You Go JR!

Julia Roberts let the paparrazzi have it. I hope she was far away from the school when she drove crazy to get them to pull over, since the reason she pulled them over was to tell them it wasn't cool to be at a school.

Good for you Julia!
Watch it here

Wasn't This a Movie With Denzel Washington?

Earlier today there was a hostage situation at Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire. Apparently he wanted to talk to her about healthcare.

Photo: AP

RIP Evel Kneivel

He just released a statement within the last week or so saying that his lawsuit with Kanye was amicably settled and that Kanye was a nice guy. Wonder if he knew the end was near? He was 69.

Photo: People

Conan Paying His Staff During the Strike

All the rich hosts should be helping their staff out.

As the Writers Guild of America strike drags on, Conan O’Brien is bringing some holiday cheer to his late-night talk show staff, pledging to cover the salaries of his non-writing production workers—nearly 80 people in all.

NBC, which airs the comedian’s talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien, agreed to cover the salaries through the end of November, and O’Brien, 44, will personally pick up the tab for the foreseeable future, according to Variety.

O’Brien is said to be grateful for the loyalty many of those staffers have shown over the years. Many of them are expected to accompany him to the West Coast when he takes over as host of The Tonight Show in 2009.

Photo, Source: People

Puttering is Good!

Well, according to some scientists. They say even just standing, vs. sitting, could help control weight. Something to do with when you sit all your enzymes shut down, or whatever. I didn't actually read the whole thing, but you can here.

I think one of my cats putters. He just walks back and forth all day. If he had a wheelbarrow to push one rock around in the backyard he'd be just like Pops!

Wonder who this sap is that had to pose for this photo (and it's NOT Pops!):

Source, Photo: ABC

Susan- Return that Suit to 1994!

Is she no longer getting free clothes from designers?

Susan with Geraldine Ferraro at WE Vote '08.

Photo: People

New Face or Not?

Eye lift?
On the set of SATC the movie.

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This N That

Of all the late night hosts to return to the air before the writer's strike ends, it's the one who is the most annoying.

Someone who I didn't know was still on the air, gets cancelled.

A show I don't watch, gets a new judge.

Roberto Benigni Wins Dancing With the Stars!

Ok not really, its some race car driver named Helio, but he reminds me of Roberto. Although, he didn't say "I want to make love to everybody" and climb on chairs hovering over Spieberg.

Here's that weird Marie Osmond doll performance:

How Old Is She?

What's with this 'do? And that jacket?

Photo: People

What is Wrong With Marie Osmond?

Doll designer Marie Osmond dressed up as a doll for her freelance dance on Dancing With the Stars. She then didn't really dance, but acted like a raggedy doll around the stage. It was odd.

As soon as I can find a photo I will post.

Hawthorn Heights Guitarist Dies at 25

Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert passed away Friday on the band's tour bus in Washington, D.C. He was 25.

The cause of death has yet to be announced, although early reports suggest it may be related to acute asthma.

"At this time we're not sure what exactly happened. Just last night he was joking around with everyone before he went to bed," the band wrote in a Nov. 24 post on its Web site.

"We can say with absolute certainty that he was not doing anything illegal. Please, out of respect to Casey and his family, don't contribute or succumb to any gossip you may hear," the statement continues. "We don't want his memory to be tainted in the least. Casey was our best friend. He was quirky and awesome and there will truly be no others like him! His loss is unexplainable."

Source: AOL Music

Show Some Roots!

Nicole- we know you weren't born with platinum hair.

Photo: People

Quiet Riot Singer Dies;

Kevin DuBrow, second from left, was 52. There is no cause of death at this time. I must've listened to Cum on Feel the Noize a thousand times in 1983.

Photo, Source: People

Discover Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy died in 1996 at the age of 33 before her music became known outside of her circle of friends, and clubs that she sang at in Washington, D.C.

I thought I would get that out in the open first. I'm sure her family doesn't want her to be known as the singer who died before she became famous, but that is her story. The Brits were the first to put her music on the radio and to demand her CDs, and now she is on iTunes.

Her version of Fields of Gold is better than Sting's, in my opinion.

Forget Britney and give someone the gift of Eva's voice this Christmas.

