Welcome to the Party, Pal

I use this heading, a nod to Die Hard, whenever someone is just waking up to reality.

Rick Sanchez from CNN has uncovered something amazing- politicians who get huge donations support bills that help those donors. I think I knew this in third grade.

Sanchez is like the family member who just discovered the iPod and tells everyone about it at Thanksgiving.

Rick has slightly dreamy eyes for Weiner.

Political Question

Who does Max Baucus think is going to re-elect him? What point is having the health insurance campaign money if everyone in your state thinks you're shady? Oh, and why is he a democrat?

If you don't know who he is or what I'm talking about then just ignore.

Jackman and Craig Address Ringing Phone

People are pooping their pants that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig broke the 4th wall -they acknowledged the audience during live theater- as a cell phone was going off in the audience.

Well I'm pooping my pants that Jackman and Craig are in a play together. Who cares about the 4th wall. They are in a play. Together. And Hugh isn't singing and prancing around. Me needs to gets to NY.

I don't know why the embed code has this so far down the page:

Ben Lee and Ione Skye Are Married?

Ok, I barely know who Ben Lee is (dated Claire Danes pre-Billy Crudup?) and Ione Skye hasn't been relevant since Say Anything, but still I didn't know they were married.

The newlyweds – who tied the knot in a Hindu wedding ceremony in India last December – welcomed daughter Goldie Priya Lee Thursday at 8 a.m., the new father reveals on his Web site.

I think Goldie is a cute name. Sure, unoriginal Golden Retriever owners name their dogs Goldie, so what do I know? I'd name a baby Shecky just for the laughs.

And She Has A CD Coming Out

Chynna Phillips was on Oprah today talking about half-sister Mackenzie's claim about their dad (they have different mothers).

Chynna insisted on telling her side of the story with Mackenzie not around, then after a commercial break they brought Mackenzie back out (via satellite). She didn't have much to say except that she believes the story. She didn't grow up around her dad and hardly ever saw him.

Oprah said they received an email from the daughter of the other Papa, Denny Doherty, confirming the story saying her dad had told her about it.

So after Chynna's appearance, Oprah tells us about her new christian music CD. Let's hope she does care about her sister and that it wasn't all about her new CD.

A Little Heavy Handed

But it gets the point across.

Patrick Duffy and a Crab

Apparently I am late in hearing about Patrick Duffy and a Crab.

If I didn't know Duffy was a Budhist, I would swear he was a big time stoner. Although, maybe those two aren't mutually exclusive?

It's just so weird.

Patrick needs to adjust his pants!

I Wondered Why She Was on Oprah

I saw that Mackenzie Phillips was going to be on Oprah, and I thought that didn't seem high profile enough for Opie. But now it makes sense:

But in a tell-all book out Wednesday, the former childhood actress reveals that her dad, musician John Phillips of the '60s band the Mamas and the Papas, engaged with her in a long-term incestuous relationship.

Now that will get you on Oprah.

Photo, Source: People

Dancing With Annoyance

I couldn't watch Dancing With the Stars. But I did see a pic of Ashley Hamilton and does he look haggard. Ashley is the son of perma-tan George Hamilton and Alana Stewart.

I would guess he's in his early 30's, since he was younger than Shannen what's her face, and Angie Everhart, both whom he married (or so I think and I'm not looking it up) and they would be in their late 30's. Anyways, he looks older than he is probably from overtanning, or being married to Shannen what's her face.

Emmys- What The?

The Family Guy short where the boy was beating up the dog was horrible. I think it might've been a spoof of something? If it wasn't- then what could they be thinking?

A Defamer commenter explains it:

They didn't plan it for the ceremony, the emmy people just asked them if they could use it. The Family Guy folks put out a few of those clips online the Stewie attacks on Brian when he said he'd vote for another show. Fans understood the clips referenced a classic Family Guy scene from an episode where Stewie turns into a loan shark. The emmys would have been better off not using it, though, since who aren't fans wouldn't get the reference and could be put off by the violence.

I guess they wanted a way to bring some Family Guy into the show since there had been excitement and press around the nomination and it was clear the show would never win.

Beating up a dog. That's some comedy for you. In the old cartoons when they drop anvils on heads they don't drag it out like that. If Seth McFarland, is trying to take that to the nth degree, then let it be for the show and not an Emmy telecast. That was in poor taste.

