Spiderman the Musical

Bono and The Edge are doing the music, Julie Taymor is directing. Can't be that bad...can it?


A cat nurses some puppies who lost their mama.

Photo: Reuters

Top Chef- WTF?

Hosea is the Top Chef? Oy.

Carla didn't bring it, but Stefan made the best meal of the night and won many of the challenges throughout the show.

I think the best judge is the "Simon" of the group (left). They brought in a saucy Brit, but I don't think he is that rude. And he crinkled up his nose at the thought of Hosea winning, or so it seemed.

Repubs Hoped Jindal Could Ride the Slumdog Wave.


Bobby Jindal's response after Obama' speech was not good. Not only was it full of inaccuracies, had a Hurricane Katrina scenario that many are questioning, and repeated the Repub talking point- "Now is not the time to raise taxes"...even though Obama said he would cut taxes- but it brought Jindal some comparison to Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock. Oh yes. There's even a Facebook page.

(On MSNBC, Chris Matthews' mic was still on, and he said "oh God" when Jindal walked out. Ha!)

Oscars- Color Trends

Oscars- The Good Dresses

I can't be all negative.

Nothing amazing, but Angelina looks good. She could do away with the nose in the air, however.

Taraji Henson from Benjamin Button.

This dress is such an improvement to what Meryl usually wears. Sofia in the chiffon explosion standing next to her only makes her look even better.

Viola Davis from Doubt.

Tina Fey wearing the color of the night.

Everyone loved Anne Hathaway's dress. The prob is that everyone had this color.

Oscars- I Spoke Too Soon

I said in the previous post that Jessica Biel had the ugliest dress of the night. I even put it in caps.

Here's the dress. Pretty bad, huh?

However, I hadn't seen all the dresses of the night when I made the statement about Jessica Biel's dress.

No, I'm not showing Beyonce because she is my new nemisis. This dress instantly makes me smell bad perfume. Ug-ly.

I have zero idea how old Amanda Seyfried ("Mamma Mia") is, so she gets some slack. One shouldn't dress like tomato soup, however. Makes us all want grilled cheese.

On the other end of the age spectrum is Sofia Loren. So, I will give her some slack too.

Did Miley wrestle this away from Reese Witherspoon?

Amy Adams. Don't think this is the best she could've come up with.

Who told Best Actress nominee Melissa Leo that the Betty Ford hairdo was instyle? And the dress. Honey, the color, the pleating in the midrift, the shoulders...just not good.

Baz Luhrman is covering up his wife, which if the parts I can see peaking out are any indication, it's probably a good thing. Those crazy Aussies.

I wasn't crazy about Kate's dress.

Is Bridget Fonda (on the right) trying to give us a migraine?
(She is with husband Danny Elfman, not sure who the hanger-on is on the left)

Heidi in too high slit, with matching red shoes.

It's hard to say who is wearing the ugliest dress, since not all of these women have access to the same level of designers (or, so I am assuming). Also, these are the dresses for the awards show. The after parties is a whole new post.

Oh wait, I think we have a winner. And by winner I mean loser.
This angle just sealed the deal for Beyonce.


There is no order to my comments, I decided to watch the show and take a few notes, not blog along with the show. So this is just free form cattiness.

Hugh did great. I thought the new approach was good. Having it be more showbizzy than comedy makes you realizes how much time is taken up by jokes. Although, would've been nice to have had a dash more jokes. I think not one person was played off by the orchestra.

Hugh hands out cookies during a commercial break.

No big upsets. Sean winning was not a surprise once I realized he won the SAG award, which is voted on by actors- the largest voting branch of the Academy (although SAG has a lot more members than those that are also in the Academy). The fact that Sean mentioned Mickey in his speech shows how much it was thought Mickey would win.
What stylist did this to Kate's hair?
Sean's hands were shaking- nervous that he won, or was he remembering that Madonna is in town? (she's throwing a party)

Ok- I'd admit it! I wanted the camera to zoom in on Brad & Angelina when Jennifer Aniston walked out (and they did- twice that I counted). Jen looked nervous or unsettled, and like she was going to cry. She really looked like there were tears that were going to drop at any minute. And I'm not saying that because I'm not a fan and I was overanalyzing her reaction to being in front of B&A. It could be that she was regretting the dress that looked like all the others she wears, or the hair. I don't think the Holly Hobbie hair helped her any.

For the acting awards, five of the winners from the past introduced the nominees. I didn't think it was a bad idea. It was different, and I guess nice to see winners from the past. It was long, but the producers shortened up the award elsewhere. I really thought Eva Marie Saint passed away (she's in the white outfit). Was I confusing her with June Allison? Not sure. Goldie and those dresses, oy. Penelope won, as expected.

Sarah Jessica and Matthew were very lovey on the red carpet.

I'm not sure if it's the brown hair, or the heavy eye makeup, but something is not flattering on her. Looking harsh. The top of the breasts doesn't look natural.

This bit by Ben Stiller went way over people's heads if they don't know about Joaquin Phoenix latest look. You could tell who in the audience was in the know.

Jessica Biel- are you high?

Tilda Swinton's top matches her hair. And why were Goldie, Tilda and Jessica Biel in taupe?

My nemesis, not only got to dance with Hugh, but...This is hard for me to type. They. Sang. Grease.
I shake my fist at Beyonce.

Nothing says I almost didn't bother showing up than a knit cap.
Philip Seymour Hoffman- I know you were in Heath Ledger's category, so you were probably confident that you wouldn't be getting up to the podium. However, it is never ok to wear a beanie to the Oscars. Never.
Tommy Lee Jones shaved his head for a role, and still showed up to the Oscars sans-cap.

Reese, take a chance. Get away from this look for once.

Heath Ledger's family accepted his award. They should feel proud that he really did deserve it, and didn't get it as some kind of sympathy award. Are they also in taupe?

Let's face it- Hugh is charming and hunky. And no, I don't care if he was rooting extra hard for Milk, I still think he is a hunky hunk. (He has an older wife, adopted children, and can sashay across the stage- the trifecta of gay rumors)