Paparazzi Trailing the Quaids

Why can't photographers leave Dennis Quaid and his wife alone while they go to the hospital to visit their sick babies?

From TMZ:

More than ten paps (not TMZ) have been on the Quaids, shouting out question after question. We're told Dennis asked them just to leave them alone so they could get to the hospital. When that didn't happen, the Sheriffs escorted the Quaids to Cedars, just after noon today.

Hulk's Wife Files for Divorce

...two days before Thanksgiving.

I've seen a few minutes of their reality show and it was pretty obvious she was annoyed by him.

Their son has been in the news recently for getting into an accident that injured his friend (I think the friend is still in the hospital, maybe even a coma).

Photo: People

A Good Thing to Come Out of the Writer's Strike?

Could the writers of The Office please regroup and focus on the funny? The last episode was not good. Too cruel. Get it together people or I'm gone. Just ask Grey's Anatomy. Only in their case- too whiny.

Photo: Reuters

Happy Black Friday

Did you get up at 4am to stand in line for bargains at the mall? Me neither. There is a reason we can online shop, and its not just so we can buy embarassing personal items.

If you know of any good shopping websites that also do good (donate to charity), or don't have Made in China crap, or support local artists please comment.

Uncommon Goods supports artists and gives to several charities.

Indy Dishes Up Food

Kirk Douglas and Harrison Ford help the Los Angeles Mission serve food.

What kind of burned food is Harry serving?

Calista was there Harry giving her a weird look?

Photo: The Canadian Press, AFP, Reuters

SJP Had Eye Work???

Sarah Jessica Parker surprised the designers on Project Runway and girlfriend looks like she's had her eyes done, and/or the nose. It could be how she is wearing her eye makeup, which if that is the case, is not flattering.

The chubby gay guy (does that make him a bear?) started crying when he saw Sarah. No, not because of her eyes. He said he moved to NY because of watching Sex and the City.

This N That

Dennis Quaid's twins get the wrong dose, won't know for a week if there are long term problems. Sad.

Is Britney going to Hannah Montana's for Thanksgiving?

When did Lindsay and her mom become estranged?

Maybe Romney Does Have a Chance...

...If the voting on Dancing With the Stars is any indication. And knowing this country it might be! Marie Osmond advances to the finals? I don't watch the show but have seen parts of it and I find her very odd.

Kathy Griffin told a story about meeting Donny and Marie and said Donny was fearful of Marie and was near shaking (obvious exaggeration) and that Marie winked to no one in particular, just winked. Love it.

Photo: AP

The Munchkins Get a Star

Well it's about time!

Photo: Reuters

Dr. Walks Off Larry King Show

The doctor who operated on Kanye West's mother was on Larry King tonight, but then walked off.

Did he finally realize that there was a doctor-patient confidentiality situation? Duh!

Photo: AP

Save London

Brit's dog London looks beat!

Photo: People

Bill Nye the Science Guy News

I know you've been thinking- When will we ever get some Bill Nye the Science Guy news? or were you thinking Who is Bill Nye the Science Guy? Either way, here's the dish from TMZ:

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is asking a Los Angeles County judge for protection from his wife, after she pulled a late night raid on his flower and produce gardens.

TMZ obtained a request for a temporary restraining order, filed by Nye against his wife of just one year, Blair Tindal. In the handwritten documents, Bill claims his estranged wife showed up at his Studio City home on Labor Day, dressed in black and armed with two large bottles "filled with some sort of solvent" to do damage to his garden, which he says provides "food produce."

Nye also alleges that the herbicide was "quite toxic" and thought Tindall might have squirted him in the eyes with it had she gotten closer.

Tindall responded to the order by describing the midnight bad vegetables incident as a "foolish, sophomoric act of poor judgment" brought on by a series of personal and family problems. She also strongly denied being a threat to Nye, and accuses him of "emotional cruelty." The out of orbit couple wed last February in a curious ceremony officiated by Pastor Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life."

Photo: People

Larry King is Comedy Gold

Larry King is unintentionally hilarious. Today's show is on plastic surgery and they ran a clip of a past show where Larry asked Pam Anderson if she's had any plastic surgery. She explained that she's had her breasts done, to which he said "you mean you had them enlarged?" Well no, Larry she's had them reduced. She was born with triple Zs.

