Project Runway- No More Tissue Dresses

The designers had to make it work with materials from a pet store. No cat litter dresses, but a few hamster cage filler.

I thought Anthony Ryan's bird seed dress was the best.

But the winner was Olivier's you'll-need-Claritin-to-wear-this dress. The top, even though made from a dog bed, still is a material and the judges don't usually like that (in contrast- someone made a top with aquarium crystals).

Joshua was out with this design. For obvious reasons.

And the judges expressed their displeasure for another tissue dress or skirt.

The crafty-type designers don't usually make it too far, with the exception of Sweet P.

Anya's dress is made from dog rope toys. The model should stay clear of dogs, they can spot those toys a mile away. You're imagining dogs fighting over her top while she's still wearing it, aren't you? (I am)

Bert- the older, gay, recovering alcoholic that we know has a meltdown in him just waiting to come out- had a pass this week so he phoned it in.  Not sure how the person who won last week can then make this hot mess, but whatevs.

Not amazing, but at least Cecilia didn't overdo the styling

I can't say the same about Joshua
That hair! The shoes! I don't even like the shirt length or circular pattern of both the shirt and skirt. But, the judges mostly liked it.

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