Project Runway: Nina Garcia Doesn't Like Anything

Before I forget, is Heidi pronouncing Marie Claire "Mare Claire" or "Mary Claire"? Isn't it Marie, as in Donny's singing partner?

Anyways, it was Nina Garcia's turn to boss the contestants around. She had no problem telling them everything she hated. All while wearing this blouse:

The designers were to make an outfit for Nina Garcia that she could wear to work, and also to an after-work function.

Anthony Ryan, maker of unflattering tops

Becky had the same fabric has Anthony Ryan, and I think hers is better. So take that AR!

Anya lucked out when she dyed her Imelda Marcos-looking gold fabric.

Bert, showing everyone what the phrase "playing it safe" means.

Viktor a little less safe, but still somewhat in what looks like a matador's hat.

Bryce would've been all over Fallen if she had a hem like that.

Cecelia apparently thinks Nina Garcia works as a hooker.

And Joshua thinks Nina is a dental hygenist about to take your xrays.

Danielle, reminding us how we used to dress when there was no internet for shopping variety, or H&M for cheap and fashionable.

I actually thought Julie had the right idea, poor execution. The judges loathed it and she was sent home.

Kimberly made the winning outfit. The top is teetering on tacky, non?

How Laura's dress wasn't in the bottom I do not know.

Anyone else thinking- Olivier is not living up to what we thought was great things?

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