And I emailed the Emmys to let them know what I thought. That's right. I have that kind of time.

Emmy Winners

Best Drama- Mad Men

Best Comedy- 30 Rock
Uh, yeah

Best Actor, Drama- Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Never seen it. He was the surprise winner last year. He's the new Tony Shaloub.

Best Actress, Drama- Glenn Close, Damages
She's good in everything, isn't she?

Best Supporting Actress, Drama- Cherry Jones, 24
She's great in 24. I also remember her from M. Night movies.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama- Michael Emerson, Lost
This reminded me of how confused I am going to be when Lost comes back on.

Best Variety- The Daily Show
Especially with the election, they were probably the best comedy show as well

Best Miniseries- Little Dorrit
Don't you mean Lil' Dorrit?

Best TV Movie- Grey Gardens
We all poopooed it when it was announced in pre-production, but it turns out it was a nice homage.

Best Actress miniseries/movie- Jessica Lange, Grey Gardens
That wasn't Sam Shepherd she was kissing when she won.

Best Actor miniseries/movie- Brendan Gleeson, Into the Storm
I kept meaning to watch this Winston Churchill movie.

Best Reality Show- The Amazing Race
Has won every year it's been nominated.

Best Host- Jeff Probst, Survivor
I liked his well rehearsed speech.

Best Comedy Actor- Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Like Glenn Close, he's just a good actor no matter where. And they give him great material. When he won, he said he would trade his award to "look like him" (pointing to presenter Rob Lowe). You just have to lose a few pounds Alec! Go see Hunt for Red October. Not too shabby.

Best Comedy Actress- Toni Collette, United States of Tara
People thought this was an upset that Tina Fey didn't win (she did win guest appearance for SNL). I don't think Tina Fey is that amazing of an actress. She's good, and the shows funny. But there's plenty of room for other winners.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy- Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
I've never seen it, but I have to say- the preview they were showing during the Emmys for the show was not funny. At all.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy- Kristin Chenowith, Pushing Daisies
She was crying, but it didn't look like there were any tears.

Emmys Dresses

I didn't post anything last night because the fancy internets shows who wins before the west coast knows it (so if I go to get pics from the red carpet, it will say who won other awards), and since the show was so slow I thought I should at least be surprised who wins.

Host Neil Patrick Harris did good, and was such an improvement of the reality hosts from last year.

The show was divided up in five segments- comedy, reality, variety, mini-series/movies, drama. This made the show seem even slower. By the time they got to variety you're thinking "still two more segments?"

Loved when they cut to Sarah Silverman and she had a moustache.

Now let's talk dresses.
Love this art deco looking dress on Mad Men's January Jones. Not only did the MM women where retro dresses, that seemed to be the style for a lot of women.

Love this dress. Julia Louis-Dreyfus always looks so anxious to win. You were on the best comedy tv show evah. What do you need more awards for?

Don't know what I think of the dress, but Marcia Gay Harden gets vavavavoom points.

Now that Toni Collette has won an Emmy (she won best actress in a comedy), hopefully she'll get a better selection of dresses.

Bernie got her money, so can't Kyra Sedgwick get a designer to give her a good dress?

Sarah McLaughlin wearing Chicos.

We saw this dress recently on someone...Penny Cruz? Drew was actually nominated for an acting award, for the Grey Gardens movie. She surprisingly did good in it.

I'm worried about tooting in yoga class...wonder if she worries about her water breaking on the red carpet? Which actually, she might hoped happens. That would be top story.

Hey, she's a soap actress. She has to do what she can to get noticed.

Kathy Griffin must be peeing her pants (that's Jon Hamm from Mad Men and his gf)


Tommy Lee, Malibu restaurant. With other guys from bands, I didn't recognize them someone had to tell me (Linkin Park who I barely know, 311 who I don't know). Left on their motorcycles.

That's about it.

Project Runway- The Judges Confirmed It

For awhile now I have seen the PR judges and I drift apart (Daniel V wins PR allstars?), and last night confirmed it.

Lifetime's website is not blogger friendly, so images are hard to put on here

The designers were to make an outfit out of newspaper from the LA Times. These days, there's probably a lot of newspapers sitting around, so it really was a show on recycling.

