Puppy Bowl

Some thoughts on the too cute for words show that is known as The Puppy Bowl, on Animal Planet:

-How can the referee not just want to roll around on the ground with all the pups?

-At first I felt sorry for the probably out-of-work actor for having to wear the dorky outfit and say things like "napping on the field!" but then I realized- he is one of the luckiest people ever to be amongst such cuteness.

-When I went to Animal Planet's homepage and they said "vote for MVP" I actually did. Matilda the Beagle made touchdowns not only for her team but for the other team, so she is worthy.

-The halftime show was kittens. The music reminds me of my mom's Debbie Reynolds Excercise tape. I'm convinced the CEO of Animal Planet is either a huge stoner, or someone who wears sweaters with puffy animals.

-I can't believe anyone would watch football over this.

HA! Matilda just won MVP. The Obama girls better try and adopt her.
Matilda in all her awesomeness.

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