Palin Has Said "Spread the Wealth"

McLame and Palin are going around calling Obama a socialist because he used the phrase "spread the wealth" to Joe the Plumber. Obama was talking about middle class tax cuts.

McCain has been accused of being a socialist in the past, and the state that Palin is governor of gives every person in that state a check, from oil revenue.

A few weeks before she was nominated for Vice-President, she told a visiting journalist—Philip Gourevitch, of this magazine—that "we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs."


Alaskan Senator Guilty of Corruption

Ted Stevens will be the 5th Senator in history to be convicted of a crime while in office.

He's the crazy guy who said the internets was a series of tubes.

Oh, and look who is buddies with him. Gee, me thinks Alaska has access to oil money, and the politicians just go hog wild. Mavericky!

My First Day on the Phone

I went to Obama headquarters and put in over an hour on the phone. When I went to get more phone numbers- they were out! I take that to mean they have a lot of volunteers.

It was a nice day here, so people were probably out (or have Caller ID) so I mostly left messages.

Of the people I talked to only one said he'd been called already. One woman was glad I called to see if she got her absentee ballot. Two people received their absentee ballots but wanted to vote at the polls. In WA state you're either absentee or you're a poll voter. So I told them they could bring their ballot to the polling places if they wanted to get in on election fever. (this might vary by state, but in WA you can drop off absentee ballots at the polling location)


Anchorage Daily News Endorses...Obama

Bold is mine.

Gov. Palin's nomination clearly alters the landscape for Alaskans as we survey this race for the presidency -- but it does not overwhelm all other judgment. ... despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.


Solid as Barack

You've Been Schooled Biden Style!

That's the SNL Biden quote and I just like to repeat it.

Scary, crazy anchor lady alert:

UPDATE: Her husband might be a political consultant. Gee. Wonder for which party...

This Story Is Not a Hoax


Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Killed

Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were the two victims of a fatal shooting in Chicago, the actress's publicist says.

"We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation concerning the deaths of Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson," rep Lisa Kasteler tells PEOPLE. "No further comment will be made and the family has asked that their privacy be respected at this difficult time."

The victims' bodies were found by officers Friday in a South Side home listed in the name of Hudson's mother, and police say the shooting appeared to be related to a domestic disturbance.


That Crazy McCain!

Backwards B, Political Robbers

My cat has scratched me worse than that!
Although cat puts the C the right way. 'Cause he be smart.

Political This N That

The Daily Show talks fashion.
Watch at 1:46 and 2:30 particularly.

The SNL Costume Designer discusses Palin wanting nicer clothes for the skit.

"We can't let Mickey Mouse vote". Colbert summarizes the ACORN non-story perfectly.

Will Ferrell on SNL Update Thursday.

Jon Stewart Clarification

Jon Stewart performed recently, and said, about Sarah Palin "F*** you". I think this was in reference to her saying small towns are "Pro-America". Stewart lives in NY.

When he brought it up on last night's Daily Show, I thought he was going to apologize. Just watch:

Palin the "Reformer"...At a Luxury Hotel...On Alaska's Dime

Isn't her campaign built on not over spending? Huh.

Palin charged the state of Alaska for her children to travel with her. Including staying at the Essex House in NY for four nights, for a five hour conference. How elitist! And in the "Non-America" part of the country no less!

The RNC is paying $$$ for Palin to have all those darn fancy clothes.

NY Post Lies About Michelle Obama's Room Service Bill

She didn't have lobster and caviar...she didn't even stay at the hotel! Post owner Murdoch wouldn't be a repub now, would he?

Palin Still Doesn't Know What a VP Does

A third grader asks her, through a journalist, what a VP does. In short she says the VP is in charge of the Senate, and gets to work on policies. Uh, no.

"Ann Coulter" Actress From W Movie is Beaten

I should point out that there isn't any identifying link, that has been made public, between the crime and the victim appearing in the movie W.

Little Rock police are investigating an early-morning home invasion that has left a KATV morning anchor hospitalized.

