Survivor- Sandy Doesn't Know What a Pace Is

And I'm not talking salsa.

Sandy could've found the immunity idol if she knew what "10 paces" were. Let's hope that stimulus package is chock full o' education!

We thought Sandy got voted off earlier, when Jeff asked the contestants to pick someone who wouldn't continue the adventure, and her tribe wrote "older woman" on their paper (they didn't know each other's names yet). To the bus driver's surprise, it mean she wouldn't continue the adventure walking to camp. Her and the other person "voted off", got a helicopter ride to camp.

survivorWhile it looked like Sandy wasn't blending in with the younger players, the opinionated Carolina told people they should clean. Just the words that will get you voted off.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the biggest boobs get voted off first. Not that Mo pays attention to that. Mo uses the "mute" button whenever Sandy speaks. Happy Valentines Day