Larry King with the Grandkids, er, the Kids

Larry King with sons Cannon, left, and Chance, right, arrive to the premiere of 'Over the Hedge' in Los Angeles, Sunday, April 30, 2006.

Activist George

George and his dad at the National Mall in D.C., to protest the genocide in Darfur, Sunday, April 30.

The Sarandon/Robbins

Susan Sarandon and her 3 kids, and a friend. Can you guess which are her sons with Tim Robbins? One looks hilariously like Tim, the other looks like neither of them (the Rangers kid). The guy on the right must just be a family friend.

Susans daughter from a previous relationship is looking good, she had an awkward look for awhile.

Scary and Sean

Scary Hatcher resembles another overrated (in the 80's) odd looking celeb, Sean Young.

Scary arrives at Tiger Jam IX (to benefit Tiger Wood's charity) at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 29, 2006.

Marketing Gone Awry

This marketing plan has Cruise craziness all over it:

A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise's upcoming "Mission: Impossible III" got off to an explosive start when a county arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained a bomb.

The confusion: the Los Angeles Times rack was fitted with a digital musical device designed to play the "Mission: Impossible" theme song when the door was opened. But in some cases, the red plastic boxes with protruding wires were jarred loose and dropped onto the stack of newspapers inside, alarming customers.

source: AP

Lauren Lauren

Now, what are the chances that David Lauren (son of Ralph) would date someone with the first name Lauren? (Lauren Bush, niece of W). Nice pants, David. Yikes.

Tribeca Film Festival April 26.

The Edge in New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Obviously the Drug Wasn't Diet Pills

Rush Limbaugh's mug shot taken on April 28, 2006.

His head is huge! Literally and figuratively, of course. But really, he is a large man.

At what point do you look at yourself and say "if I don't stop eating my head will resemble a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon".

Have some restraint Rush, sheesh!

Limbaugh turned himself in to police in Florida on Friday and was charged with prescription drug fraud as part of a probe that began more than two years ago.

Daytime Emmy Awards

Some actress from Guiding Light wearing Project Runway's Kara's dress from her final show (that didn't air).

Rick Springfield!

They always look happy. Hope Portia doesn't pull an Anne.

Martha and her daughter Alexis

She can get as skinny as possible, she still looks like Ursulla from The Little Mermaid

Announcing that Rosie will take over for Meredith on the view. I know everyone bashes Rosie, but she was on Conan recently and was pretty funny. But what is she wearing?

Finally, Some More Clooney Pics

George with Barak Obama, and another Senator, talking about Darfur at the National Press Club.

Liz Taylor Dying?

74 year old Liz Taylor, who has battled health problems for years, is said to be in failing health.

Allegedly she will be buried next to Richard Burton in Switzerland. You know, the one she left Eddie Fisher for, and the one that she gained all that weight with.

Most Beautiful According to People

Tribeca Film Festival

Robert DeNiro's maid was arrested for stealing, and she said she did it because his wife wasn't very nice. Not shocking, since she's a Fur Wearing Whore.

What's with all the green?

Kelly Lynch, too skinny. And tan.

Bad Promotion Idea

Some genius thought it would be a good idea to put a Davinci Code movie poster on scaffolding outside a church in Rome.

The Italian government is taking down the posters after the church complained.

Here is the poster covered in black cloth.

Denise Wants Heather's Leftovers

Heather Locklear is allegedly shocked that (former) friend Denise Richards snatched up Richie Sambora after Heather dumped him and made him look like an idiot (remember the radio interview where he denied trouble in the marriage even though Heather had filed for divorce?)

Still, Denise could have lots of men and she chose Sambora. Pretty cold hearted.

Heather didn't really think she had a friend in Hollywood, did she?

Deja Vu

Wasn't it around this time last year that War of the Worlds came out and it was Tom mania?

Paula, Why the Tears?

I just don't get the appeal of Elliott. He is a good singer, but bring Paula to tears kind of good? I don't think so.

Uh Oh...I'm Getting Sucked Into the Cruise PR Machine

Is it possible that Tom Cruise doesn't seem so bad after all?

In what couldn't be better timing, the recent allegations against Charlie Sheen come out right as M:I:3 will be opening.

Makes you think- sure Tom's a nutball, but he's pretty chipper, and the only anger we have seen from his has been at Matt Lauer.

Now Charlie, on the other hand...

Charlie Sheen Needs a Name Calling Refresher Course

It would be funny if he wasn't so frightening. No, it's still funny.

Charlie Sheen calls Denise Richards a dick face. And some other bad, bad words (the n word!).

Read the voicemail transcripts here

In other Sheen/Richards news (why hasn't anyone Brangelina'd their name? Guess its too late now).

Denise and Richie Sambora were spotting hanging out and, tabloid fave word: canoodling.

I wonder if Richie read the divorce statement from Denise...I'd be a little scared if I was him.

And even more Sheen news: he started a line of children's clothing because he thought there needed to be more quality children's clothes out there, and he was tired of the clothes falling apart in the wash.

What? There is a ton of upscale children's clothing lines. And when does he do the wash?

A onesie from Sheen Kidz.


...a potential name for Brad & Angelina's baby, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Please let that be a publicist's joke on the tabloids. They wouldn't really name their child a name with t-i-t in it, would they?

The Emancipation of Being 6 Hours Late

Mimi showed up at 12:30AM on the final day of shooting her new Pepsi commercial. Sources tell us her call time was 6:30PM. Accompanied by a small entourage and bodyguards, 2 things stood out the most:

1. She had an assistant type person by her side with an open bottle of wine at the ready to fill Mimi's crystal goblet whenever she felt like a nip of red wine. Her own Personal Wine Bottle Handler.

2. A large black man complete with long leather trench, sunglasses and secret service earpiece was at Mimi's side the entire time carrying 2 small Louis Vuitton trunks. Her assistants said the trunks contained her jewelry. Mimi wanted her bodyguard to carry them because she didn't feel safe keeping them in her star trailer for fear of the precious jewels being stolen. Curious crew members wondered why she didn't just leave the baubles at home.

Want to bet a case of Coke she doesn't even like Pepsi?

Best Headline of the Day: Reconciliation Questionable for Sheen, Richards

Not if you read what the Smoking Gun says about Sheen vs. Richards.
It's pretty obvious that reconciliation is impossible if Denise has an ounce of sense.

Read about how much of an a-hole Sheen allegedly is

Mariah's New Commercial

We have an on set spy, but all we've heard so far is that Mariah is whiny and has tons of handlers/people. I asked if they met the soda can opener, but haven't heard back.

Mariah was asked in an interview if she really had someone to open her cans, since that was the rumor, and Mariah said something like "well, they do other stuff too, they don't just open my cans" She can't open her own??

Not the Best Camera Angle for Jaime

She looks like a Crumb drawing.

I recently posed for a picture during a concert and when I looked at the picture I got depressed because it was so bad. But what to do when its all over Getty Images?

I'll give all the male readers a good tip though, Jaime is naked in one of the Poison Ivy movies and looks good. Even I went "Damn!"

Jaime Pressly attends the Express uniform kick-off party at the Hotel Victor on April 21, 2006 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Kylie in NY

Breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue has a short haircut and looks great.