Johnny, the former meth addict, threw away his first dress after Tim Gunn told him it looked like it was made by school children (and that was nice- it looked like the pig blood scene from Carrie), and told everyone his first dress was ruined by water from a steamer. Everyone knew that was bull because there wasn't a steamer that day. As viewers we don't know why he bothered to lie. Sure we could blame his meth past. Or we can go with my theory that reality shows have plants and Johnny is it. Whatever the case, his second dress wasn't much good and he was sent home.

Someone should tell Lifetime that having pics that bloggers can grab actually helps the show.

Anyways, if you can't tell from the pic above, Johnny did the reverse v-neck which I can't imagine is flattering on anyone. That goes down as one of the most hideous necklines ever on PR.

The judges and I agree on that.

We disagree with the winner- Irina.

The coat was fine. But there were better.

I'm guessing Althea didn't win because she won last week. She was creative in making a pattern out of the newspaper print.

Christopher made a skirt of feathers, which you could see if Lifetime had a better website.

I actually like not having the same opinion as Heidi and all the guest judges. Who wants to be in step with Eva Longoria? But where are Michael and Nina Garcia? They've been gone for awhile.

Have you seen the show afterwards- Models of the Runway? Yikes. Lots of crying.

LA Target Doesn't Have Beach Towels

Beach towels are apparently seasonal, even in a town with beaches.

There were High School Musical or Camp Rock towels on clearance and I thought about it for a second to be funny. But no one would get it. And it would be funny once. And then I'd have to still find a towel.

So I bought a regular bath towel to use. Gee- spot the out-of-towner on the beach.

A Dingo Ate Her Baby

Except the dingo was a coyote and the baby was a dog.

Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy was snatched up by a coyote, supposedly in front of her.

She has posted the following:

Sad sad sad.

Survivor: What is it With Crazy Bald Russells?

Big Brother had a crazy bald guy named Russell and now Survivor has one. Can't help but think the Survivor Russell is a bit of a plant.

When he told the story of Hurricane Katrina flooding his house and his german shephard didn't make it out the roof with him I thought it sounded odd. I dunno, pet owners would probably jump in the water to get their dog. And he said he grabbed his axe and went up to the upper floor to get out. Who has an axe handy, yet can't grab their dog? Anyways, after telling the story he told the camera that he made the whole thing up.

Oh, and he's a millionaire. Why, especially during a recession, do they let millionaires on the show? Not that it matters in his case. He's not going to make it very far.

Blonde and booby Ashley almost was the first voted out, and she wouldn't proven what I always say- the curvy girl always goes first. I think she would've been the first to go, but Marissa started blabbing during the tribal council. I think the producers must give them coffee right before that- why else would they be so chatty when they should just zip it.

Survivor Tonight

I still watch!


Sadly, Patrick Swayze aka big brother Darry from The Outsiders, has passed away from cancer.

I know everyone loves Dirty Dancing and Ghost, but don't forget about Roadhouse! That movie kicks all kinds of butt.

I read an article about him today and they said some of his Outsider co-stars outshined him- like Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe and Diane Lane. Heh? Matt Dillon doesn't outshine anyone. And while Diane Lane is popular in chick flick movies now, I would still argue that Swayze is the bigger star.

Pour one out for Swayze.

TV is Back

Tonight is Jay Leno's new show. Surely you've heard of it- there are ads everywhere. I'll tune in to see what's what.

So You Think You Can Dance starts Wednesday, even though it just finished a season. New Survivor and The Office starting Thursday.

Other shows starting in the next few weeks. Check out the schedule.

MTV Awards

I am still using the library computer, so I don't have pics.

I tuned into the VMAs last night to see Russell Brands monologue. Madonna opened the show with a eulogy for Michael Jackson, then there was a dance tribute to him which included Janet.

Russell didn't roast as many people as it seemed like he did last year. And his accent/fast speaking made some of the jokes go over people's heads.

I didn't see all of the show but I did see Kanye West get onstage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech. He took the mic from her and told the crowd that Beyonce ("Single Ladies") had one of the best videos ever. I am sure today people are debating whether Kanye is crazy, or just publicity-hungry.

Later, when Beyonce won an award, she had Taylor come onstage and finish her speech. Taylor seemed not surprised by this, which makes me think backstage this might've been arranged. Beyonce has so many awards, what does she care?

While at the Beach

I was at a Malibu beach. We are walking back to the path that takes us up to where the houses are. Picture the ocean on our right, the path/cliffside on the left.

