Political This N That

Some of McCain and what's her faces families are voting for Obama!

Alaska being close to Russia= international experience according to that intellect known as Cindy McCain.

OMG I can't believe anyone would vote for this mess. Not even a hot mess. Just a bit ol' stinky, drippy poo mess.

The GOP must be relieved: Bush and Cheney to skip convention. There must be a kegger they have to be at.

While Gustav is heading towards New Orleans, this is a good time to reflect on McCain and Hurricane Katrina (hint, he's holding a cake with Bush during the disaster):

Donate to Pasado's

Pasado's is a Washington State animal rescue organization that was critical in the recovery of Hurricane Katrina animals.

Visit their site here to see how you can help.

Plan For the Gulf Coast Animals

It looks like the Humane Society in Louisiana is prepared for Hurricane season. They have arranged for pets to be transported to the same location as owners, and housed in a facility until the storm has passed. Let's hope bureaucracy doesn't screw this up.

Photo: AP

Hurricane Gustav Closes In on Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

40 Million Watch Obama

More people watched Obama speak from a packed stadium in Denver on Thursday than watched the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the final “American Idol” or the Academy Awards this year, Nielsen Media Research said Friday. (Four playoff football games, including the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots, were seen by more than 40 million people.)

Madonna in Germany

In her bathrobe, at the airport. Doesn't she fly by private plane? Why would she need to go thru security?

McCain Was Not Happy That Obama Was Getting All the "No Experience" Attention

So McCain added a VP nom to his ticket that has less than two years experience as governor of Alaska.

Why would a 72 year old man in poor health add a person with so little experience?

Something's up...I can't imagine this is his real choice.

***She's already under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power***

***Many in Alaska think her most recent baby is actually her teen daughter's baby***

New Reality Shows

Vivaca A. Fox has a reality show? It's called Glam God and it's on VH-1. Oy. I haven't watched it so I don't know if it's any good. (we'll assume it's not)

I've seen one episode of the Cho Show and I'd say it's funny. Although, every reality show seems so staged.

Crazy Cruise

Will anyone go see Valkyrie?

Love Him

How any person can vote for McCain I don't know. I sure hope it's not hidden racism. (you know who you are...all of a sudden Obama doesn't have enough experience...Clinton had no foreign experience either but ya loved him, didn't ya?)

What are they afraid of? That Obama's going to make our national anthem the Good Times theme?

80,000 people came out to hear him!

Who Is At the Convention


Jennifer Hudson

John Legend, Will.i.am

Stevie Wonder

Sheryl Crow

Rosario Dawson

Matthew Modine


What is Ben gasping at?

Chevy Chase

Susan Sarandon and Josh Lucas

Ali, Herbie Hancock in front of him.

Melissa Etheridge

Jamie Foxx

David Duchovny in Sex Rehab

I had read the rumors that he was a dog, perhaps the rumors were true. Also, his wife Tea Leoni was not at any of the X-Files movie premieres.

Not a lot of details, but lets get real- he didn't have to release (ha! no pun intended) this information.

Venice Film Festival

Brad was there too, with Maddox and Pax. But I don't show photos of people's kids.

Democratic Convention

Let's see what celebs showed up today.
Tim Daly, Rachael Leigh Cook

Josh Lucas, Susan Sarandon, the bad guy from Ghost (in the back)

The annoying guy on West Wing.

Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn works on the floor.

Alan Cumming

Anne Hathaway

Madonna Tour

Madonna in Cardiff, Wales.

Photos: AP, Reuters

It's Biden

Joe Biden was funny during the debates when he was running for president because he would say things like "Guiliani, he's delusional". He doesn't sugar coat and seems to be a straight shooter.

Remember people, Obama isn't going to raise your taxes. Don't be afraid!

McCain Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Has

On Wednesday, McCain was asked by Politico.com how many homes he owns with his wife Cindy, heir to the Hensley & Co. beer distribution company.

"I think – I'll have my staff get to you," McCain replied. "It's condominiums where – I'll have them get to you."

Oh, and he has EIGHT!

Trump Doesn't Buy Ed's House

Someone bought Ed McMahon's house but it wasn't Donald Trump. Interesting how much good press Trump got out of it, even though he didn't end up buying the house.

Now let's get that neck brace off Ed so the 85 year old can get back to work!

Olympics This N That

Doh! The U.S. men and women drop the baton in the 4x100 relay preliminary races. They don't qualify, men or women, in the 100, 200 or 400 relays. That's enough to make Bob Costas say "WTF?"

The lesbians (I joke) fared better and won gold in soccer and beach volleyball.

Alas, the U.S. softball team got a silver, which was a bit of an upset. Jennie Finch cried when she got her silver medal. Get over it. I think that stint on Celebrity Apprentice made her delusional.

Softball has been voted out of the Olympics until at least 2016. No idea what that's about.

IOC investigating a chinese gymnast's true age.

I know you've been wondering: who is king of the shuttlecock.

This might be my favorite moment of the Olympics- in the 400m U.S. wins 1, 2, 3. The guy who got third, Jeremy Neville, dove across the line. Now that is some spirit! (the guy that got 2nd, Jeremy Warner, was suppose to be the winner and slowed up at the end almost getting 4th)

Gay Marriage Cards

I wouldn't thought the cards would have a bit more pizazz. Obviously designed by a straight Hallmarker.

Photo: AP

Hollywood Baby Names

Gwen Stefani and Gavin whatever named their son Zuma Nesta Rock. It's like Gwen thought "you want a crazy baby name? Oh I'll give you a crazy baby name." Gwen will see your weird name, Apple, and raise you a Zuma.

Matt Damon and his wife named their daughter Gia Zavala. Oy. Didn't they see the Angelian Jolie biopic?

She Bangs...but not with Ricky Martin. His twins were born via surrogate mother. Yea, I really went there with the song title. No word on the names. I vote Menudo for one!

Project Runway- Last Week

I'm behind on my Project Runway posts. I'm guessing because the show just isn't grabbing me this season. Brooke Shields as guest judge? She's so bland. I can't imagine anyone thinks of her as a fashion trendsetter.

The designers made an outfit Brooke's character on Lipstick Jungle would wear.


Almost the winner


Almost the loser

Kitty Spaghetty

...it almost rhymes.

I don't know who Mike and Juliet are, but apparently during their morning show they had an image of a cat eating spaghetti (which no one knew why until now). E!'s The Soup mentioned it and now people are talkin' about it.

Olympics This N That

Amanda Beard denies dating Michael Phelps, says "Ewww". Uh, $100 million worth of ewww, honey.

Phelps mother talks about him being bullied. A no, she's not talking about Amanda Beard.

American bloggers detained by Chinese authorities.

Usain Bolt breaks a world record, even though he lets up at the end to get a little cocky.