Nike Supports Tiger...Uh, Why Shouldn't They?

Sports players and alleged affairs/affairs/crazy-a** behavior go together like Nicole Kidman and a gallon of Botox.

So why does sponsor Nike have to release a statement that they support Tiger?

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The Plastic Surgery Has Affected Her Fashion Sense

What the heck? This dress! Yikes. Is it possible she is wearing this as part of a dare?

Pumping up your lips is so 90's! And her nose looks even more slimmer.

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Jerry Seinfeld's tv mom at an Italian restaurant.

Kurt and Goldie! They were at the same restaurant as us, and then also went to the movie theater afterwards. However, unlike us, it didn't appear they were going to see New Moon.

Is it Mario Van Peebles or just Mario Peebles? Also at the movie theater. Not sure what he was seeing.

Project Runblah

I think this would be called ironic considering how much Irina thought people copied her- As pointed out by commenters on the Project Runway site, Irina's hat is a copy of Season 4's Jillian Lewis.

I thought Althea's collection was a snooze and Carol Hannah had a few good pieces combined with matronly garb. Irina was the most consistent. In total it was pretty shoddy compared with past years.

Are the shades necessary Michael? I'd say it was to hide what appears to be some face work (did you see a couple weeks ago- his forehead was wrinkle-free, and Heidi looked all Botoxed-up), but he wears these every season. Whatevs.

Winner Irina. If you need a big sweater, she's your girl.

We're Still Doing This, Huh?

Listen, I like JDepp, even though someone just told me that years ago he was a pompous a**. But can't People either 1- branch out (this is Depp's second time) or 2- use a better picture? This is like saying 'Sexiest Man Alive- Your Neighbor!' Thanks for helping me with my compost, Johnny.

These silly titles are probably half manufactured by PR people, so JDepp must have a movie out.

And if Christian Bale hadn't screamed at the lighting guy maybe he'd have a chance (granted he had a movie out) although I say give it to him just for that. Because that is pure comedy.

New Show, Well Sort of

The Prisoner. AMC. Tonight.

The Prisoner was a show in the 60's that ran one season and was the creation of star Patrick McGoohan, who later became the mean king in Braveheart and who died earlier this year.

AMC has a "reimagining" of this cult-favorite with the bland Jim Caviezel as Six, and Ian McKellen as Two. (Wasn't Blossom's friend named Six?)

In the original they were called Number Six and Number Two. I think we can *snicker* figure out why they changed their names (get it- number two).

I am going to watch, although I am partial to the original.

Best Show on TV- And it's Not Mad Men

Sesame Street is 40

I know that seems old, but I would've thought it was older.

Because I was in afternoon kindergarten, I didn't watch Sesame Street, I watched Electric Company. That's right kids, there was a time when you couldn't just watch whatever you wanted. You had to read a paper schedule and plan accordingly.

They didn't have muppets, but EC had Spiderman. My mom took us to see Spiderman at Merit Mart (!) and I was too scared to meet him, but was kicking myself all the way home on my cowardness. If only I could meet Spidey now to appease my inner child!

These videos prove Sesame producers are just as high as they were in the 70's. Good to know.

Rock on Sesame Street!

Wanda Sykes Show

Did you watch? What did you think?

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How Much Do I Love Jon Stewart. Let Me Count the Ways.

I avoid Glenn Beck's poisonous personality so much that I wouldn't know it if someone was mocking him. So thanks to Mo for pointing this out!

I like the little knee lift at 4:13. My crush continues.

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This N That

I know very little about Sammy Sosa, but I know this doesn't look right.

This will make straight men drag their wife to a Broadway show.

Ellen is on the COVAAAAHHH! (in your best excited Oprah voice)


Tyrese. The bald, black model/actor. Sports bar in Hollywood. I'm more surprised that I saw myself there!

Clinton Statue

Make your hard jokes now.

I'm not sure I'd want my arm at that angle. But it's in Kosovo, so maybe he didn't get to see what it looked like ahead of time.

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This N That

Ricky Gervais will host the Golden Globes. Right on.

Andre Agassi's mullet was a hairpiece?

Craig Ferguson met Bush and the Cheneys and lived to tell about it.