Go Bernie!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Filibusters the tax cuts for the wealthy.

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Black Yawn

I'm so proud of myself for that title.

Black Swan is a critically acclaimed movie about uptight Natalie Portman ballerina trying to play the dual roles of white/black swan (good/bad swan) in Swan Lake. Mila what's her name from That 70's Show is an edgy ballerina who wears lots of black eyeliner and is sassy. You can probably already see where this is going.

Within minutes it is obvious what is going on, there is no suspense. This is not a psychological thriller. The symbolism of the ballet production vs. her real life are so in your face there is no suspense.

Way better than the movie is this from 30 Rock

This N That

I know this is months old, but I love the Oprah "We're going to Australia" voice at 2:14.

If Dexter and his sister can't stay married, who can?

Taylor Swift, who just turned 21, gives her advice on staying young. Really.

This is why Johnny Depp does those pirate movies. Gots to get paid.