While at the Beach

I was at a Malibu beach. We are walking back to the path that takes us up to where the houses are. Picture the ocean on our right, the path/cliffside on the left.

The coastguard (or someone) says over a speaker to let the deer get up the canyon. Deer? We couldn't see a deer.

Some Christopher Atkins-looking fella says "over here" and myself and a few others follow him and stand right where we would walk up the path. All other people are more toward the ocean.

A deer, with antlers, is running towards us, sees that we are blocking the path (duh!), turns around and is getting caught in canoes that are leaning against the cliffside. So we run away from the path, and the deer runs right up it.

The guy thought the deer would run past us and go to the canyon by the river bank. I'm not sure why I listened to him, but a deer was running right toward us so there wasn't time for discussion.

As I was standing there, blocking the path, I was shielding myself with a shorter woman. She looked calm, and like maybe she's seen this before. So I got behind her. Then I realize- it's Nia Peebles of 80's song(s) fame (and the tv show Fame).

I did check out her IMDB pic to verify it was her. She is on Young and the Restless now and a black guy from that show was at the beach as well. I did my fact checking; you don't comment about Nia Peebles without verifying!
*slight sarcasm*

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