Legos Singing Grease

I watched closely to make sure the skipping, pelvic thrusts and arm in the air at the end are there. And they are! Hysterical.

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Wave the Rainbow Flag!

Welcome to the party, NY! I won't judge how long it took, just glad that you're here. New York has approved gay marriage.

I mean, they spin fire as part of their celebration. How can you not love gay people?

But there's more work to be done.

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Heiress Leaves $400 Million to Charity, Nurse

I hope I'm not being mean by pointing out that heiress Huguette Clark, photographed in the 1930's, resembles Simon Le Bon. Hey, SLB is a looker, so it's a compliment.

Super wealthy Ms. Clark died recently, leaving a majority of her fortune to charity. Way to go Hug! or is it Ette? Not sure the nickname for Huguette. Knowing heiresses, it's probably Midge or Binky.

If you aren't familiar with her story, you can read it here. Basically she was a rich recluse, not meeting anyone face to face for years. Three huge homes sit empty in California, Connecticut and New York. When friends would try to visit her she would whisper from behind a door. Many wondered if it was even Huguette, or someone impersonating her.

Imagine all the homemade cookies her relatives must've tried to give her, to get in her good graces.

Photo: People

Longest Day of the Year

So today would be a day to avoid the DMV. Then it would really feel long. And not in a good way.

Keith's New Show Starts Tonight

Keith Olbermann has a new show on Current TV tonight. Also called Countdown, I am thinking he'll be able to uncork even more on what is happening in the world. He did seem vocal while on MSNBC, but I think the parent companies might have kept him from completely going off.

I didn't know what channel Current was, not helped by the fact that DIRECTV has hundreds of infomercials all over the place. So Current is way up in the 300's.

Don't know where Current is on your TV, either? Go to their website, enter your zip code and find the channel.