She said "didn't you know that?" and he said he doesn't know about such things. Oh Larry!

In other Larry news, Donny Osmond has apologized for getting mad at him or saying something about him, or whatever. Read here if ya care

Photo: AP

RIP Mr. Whipple

Dick Wilson (what? he wasn't Mr. Whipple?) has passed away.

Photo: Reuters

Nicole Goes to Court

Not a movie role, this is Nicole in real life.
Australian actress Nicole Kidman arrives at the Supreme Court in Sydney November 19, 2007.

Kidman was due to give evidence on Monday in the case of a photographer who is suing a local newspaper that claimed he was intrusive and scared the Academy Award winning actress.

Photo, Source: Reuters

American Music Awards

Duran Duran performs- Rawk on!
Please, oh please, don't perform The Reflex.

Simon is still a hunky hunk.

Photo: Reuters

Writer's Strike

Amy Poehler and SNL cast performed Saturday Night Live- On Strike at the Poehler co-founded Uptight Citizen's Brigade Theater, to raise money for SNL crew not getting paid during the strike.

Tina Fey and the 30 Rock gang are allegedly doing the same thing on Monday.

Read it here

As if we didn't already know David Letterman was cool, more proof- he's paying his staff at least through the end of the year.

Photo: AP, AFP

Kathy Griffin- The Gays Left Happy

Saw Kathy Griffin perform last night. Hilarious as expected.

She said this, not me: "So, if none of the Desperate Housewives have had surgery, Teri Hatcher just woke up one day and was Korean?"

She also talked about Britney (not as much as you'd think though), Marie Osmond, Paula Abdul and her recent Emmy win. Apparently some writer for a Nickelodeon show wrote her infamous acceptance speech.

Scary at the Enchanted movie premiere.

Photo: AP

Babs Sings at Planet Hollywood Opening?!?!

First of all- they still open Planet Hollywoods? This is the one in Vegas, so not exactly the same as those restaurants that I think are closed (arent they?)
Second- Why is Ms. Streisand, she of the $1,000 concert ticket, performing at Planet Hollywood?
Third- Is that Bruce, Demi and Ashton? They really do hang out together?
Fourth- Is it me or is the dog the cutest one there?

Photo: AP

Fur Wearing Whore

How long has Sex and the City been shooting? Seems like a long time.

Photo: People


Seven months pregnant Julianna Marguiles (remember her?) married some lawyer.

Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy elopes in NY.

Big Martha Passes Away

Martha Stewart's mom has died at age 93.
Martha Stewart's mother, Martha Kostyra – who was known as Big Martha – has died at age 93.

Kostyra, who died on Friday, often appeared with her daughter on television offering expert cooking instruction. Martha Stewart called her "my favorite guest" and said she led an "amazing life."

"I am very sad to tell you that my mom passed away," Martha Stewart, 66, wrote on her blog Saturday, posting video clips of them together. "Here's a tribute to Martha Kostyra – Big Martha."

Photo, Source: People

John Edwards with the Writers

The first photo looks photoshopped, but it really is John Edwards with the striking writers.

Photo: AP

No Ho Ho Ho's?

Australian Santas have been told to quit saying Ho Ho Ho.
But what if Britney is sitting on their lap?

Photo: People

"How Do We Beat the Bitch?"

No, that wasn't a quote from Michael Vick.

Someone (a woman) said that to John McCain about Hillary Clinton. I am not a fan of Hillary's, but nothing has made me want her to win more that those six words.
more here

Normally, I Don't Comment on Big Girls...

cause we're all different shapes and sizes, and who cares.
But Jennifer Hudson looks like she could gobble up Kate Bosworth.

Photo: People

Sexiest Man Alive

Matt Damon gets the title this year according to People. If Ben Affleck can get it (he was crowned back when he was with JLo), why not Matt. There is not an ounce of sexy on Affleck, at least as Jason Bourne Matt was pretty dang hot (hello, motorcycle scene).

New Project Runway Tonight

Photo: AP

This N That

Nancy Grace in the hospital.

Aniston a TV icon?!?!

Don't talk to John "Blackie" Stamos on a flight. Not that you would.