My Opinion is Up in the Air

Well, not really. I liked it. And just because I didn't think it was amazing like some apparently do (awards and all) doesn't mean I don't think it was a good movie.

I thought I knew how it was going to end (he fires people for a living and he takes a younger colleague under his you can guess what I was thinking) although I didn't think Jason Reitman (director of Juno) would be so obvious. There were a couple things in the movie that weren't your typical way, so that was nice.

I haven't seen a lot of movies, but I would be surprised if this wins Best Pic.

The Original Cougar

Ok, Mae West might be the original cougar. Or some lady from the 1700's. But in recent Hollywood, Susan Sarandon was dating a younger guy before Madonna, before Demi Moore.

Sarandon and her Bull Durham co-star Tim Robbins started dating 23 years ago when she was 40 and he was 28. They recently announced their split.

SS has the best skin care regimen and/or plastic surgery in the business.

Photo: AP

I'll Just Say It...

RDJ looks like a hot piece in the Sherlocky ads.

Jude Law can suck it.

Blind Item

Say it isn't RDJ!
UPDATE: Defamer commenters have pointed out about ten Charlie Sheen that's the guess. Disclaimer: these could be total bullsh*t.

"This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts. We've heard it's because her husband's former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door. Dude, you'd better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn't dawned on you yet – she sure isn't dumb."

From Blind Gossip via Defamer

"What Are You Made Of?"

Tiger Woods billboard for Tag Heuer.
La Cienega Blvd in LA.


Picture is not of the billboard.


Rest in peace sweet guy.

Top Chef

I dig those brothers.

Not a surprise that Michael won. He's a bit of a brat, but kinda hot.

The Sex And The City 2 Poster

Go to Dlisted and look at the SATC 2 poster:
The Photoshop Awards: The Sex And The City 2 Poster

Now- is it because of the economy that fashionista Carrie Bradshaw is wearing that dress?

Run, Tiger's Wife, Run!

Oh girlfriend. After getting yourself tested. Twice. Get the heck out of there!

Who can keep up with Tiger's mistresses. And even if half of them are making it up...still is a lot.

Photo: AFP

This N That

Demi and Ashton continue their reign as the most annoying Hollywood couple.

Nicholas Cage donated $2 million to charity. The charity better cash that check quick.

The hottest one from this Nine cast photo is Judi Dench. Love her. Look at the 6th picture of Nicky smiling. When you have fillers, best to check out your smile in the mirror first.

I Knew It!

Meredith Baxter has come out of the closet. Her partner is a building contractor. Not joking.

I saw a picture of MB awhile ago and it crossed my mind that she might be gay. I don't know what made me think that. My gaydar is pretty good...maybe I need to put on a flannel shirt, those tan worker boots and sign up.

It was pretty obvs when MB let the hot piece known as David Birney get away that something was up.

World AIDS Day- Starbucks Donates 5 cents

Donating 5 cents per cup of coffee sold is almost donating nothing.

Tiger Might Be a Dog

Well, this is a surprise to no one, except those that think romantic comedies are real and that Jennifer Aniston is a great actress.

In what universe do you think a golf superstar would reject women that throw themselves at him?

The latest (which btw- top story of the local news here in LA)
-The hydrant isn't filing charges.
-US Weekly reports that a woman who was on Tool Academy is claiming that she had a long affair with Tiger. I mean, Tool Academy?
-Huffington Post has texts.

In case you don't know where this all started- a tabloid claimed Tiger had an affair with this woman, which is what some assume set off Tiger's wife (thus causing him to flee into a hydrant). Change of subject- if I got a schnozz job, it might look like her nose. Thoughts?


Obama Speech

Leave Obama alone! I'm going to make a tape like the guy did for Britney.

They guy was handed a big pile of flaming dog crap from Bush. Give the guy a frickin' break.