According to authorities, Anne Pressly, 26, is in critical condition at a Little Rock hospital after being found in her home with what police call “severe wounds.” Early reports said Pressly had been stabbed or cut, but Monday afternoon investigators confirmed the injuries occurred from blunt force trauma to the head and upper body.

Pressly was discovered around 4:30 a.m. by her mother, who became concerned after ‘wake-up’ calls to her daughter went unanswered.

Police say there were no suspects as of mid-afternoon Monday, but that the attack may have come during a robbery, because Pressly's purse was missing.


Powell Endorses Obama

CoPow no likey the robo calls, the McCain campaign's nasty tone, and apparently McCain's inability to know what to do in the economic crisis.

Read about the Muslim soldier, Specialist Kareen R. Khan, that Powell talked about here.

Madonna and Guy Already Reached Settlement?

They've probably been planning the divorce for awhile, so the details have already been worked out.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna have settled their divorce, according to the U.K. publication, The Sun.

The "RocknRolla" director will reportedly walk away with assets totaling around $60 million, including a 1,200-acre country estate, a London pub, and a cash settlement.

"The negotiations were relatively painless," The Sun quoted a source as saying. "Guy knew what he wanted and Madonna knew what she was keen to keep. There was a spell when Guy was in a mood to dig his heels in, but he decided this arrangement seemed reasonable and a long battle over money would make life unbearable."

Photo: AP

McCain Palling Around With G. Gordon Liddy

Although he started to tell Letterman last night that he met Liddy, McLiar finally admitted he knew Liddy.

Liddy was part of the White House Plumbers (oy, another plumber) who were trying to stop leaks to the media during Nixon's administration. He also masterminded Watergate.

A few quotes from G. Gordon Liddy:

Now if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms comes to disarm you and they are bearing arms, resist them with arms. Go for a head shot; they're going to be wearing bulletproof vests." ... "They've got a big target on there, ATF. Don't shoot at that, because they've got a vest on underneath that. Head shots, head shots.... Kill the sons of bitches.

If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms insists upon a firefight, give them a firefight. Just remember, they're wearing flak jackets and you're better off shooting for the head.

Additionally, when Liddy spoke about listening to Hitler on the radio, he stated that it "made me feel a strength inside I had never known before. Hitler's sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]. He sent an electric current through my body."


You've Been Schooled Letterman Style!

McCain starts to tell Letterman, after being asked about G. Gordon Liddy: "I met him..." then there's a commercial break. His handlers probably came on set, reminded McLiar that there is this thing called the internets, with fancy tubes, that will allow people to quickly find out how well McCain knows Liddy.

After the break, Letterman is starting to talk about something else and McLame makes a clear point to say that he knows Liddy.

When asked, McLiar starts to say that he doesn't know if Palin said Obama pals around with terrorists, then he admits that she did. Bob Scheiffer brought up the quote at the debate! How could McCain even think he could deny she said it?

And the way McSame keeps saying ACORN is bringing about the biggest voter fraud in the history of the world...does McCain think Mickey Mouse really would get to vote? Because if someone fills out a fake registration, that person (or cartoon character) would need ID. Hey McBush- Mickey Mouse isn't real.

Hollywood Divorce Summary in Ten Seconds

He just got out of sex rehab, and it's been reported that they've been separated for months and that she had an affair with Billy Bob Thornton.

Hold on. What?!?
I'm going to need a few more seconds.

According to Defamer, allegedly Duchovny found out she was having an affair with her co-star Billy Bob and that's why they are separated. Hasn't Duchovny allegedly been having affairs (hello? sex rehab)? Is this going to be like the Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan divorce- long suffering wife has fling with co-star and then she's the one responsible for the breakup.

Radar had a reader tip about this a few months ago.

So, they probably were drifting apart, she had an affair, they decided to separate and why not throw in sex rehab. Duchovny went to sex rehab so he'll be faithful to his next wife?

Madonna Already Taking Swipes at Guy

Some are speculating that Madonna doesn't have a pre-nup and her divorce could cost her $250 million. I would be surprised if Madonna didn't have a pre-nup. That would be like a former Beatle worth a billion dollars not having a pre-nup...oh, right.