The coastguard (or someone) says over a speaker to let the deer get up the canyon. Deer? We couldn't see a deer.

Some Christopher Atkins-looking fella says "over here" and myself and a few others follow him and stand right where we would walk up the path. All other people are more toward the ocean.

A deer, with antlers, is running towards us, sees that we are blocking the path (duh!), turns around and is getting caught in canoes that are leaning against the cliffside. So we run away from the path, and the deer runs right up it.

The guy thought the deer would run past us and go to the canyon by the river bank. I'm not sure why I listened to him, but a deer was running right toward us so there wasn't time for discussion.

As I was standing there, blocking the path, I was shielding myself with a shorter woman. She looked calm, and like maybe she's seen this before. So I got behind her. Then I realize- it's Nia Peebles of 80's song(s) fame (and the tv show Fame).

I did check out her IMDB pic to verify it was her. She is on Young and the Restless now and a black guy from that show was at the beach as well. I did my fact checking; you don't comment about Nia Peebles without verifying!
*slight sarcasm*

Thursday Stuff

I'm back at the library where the smell of BO is so strong, and seems so right-under-my-nose that I thought my Tom's of Maine wasn't working again. But, I don't think it's me (not this time). It's just the library.

On the way here, Howard Stern was talking about his deoderant dilemma, which is all of ours, really- not wanting to stink, but not wanting to use aluminum. He gave Tom's of Maine a bad review, but said he found something by Nature's Gate that works. I will be looking for it soon.

Anyways- about that speech last night. I was glued to the tv, and towards the end I was shouting "suck it" when they would show the dour GOP like Bahner (I'm not even going to look up how to spell his name).

Some a** shouted during the speech, and we later found out it was a Repub from SC, Joe Wilson. He shouted during the comment about illegal immigrants getting coverage- President Obama said they wouldn't. It must bother this guy enough that he shouted "You lie!" Huh. Might want to check your racism level, buddy. If illegal immigrants bother you that much, you might need some help.

Imagine if someone shouted during any of Bush's speeches, which were most likely full of lies.

Keith Olbermann's show started and he told us that the person who just spoke for the republican response had several malpractice suits and some other issues. I couldn't help but laugh. The republicans can't get it together.

Over and out!

I Should've Talked About Clooney

I moved to LA not quite a week ago. And here I am at the Beverly Hills library (computer is being repaired). And you should know that even at the Beverly Hills library, there are people that cough something up and spit it in the trash. If you can't escape those people here, I guess they're everywhere.

E treated me to a Mario Batalli restaurant last night, one of those $18 ravioli places. And that's singular. It was a good ravioli. It was all I could do to lick the plate to get my $18 worth.

At some point during our meal, Jennifer Tilly is seated two seats away from our table. Don't know the guy she was with.

I was just talking about her, a day or so before. Now I know- who talks about Jennifer Tilly? We were talking Simpsons and I said she was married to a Simpsons guy and now theyre divorced and she has a ton on money. And then she is my first sighting.

I Love Weiner

Ha! Just seeing if you're paying attention. But Anthony Weiner is the Congressman from NY who is proposing Medicare for all. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. AND- he was once Jon Stewart's roommate. So he has to be ok.

On CNN Maria what's-her-butt asks him if Medicare is so good, why isn't he on it? Uh...does he look 65?

Hurricane Katrina

It was four years ago that people and animals in our country were floating dead down the street of their town.

Today Rachel Maddow showed Tom Ridge (former Homeland Secretary) footage of Katrina and asked him about the failings surrounding that rescue effort. To his credit he wasn't in office at the time (he left months before). Thank you Rachel for not letting that devestating event be forgotten.

I didn't realize this:
At least 1,836 people lost their lives in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane. Economist and crisis consultant Randall Bell wrote: "Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Preliminary damage estimates were well in excess of $100 billion, eclipsing many times the damage wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992."


I've Found My Project Runway Annoyance


Lifetime's website is too difficult to grab pics from so I might not be doing my recaps. I know- you're bummed.

Are Kathy and Tom Dating?

If you've watched My Life on the DList you know who Tom is- Kathy Griffin's assistant with the crazy eyes. Kathy will bring up to whomever that Tom has a problem where he'll pull out his eyelashes. Or his eyebrows. Or both, I can't remember.

Anywhatever, the rumor is that Kathy and Tom are dating.