The Daily Show

Last night's Daily Show made me laugh so hard some weird guttural laugh came out. Luckily some of it is available on their website for all to enjoy.

Click on the video called "Gulf Outing"...if you don't have time to watch the whole thing, forward to the 4 minute mark. The chart that FEMA had on their website is priceless.

The Daily Show video

How did Hugh Jackman win an emmy over Jon Stewart???

Best New Sign

This is only funny because its an actual sign, and one of my fave phrases.
It looks like one of those photoshopped joke emails people email out, but it is real.

Seattle's sign: "Please don't move here, it's f*cking expensive as it is"


Billy Bush Bugs

Why does he feel the need to SHOUT everything he says? It's like he's yelling at everyone he interviews. Pipe down Billy.


"Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill?"

-from The Matrix

Ever notice the happiest people you know are completely oblivious to what is happening in the world? Like the President! They took the blue pill. They think they're eating steak but are really eating a grey glob of mush.

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" can only come from someone who took the blue pill.

Oprah's Screaming Audience Must Stop

I tune into Oprah if it looks interesting, but the screaming audience members have made it almost unwatchable. Every word Jennifer Aniston said got a screaming response.
Oprah: What's your favorite pig out food?
Jennifer: Mexican
Audience: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's embarassing. If I was Opie I would tell them to put a lid on it. Jennifer Aniston liking Mexican food is nothing to freak out about.

Maybe the screaming audience is why Jen drank so much: Story is about 1/8 down the page

Inappropriate W

Dontcha think it's a little odd The President gave a press conference on the "War on Terror" this morning when one of the worst storms on record is about to slam his home state? If Texans turn on Bush then we've really got ourselves a good show.

Bush looked a little haggard this morning, he was trying his hardest to look and sound Presidential - but he can't fool people anymore. I think he's really hitting the sauce again, hence the phone in this photo:

- ET


That was seen spray painted on the side of a building.

Breaking News. Wolf Blitzer just announced- Rita is a 5 not a 4. Pretty soon it is going to be a 10. Or is this like Thai food and 5 is the highest? That's one spicy hurricane!

Some misc:

Kate Moss gets dropped from one contract after another after pics of her doing coke were published. Here are the pics

I think I know why Renee and Kenny Chestnut broke up. Scroll to the middle for the pic of him in concert.

How did they figure out the 98%?

Dang! I knew I should've invested in some of the waterfront. Remaking Bremerton


"You are Stuck on the Stupid"

There is a fantastic, comical press conference on CNN (Breaking News!) about Hurricane Rita. The Mayor of New Orleans and some crazy military General are speaking to the press. The crazy General just yelled to one reporter: "You are stuck on the stupid." That's good shit, I'm going to use that phrase. The General looks like he came straight from Central casting.

In other breaking news, H&M dropped Kate "cocaine" Moss from their new campaign. Cocaine? Models? Really? Don't be so stuck on the stupid....

- ET

Tv's Back

Unless Hurricane Rita trumps all of this (have you ever seen so much coverage of a weather event before it happens? Trying to make up for something...), here are the season premieres:


-Dancing with the Stars Danceoff- if only it was like Jack's danceoff on Will & Grace

-Amazing Race starts in a week

-Apprentice Martha Stewart

-ER (am I the only one still watching?)
-Will and Grace starts in a week
-Alias starts in a week

-Curb Your Enthusiasm
-Desperate Housewives- find out which DH you are And look, you can buy the tee. But please don't. Didn't we have those tees for Sex and the City and who bought them then?

Have to wait until January for 24.


Happy Music

Now that summer is winding down and signs of fall are showing (brrr!), I was in search for some fun, upbeat songs. Luckily- Madonna is on iTunes, finally. Sure she's a bit kooky with the red string these days, but I found a few songs I forgot about or thought I had.

I dare you to not dance and sing to
-Hanky Panky (my finger automatically goes up into the finger wag)
-Causing a Commotion
-Dress You Up ("from your head down to your toe-a-woes" it)

Here's Madge sporting a sling and making it look so cool, everyone will want one. Arm injuries are the new mini dog.

