Emmys Dresses

I didn't post anything last night because the fancy internets shows who wins before the west coast knows it (so if I go to get pics from the red carpet, it will say who won other awards), and since the show was so slow I thought I should at least be surprised who wins.

Host Neil Patrick Harris did good, and was such an improvement of the reality hosts from last year.

The show was divided up in five segments- comedy, reality, variety, mini-series/movies, drama. This made the show seem even slower. By the time they got to variety you're thinking "still two more segments?"

Loved when they cut to Sarah Silverman and she had a moustache.

Now let's talk dresses.
Love this art deco looking dress on Mad Men's January Jones. Not only did the MM women where retro dresses, that seemed to be the style for a lot of women.

Love this dress. Julia Louis-Dreyfus always looks so anxious to win. You were on the best comedy tv show evah. What do you need more awards for?

Don't know what I think of the dress, but Marcia Gay Harden gets vavavavoom points.

Now that Toni Collette has won an Emmy (she won best actress in a comedy), hopefully she'll get a better selection of dresses.

Bernie got her money, so can't Kyra Sedgwick get a designer to give her a good dress?

Sarah McLaughlin wearing Chicos.

We saw this dress recently on someone...Penny Cruz? Drew was actually nominated for an acting award, for the Grey Gardens movie. She surprisingly did good in it.

I'm worried about tooting in yoga class...wonder if she worries about her water breaking on the red carpet? Which actually, she might hoped happens. That would be top story.

Hey, she's a soap actress. She has to do what she can to get noticed.

Kathy Griffin must be peeing her pants (that's Jon Hamm from Mad Men and his gf)

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