Wonder if the money issue is what's making her take a public dig at Ritchie, during a concert in Boston?
...the singer introduced her number "Miles Away" with the loving dedication, "This song is for the emotionally retarded. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do."

I think Madonna wrote Miles Away for Ritchie, about longing for each other when they're, well, Miles Away. It should be noted that hair band Winger also has a song titled Miles Away. If only Madonna did a cover of that. That would RAWK!

Photo: People

Joe the Plumber Isn't a Licensed Plumber

And he doesn't really have intentions to buy his bosses business.

And he owes back taxes?

And- he's a registered Republican?

Yeah...we knew Joe was a plant, didn't we?

McCain Uses Air Quotes- "Health" of the Mother

Me, to McLame: How dare you, sir!
(I picture myself wearing a fancy hat while I say it, then I slap McBush with my elbow length gloves)

But seriously, women of America should be outraged that McCain uses air quotes in relation to our health.

McSame is a bitter, old man who should let women figure out their uteruses for themselves.

It's at the very end of the clip.

Obama is One Cool Dude

McLiar was making faces and mumbling and was nearly frothing at the mouth when Obama spoke. Obama was almost too calm. I did hope that he would be a bit tougher on McSame and Palin (he was handed a perfect time to rip on that loon) but there must be some reason Obama didn't.

Also, not sure Obama didn't stop McLame one of the many times he said Obama was going to raise taxes. Anyone else notice that McCain seemed to have the last word and frequently ended with mentioning Obama and taxes.

McCain said "I'm proud at the people that come to our rallies" in reference to people yelling "Kill him" (about Obama) at McCain rallies. And then he tried to say "you mean I shouldn't be proud of the POWs that attend our rallies" if that was what Obama was referring to when he mentioned people shouting "Kill him". McCain then whined that there was stuff said about McCain at Obama rallies. Liar.

McCain also admitted he didn't care about some former terrorist (Ayers) yet that is what McCain's campaign has been running on!

McCain laughed at abortion when the health of a mother is concerned.

Project Runway- The Finale

I predict Kenley will win. I think the judges like her, they kept her even after she made the crazy mermaid dress with cheap looking fabric fins/tail.

I don't even think I blogged about the last Project Runway. Summary- Jerell's wedding dress and bridesmaid dress were the least fave of the 4 remaining contestants, so he was eliminated.

I think Tim looks at the entire collection of the contestants and tells the judges if one is not that great.

You can see all of the runway shows, including Jerell, Suede and Joe here.

Johnny S.

McCain implies Obama can't be trusted...then is surprised when his followers are scared of Obama.

McCain's new speech...or not.

That Arab thing.

A Break From Political Talk!

Madonna getting divorced, just like everyone predicted back when she was allegedly running around with A-Rod.

It was thought she would wait until her husband's movie premiered and her tour was over. Her tour isn't over, I think his movie is released later this month.

Mamas For Obama

Everytime I watch this first one, I tear up when the boy says "Katrina".

Keith O's Special Comment

McCain With Ties to Saddam Hussein?

If the repubs want to link Obama to Ayers, then get a load of this connection:

According to The Huffington Post, McCain's transition chief aided Saddam Hussein.

By the way- how big can Huffington Post font get on the home page?

"Tingle Up My Leg"

Some clown (Rep. Dan Lungren (R) California) on Hardball just said that when asked by Chris Matthews on what he thought about Palin's statement on Rush.

This repubs are so repressed. Sheesh.

Palin to Alaska Independence Party: "Keep Up the Good Work"

AIP- they want Alaska to be it's own country. Why is she telling them to have a good convention, and to keep up the good work?

Conspiracy theorists think she is infiltrating the GOP, with AIP intentions. Now, that's just a theory. Not saying I believe it. However, note what the guy with the Dukes of Hazzard Uncle Jesse appearance has to say:

McLiar Is No Fan of Shakira

Or so it would seem, after his view of Arabs was displayed during a rally.

A lady with crazy hair tells McLame that she's afraid Obama is an Arab, to which McLiar says "no, he's decent".

Sigh. Being Arab doesn't mean you're not decent.