Holy Sh*t!

Halliburton helping transport some of the Gulf Coast animals? I am so suspicious. Is there another Halliburton? Is this seriously the same one???

read about it here

If Only There Was Money to Be Made in Animal Rescues

Halliburton would be helping with the Gulf Coast animals in a second if they could make $$$$.

One oil guy took it upon himself to help some of the animals. Tycoon T. Boone Pickens chartered a plane and helped bring some of the animals out of Louisiana. The more animals that get out of Louisiana, the more room there is in shelters for newly found stranded animals.

Still a lot of rescues to be made, and limited time.
Here's a pic of Boone's chartered flight.

Would you believe that guide dogs had to be left behind? A blind person couldn't bring their dog!Here's a happy reunion.

Channel Surfing

Overheard on the airwaves:

Dan Abrams (MSNBC) read an email from a viewer who asked for less coverage of Hurricane Katrina and more coverage of other issues like the missing girl in Aruba and Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend!

Mayor Nagin on Larry King referred to "heroes" and "sheroes". Really? We have to start calling women "sheroes"?

Martha's new daytime show started this week. Does she ever love that poncho. Yesterday was poncho day. Everyone was wearing one including Elmo the muppet, and her dog. We got it Martha, you aren't above wearing something an inmate made for you. Martha is also very hyper, I think she's excited to be bossing people around again.

It Rubs the Lotion on the Skin Music Video

How can you not love a skin suit music video?
Precious looks like Snowball!

"A Reason to Smile in New Orleans"- from Yahoo

"Saints give Big Easy something to cheer about.
The Saints scored a sizeable upset- and a big victory for Hurricane Katrina victims- by beating the Panthers on Sunday."
Unless winning a game for the victims means they get their loved ones back, their homes back, or a large sum of money to rebuild their life, why would they care about a football game???

Where to Donate

I'm still on Snowball watch, but wanted to post some websites on where to research organizations-

If anyone knows of a charity that gives money directly to families affected, please comment.

Snowball Not Found

MSNBC mistakenly reported that a dog and his owner, a little boy, had been reunited. Unfortunately it's not true.

While boarding an evacuation bus, a little boy was told he couldn't bring the dog. The boy cried so hard he vomited.
This picture shows poor Snowball at the bus door looking in.

Authorities just stood around, letting the dog just wander in the street? Why no official to take the dog to a shelter?

There is a Save Snowball campaign, and many people are hoping that Snowball was rescued.

Snowball fund

Strays Being Shot?

I'm hearing rumors that the stranded animals are being shot.

I just left a message for the LA Governor to tell her to stop dogs from being shot.

It is happening in St. Bernard Parish. There is video of shootings, and of a dog being run over on purpose.

Leave a message:
Governor's Office: 1-866-310-7617
LA State Police: 225-922-0012, 0120, 0179, 0184, 0286
St. Bernard Parish Rep: 504-361-6684; email:
White House (They answer if you DON'T press any #'s, just HOLD & they pick up) (202) 456-1111


Such a Fantastic Leader!

"Home is important, it's important to have a home." - George W. Bush.

This is the same man who also said one of his favorite books is "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss.

- ET

Does Richard Simmons Own Pants?

Entertainment Tonight showed Richard Simmons going back home to New Orleans and he was wearing his traditional sparkly tank top and way too short, shorts. What does he wear in the winter?


Republicans Say: The Democrat's Criticism Has Crossed the Line

Thousands of people's lives are turned upside down but the Republicans got their feelings hurt...Wah Wah!


Journalists are HOT

In all sadness that Hurricane Katrina produced, one very good result is we now have our fucking press core back! It is really refreshing to see the press reporting on the facts for a change & questioning politicans on their actions & rehtoric. My vote for best reporting through out this disaster has to be ANDERSON COOPER.


