MTV Awards

I am still using the library computer, so I don't have pics.

I tuned into the VMAs last night to see Russell Brands monologue. Madonna opened the show with a eulogy for Michael Jackson, then there was a dance tribute to him which included Janet.

Russell didn't roast as many people as it seemed like he did last year. And his accent/fast speaking made some of the jokes go over people's heads.

I didn't see all of the show but I did see Kanye West get onstage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech. He took the mic from her and told the crowd that Beyonce ("Single Ladies") had one of the best videos ever. I am sure today people are debating whether Kanye is crazy, or just publicity-hungry.

Later, when Beyonce won an award, she had Taylor come onstage and finish her speech. Taylor seemed not surprised by this, which makes me think backstage this might've been arranged. Beyonce has so many awards, what does she care?

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