Box Office

Pirates rakes in $404 million worldwide.

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," $139,802,190,
2. "Shrek the Third," $67,010,012
3. "Spider-Man 3," $18,112,261
4. "Bug," Lionsgate, $4,015,846
5. "Waitress," $4,005,008,
6. "28 Weeks Later," $3,280,306,
7. "Disturbia," $2,433,028,
8. "Georgia Rule," $2,407,910,
9. "Fracture," $1,646,761,
10. "Wild Hogs," $1,586,929

Lindsay in Rehab

The move followed a weekend during which the wild-child actress, who is a month shy of her 21st birthday, crashed her Mercedes, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and was photographed slumped in the passenger seat of a friend's car.

-Photo, Source: AP


Falls and Goes Boom

Miss USA falls at the Miss Universe pageant.

Photo: AP



I saw Charles Nelson Reilly at a deli (I think one of those famous one's in LA). I was trying to make Erin laugh with my Shields and Yarnell robot moves and he was watching us. I remember feeling sad that he was alone, but the press statement said he had a partner.

Reilly died Friday in Los Angeles of complications from pneumonia, his partner, Patrick Hughes, told the New York Times.

This N That

There might have been drugs in Lindsay's car

In case you care what made Rosie quit The View early

No surprise- Keith Richards drunk on set.

Lindsay Gets DUI

How much does a driver cost? Can't she hire someone to drive her around?

The story here

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Jules Asner is standing too close to Clooney. Step away, Jules.

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On the set of her short film in London.

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Rosie Done With the View

Rosie is leaving The View earlier than scheduled. I knew she wouldn't be back to the show after the fight with Elizabeth.

When she skipped Thursdays show, allegedly a planned day off to celebrate her partner's birthday, there was a segment on being a foster parent- an issue Rosie is very involved in. Seems like she was probably scheduled to be on that segment.

Ocean's 13 at Cannes

I Knew There Was Something Weird About That Medley

I knew it. On American Idol, that Sgt. Pepper medley after Bette Midler performed was odd, and I told a co-worker it would've made sense if Paul McCartney was there. Now there is a rumor that he was suppose to be there but backed out at the last minute. His rep says not true.

What was Green Day doing there? You could almost see the look on Billy Joe's face that he didn't want to be there.

Lost- Am I The Only One Confused?

I can't believe that I didn't catch the flash forward scenes last night. I thought the bearded Jack scenes were flashbacks, and thus was completely confused when Kate and him met up. I thought that meant they were part of The Others. Don't you hate when you're so tired you can't even pay attention to tv shows? Sheesh!

Lost message boards here

Lost finale here

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is Gross

So sad when someone so young is a shill for the Republican party.

In case you didnt know, Rosie and Elizabeth went at it on The View. Rosie might be a loud mouth, but at least she thinks for herself.


So, are we to believe Jack and Kate are originally from the island? And who did Kate have to return home to when she was talking to Jack at the end? And who was the obituary about?

American Idol

Jordin wins.

Aren't we glad Justin didn't win. I forgot how good of a singer Kelly is.

I like that she wears clothes that she wants, no matter what people say about her weight. Although this outfit is a little reminiscent of Paula's Vibeology outfit at the Mtv music awards.

Taylor Hicks is there to remind us- when you vote for a winner, they are there for all the finales...whether you like it or not.

Diana DiGarmo. dang!

The Hoff was there with his daughter. Was it at the last finale that he was crying?



Madonna directing her short film in London.

Photo: People


Ocean's 13

George and Brad in Cannes promoting Ocean's 13.

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At Cannes.

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Lost vs. American Idol

I dont want to watch American Idol because 1- Jordin is going to win so no surprise 2- It is ridiculous that it is two hours long 3- Britney is the rumored surprise guest

I dont want to watch Lost because 1- I dont understand what's going on 2- They are introducing even more characters (the women Charlie runs into) 3- They never answer any frickin' questions

What to do. I could read a book. Nah. I'll have to figure out how to DVR one while watching the other. They better not kill off the Eddie Vedder guy on Lost.


The Worst City, Huh?

Didn't Simon say Seattle was the worst city ever for American Idol? I believe he did, and it made news all over the place.

Blake and Jordin both auditioned in Seattle, and even the winners of the songwriting contest are from Seattle! HA HA

Who even knew there was a songwriting contest? Blake doesn't stand a chance. The last song they had to sing wasn't his thing.

And, the Dancing with the Stars winner Apollo Ono is from Seattle.

I'm just sayin'...


Jane, Fantasia, Oprah

After Fantasia's perfomance in The Color Purple on Broadway.

In other Opie news- her dad plans a tell-all book.
Read it here

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With Helen Mirren at the Greatest Britons awards.

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Rumored Soprano Ending

Highlight over the space below to see what the rumored Soprano ending is.
This could just be a rumor started by the producers.

Highlight here:
Meadow is killed, by Paulie or Phil. Bloodshed ensues.

Girlfriend Needs a New Look

Honey, time for new hair, clothes, expression- anything! Heck- borrow something from Britney just to mix it up a little.

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Where Does One Buy This Outfit?

I know she is doing this on purpose to get people like me to comment on it. I have walked right into her distasteful fashion trap!

Photo: People


More Brad and Ang in Cannes

Ang is looking very perky.

Photo: People


I Smell a Gatsby Remake

Ang is looking too skinny
Brad looking like Gatsby/young Redford. Ang and Brad at Cannes with Daniel Pearl's widow and her son.

Photos: People, Reuters, AP


Oh Shaz, What's So Funny?

Sharon Stone at the Cannes Film Festival.

TV Season Finales

Grey's Anatomy- this finale annoyed. Meredith has drabby hair, Izzy drools over George, George can't pass a test, Burke rushes to marry Christina who treats him poorly. Notice how they want us to guess if Burke or George come back next season- the two main players in the onset drama. (my guess is George doesn't come back)

The Office- hilarious.
ER-Dang. Ray loses his legs. Remember when Romano lost his arm? Am I the only one watching this show?

Britney is Classy

or not.
Read about her latest performance here

Another Celebrity Designer

Sarah Jessica Parker was on Oprah discussing her new line of inexpensive clothes. The line is called Bitten. Nothing is over $20. Not even the coats or sweaters.

How is that even possible? Is she even paying her sweatshop workers?

The Silver Fox and Chloe

24 stars James Morrison (Bill Buchanan) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe). I gave Bill the nickname the silver fox because he's a hot older guy. Not to be confused with the silver sneakers- thats the walking club for seniors.


No Surprise- Ex Calls Anne Crazy

Anne Heche has shown "bizarre and delusional behavior" and lacks the time and parenting skills to care properly for her child, her estranged husband alleges in court papers.

Coley Laffoon, 33, who filed for divorce from Heche in February after a five-year marriage, is seeking at least $33,000 a month in child support and primary custody of their 5-year-old son, Homer, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court filing.

read the rest


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American Idol Surprise

Her version of Tina Turner last night was fabulous, but not enough to keep her in.

Z Smiles!

The Jolie-Pitt family is in Prague.

Odd Dress

Faith Hill is wearing a very unflattering dress to some country awards show.