The President is Going to Lead an Investigation into What Went Wrong

Is this like OJ looking for the real killer?


Let's Try and Look at Some Good Things

It's hard for me to be positive, but let's try for the sake of our sanity, to find some good things that have come out of this disaster:

-The press seems to have gotten their balls back.
Ted Koppel, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Shepard Smith (!?) and Bob Schieffer all have gotten tough.

Ted Koppel to the FEMA head when he pleaded ignorance to the convention center evacuees: "Don't you have tv's?" Love it!

A few months ago these people would've been fired if one viewer wrote in to complain. Poor Dan Rather. You know he's itching to be in waist deep flood water complaining about the government.

-The class system that exists in this country is beginning to show itself.
Some rich people can't even pretend to relate to the poor, see Barbara Bush's recent comments. How dare she!

-The cronyism in this country is being revealed.
How does a horse guy get to be head of FEMA? That's an insult to all Americans. And Haliburton in the Gulf Coast! They are so blatant you actually have to laugh.


Just When You're Losing Faith in Humanity...

These Craigslist posts made me teary. The government is so partisan it can barely function, let the American citizens show them how its done.

craigslist housing


Kanye West v. George Bush

This hurricane is producing some of the best television in decades. The last 2 seconds of this clip is beyond classic - the look on Mike Meyer's face is brilliant. This was aired on primetime LIVE television. I love Kanye West now and am going to go download some of his tunes. If I were George W. I would be running for the hills. He better hope Suge Knight isn't friends with Kanye.

Kanye West tv clip -a must watch

revised 9/3: I just read US Weekly and Suge Knight was seen at Kanye West's Video Music Awards party. It's the party where Suge was shot.


"The good news is, there's going to be a beautiful Gulf Coast"

-George W. Bush reacting to Hurricane Katrina


Nagin- A Democrat with Balls or Doing a Coverup?

New Orleans mayor Nagin was irate during a radio interview.
"Get off your asses and let's do something". Finally- someone with some intensity.

Or is he just covering up for his mistakes? Many are wondering if there wasn't more Nagin could've done before the flood. I suppose the right will blame the Democratic Mayor and Democratic Governor and the left will blame FEMA.

The way I see it- both sides have let an opportunity to shine pass them by.



I watched "The President" give a speech this morning surrounded by misc. polticians of Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama. He was also joined by the head of FEMA. Sometimes I wonder if Bush actually knows where he is? This man instills ZERO faith in the US government's efforts to aid those affected by this hurricane and displays about as much leadership as a brick.

When a country is in crisis, they look to the leaders of their country for answers. George W. spent most of the morning congratulating all the white male politicians on their great job so far, and complimented the head of FEMA, who he called "Brownie" on his extradorinary efforts thus far. He said he was looking forward to sitting on Trent Lott's porch when he rebuilds his house. IS HE INSANE? He also likes to refer to people as "folks." He often calls members of Al Queda "folks." This morning he said, "We're going to help the folks affected by this disaster." In Bush's world, "folks" = either a homeless New Orleans refugee or terrorist.

As Anderson Cooper said to a Louisiana senator, Mary Landrieu yesterday: "Bodies are being eaten by rats in New Orleans." Yet our President is dreaming of a mint julep on Trent Lott's new porch.

Two people who have shown compassion, leadership and outrage in this whole mess have been Harry Connick Jr. and the aforementioned Anderson Cooper. A singer and a reporter. They disgrace our President and his entire administration.

So that's my ticket for 2008:

Connick/ Cooper

Jimmy's Reign is Over!

While personally I love the man, many call him our worst president. I think someone else has taken over that title, Jimmy!


Smirks His Way Thru a Crisis

I only saw a few clips of W on GMA, but this smug ass was smiling! "Everyone wants it solved yesterday" giggle giggle. Uh, NOT FUNNY.

He doesn't care because of the demographic. What would the late Johnny Cochran say: "If they ain't white, it don't get fixed overnight" or "they voted for Kerry, so now they'll need a ferry".