into a restaurant, and the block text box at the bottom looks like the free photo edit tools you get with your computer. Oy!

And if ya love Babs, and want to see her chattin' about Babs, here ya go:

Photo: Yahoo

There's Just Not Enough Dolphin Movies

For every movie with J. Low or Julia Roberts, there should be a dolphin movie.

Dolphin's Tale looks like your typical kid movie, with (I'm guessing) the single parent, the do-gooder, the kids that rely on said do-gooder ("you can't give up!" the kids will say with wide-eyes), the evil person/corporation, etc. But since this movie has dolphins, that should make it tolerable. Unless, anything happens to the dolphins that would make the audience cry. Which, knowing kid movies, is probably going to happen.

via Tree Hugger

Project Runway: Nina Garcia Doesn't Like Anything

Before I forget, is Heidi pronouncing Marie Claire "Mare Claire" or "Mary Claire"? Isn't it Marie, as in Donny's singing partner?

Anyways, it was Nina Garcia's turn to boss the contestants around. She had no problem telling them everything she hated. All while wearing this blouse:

The designers were to make an outfit for Nina Garcia that she could wear to work, and also to an after-work function.

Anthony Ryan, maker of unflattering tops

Becky had the same fabric has Anthony Ryan, and I think hers is better. So take that AR!

Anya lucked out when she dyed her Imelda Marcos-looking gold fabric.

Bert, showing everyone what the phrase "playing it safe" means.

Viktor a little less safe, but still somewhat in what looks like a matador's hat.

Bryce would've been all over Fallen if she had a hem like that.

Cecelia apparently thinks Nina Garcia works as a hooker.

And Joshua thinks Nina is a dental hygenist about to take your xrays.

Danielle, reminding us how we used to dress when there was no internet for shopping variety, or H&M for cheap and fashionable.

I actually thought Julie had the right idea, poor execution. The judges loathed it and she was sent home.

Kimberly made the winning outfit. The top is teetering on tacky, non?

How Laura's dress wasn't in the bottom I do not know.

Anyone else thinking- Olivier is not living up to what we thought was great things?

You Look Like a Monkey and Act Like One Too...

Before starting to sing happy birthday to Elvis, you might realize it's not Elvis' birthday. It's his death day. Which is morbid to celebrate, if you think about it.

Surely she remember when this happened! Might stick out in your head. Maybe she'll wish JFK a happy birthday in Dallas in November. While wearing a pill box hat.

And like this religious zealot likes Elvis?!

***apologies to monkeys***

Bridget Jones' Diary 3

Many sources are reporting that Renee Zellwegger will gain weight to play Bridget Jones for a third time.

I loved the first movie, but the second movie was just ok. It was entertaining enough to see at the theater and it's not bad like Sex and the City 2. But all three of the main characters just seemed off in the movie- Bridget and her penguin waddle, Mark Darcy looked in pain, Daniel Cleaver too mean.

Hope the producers can figure out how to bring back the charm of the first movie.

The Go-Go's Get a Star

And Jane Weidlin gets a new do. Or don't. Yikes!

Photo: La Observed, Yahoo

Project Runway- Outdoors, Teams and Stilts

Whenever the contestants are put into teams, you get a sense of dread- from the contestants and from the viewers. The debating over who made what, who had this idea, and who worked harder...

While pairing usually brings out weird ideas and a horrible final product, it does bring out the catty side of some, which I guess is why they are paired up in the first place.

Add to the fact that this is the first runway show outside (not sure why that was such a big deal) and that the models are on stilts, this was an episode where the producers were trying to really amp it up.

Laura and Anthony Ryan worked well together and won. I couldn't walk in this dress with flats, so big kudos to the stilt lady. And yes, you have to call him Anthony Ryan.

Design darlings Anya and Olivier had scores high enough that they didn't have to sit through Michael Kors insults or compliments. I thought this would get called out for its simplicity.

Becky and Kimberly were in the top 3. Tailoring pants that long is impressive.

Bert and Viktor didn't get along and took it out on this outfit. Why does Mood even sell fabric like this?

Bryce and Fallene couldn't get it together. And I really don't think if she had finished her top it would've looked any better. Bryce mentioned many times that Fallene wasn't cutting the fabric on grain. I am surprised she didn't know that, but I didn't want to hear Bryce repeat it over and over.

The judges liked this outfit by Danielle and Cecilia, and I just don't get it. While the judges did admit the hair was no good (Michael Kors: "Craaaaazy hair"), I would have put this in the bottom 3 for the bad tribute to Little House on the Prairie.

Aside from the La Isla Bonita music video, I am not sure when the matador look really is something on trend or couture. Joshua is bitchy, so at times funny, yet would make one cry. When Julie asked about a certain fabric "can this be pleated?", Josh replied "anything in the world can be pleated".

Someone in Lifetime's website's comments section pointed out the winning look is similar to this Gucci dress worn by J. Low.


Jani Lane Dies

Jani Lane (second from left, the one with the piercing stare), former singer of hair band Warrant, died at age 47.

Warrant had a hit with the ever so tactful "Cherry Pie", a song that highlights all that was fun, excessive and obnoxious of 80's rock. They also had songs "Heaven" "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "I Saw Red".

Jani was on Celebrity Fit club a few years ago. Celebrity Rehab also had a few patients pass away recently. Maybe someone should look at these people as really needing help. I mean, that is the point of those shows, right?

Photo: LA Times

Project Runway- No More Tissue Dresses

The designers had to make it work with materials from a pet store. No cat litter dresses, but a few hamster cage filler.

I thought Anthony Ryan's bird seed dress was the best.

But the winner was Olivier's you'll-need-Claritin-to-wear-this dress. The top, even though made from a dog bed, still is a material and the judges don't usually like that (in contrast- someone made a top with aquarium crystals).

Joshua was out with this design. For obvious reasons.

And the judges expressed their displeasure for another tissue dress or skirt.

The crafty-type designers don't usually make it too far, with the exception of Sweet P.

Anya's dress is made from dog rope toys. The model should stay clear of dogs, they can spot those toys a mile away. You're imagining dogs fighting over her top while she's still wearing it, aren't you? (I am)

Bert- the older, gay, recovering alcoholic that we know has a meltdown in him just waiting to come out- had a pass this week so he phoned it in.  Not sure how the person who won last week can then make this hot mess, but whatevs.

Not amazing, but at least Cecilia didn't overdo the styling

I can't say the same about Joshua
That hair! The shoes! I don't even like the shirt length or circular pattern of both the shirt and skirt. But, the judges mostly liked it.