"Put the Chicken Fingers Down!"

Bruce is bringing it. Not sure what "it" is, but he's bringing something to the halftime show. Chanting about putting food down, and doing a crotch slide into the camera, Bruce is trying to say "see, you don't need the Jonas Brothers at halftime, men in their 50's still got it".

Yes, I switched from the Puppy Bowl to see former blue collar champion, current Walmart buddy Bruce Springsteen's halftime show.

He screams about getting away from the guacamole dip, and putting the chicken fingers down and instead rock out with him. Bruce really doesn't know Americans does he?

1st song- Not sure what song this is, as I only know a few of his songs.

2nd song- Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

3rd song- Not a clue.

4th song- Glory Days.

Bruce screams "I'm going to Disneyland." Well, I'm going back to the Puppy Bowl.

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