Wikipedia has a list of Arab Americans.

Ok, I see McCain not being a fan of Sammy Hagar, what with all the sexual lyrics and David Lee Roth being the preferred Van Halen lead singer...but Paul Anka? That has to be McLooney's era of music.

Others that McLame doesn't think are decent- Ralph Nader, Salma Hayek, Kristy McNichol (!), Casey Kasem, Jerry Seinfeld, the guy from Monk who wins all the awards, but we're not sure who watches the show. Danny Thomas for Pete's sake. He started St. Jude's Children hospital!

Here's Campbell Brown's take on the whole thing:

Did McLame Forget He Attended ACORN Rally?

McLiar's trying to associate ACORN/voter registration fraud/Obama.

Then comes the news that McSame attended an ACORN rally.

Yes, There's a pic of him there.

And video.
Doh! McLooney forgot about YouTube!

The ACORN people have their side of the charges.

Palin Booed at Hockey Game

You can hear the boos louder on this clip (than the clip closer to the rink). Sounds like the music gets louder, trying to drown the boos.

She brings a daughter with her. Because the children are off limits...except after debates...and rallies...and when as a shield from boos...

Obama Adresses the ACORN Rumor

The repubs apparently can't run on the issues, and instead must try and spread lies and fear.

Obama's Fight the Smears website addresses many of the lies spread by McCan't and co.

Discredited Republican voter-suppression expert Ken Blackwell has gone on TV lately with some wild accusations against Barack about a non-existent connection with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as ACORN.

The accusations have no basis in fact.

The truth is that Barack was never a community organizer or trainer for ACORN, and he was never employed by ACORN in any other capacity. ACORN was not part of the historic voter registration drive that Barack led.

Get more information and help spread the truth about Barack Obama:

McCain- No Longer a Man

No, I don't think he's applying for a sex change.

Recently, at McCain rallies, there have been people shouting from the crowds to kill Obama, or referring to him as a terrorist or a traitor.

McCain did nothing to stop such behavior. A real man would've told them that was uncalled for. But not McCain.

This is just further lame behavior from McCain that convinces me he is not a man.

-He called his wife a c*nt in front of reporters
-When a supporter referred to Hilary as a bitch, he laughed

He has become an empty soul, willing to do whatever it takes to win. Even if that means lying or inciting hate (however subtly).

Another Comment About the Debate

Did anyone notice that after McLame answered a question, he would drop the microphone down...I can't describe it but it was if he was saying "Nailed it!"
He really thought he was doing good in the debate.

Watch the first few secs, when McLiar is walking in front of the camera. Ha.

Palin Wanted Alaska to Be It's Own Country?

Todd Palin was allegedly part of a group, the Alaska Independence Party, that considered the idea of seceding Alaska from the country.

How's that for patriotic.


McCain's Health Plan- $2,500 For Single People

Not the $5,000 that McCain talks about.
$5,000 is per family.

A single person could not buy healthcare for $2,500.
And I don't know what a family could buy for $5,000.

And who wants to shop for health insurance?

How is this not getting more attention? This is a horrible plan!

Biden Style

Ha! Refers to McLame as "an angry man lurching from one position to another".

Is he referring to McLame oddly pacing around the stage last night (even Brokaw had to tell him to move, he was blocking his view!) or changing his position on the issues?

McCain Says "My Fellow Prisoners"

And it doesn't look like he's talking to a room of prisoners.

He's losing it!

Obama Easily Wins Debate

He looks Presidential. He has solutions. He stayed after and signed autographs while McCain ran out of there.

No contest.


McLame Refers to Obama as "That One"

Debate- How Many Times Does McLame Say "My Friends"

7:07pm I think it's at 17

7:11pm 18, 19

I'm getting drunk!

7:21 I think 21

7:32 22

Top 10 Shows

Without Dancing With the Stars, ABC would be non-existent. Housewives is in there, but I would be surprised if Housewives stays in the Top 10 after all the shows premiere. Also, I think this was the week that The Office didn't have a show.

1. "Dancing with the Stars," ABC, 18.88 million viewers.

2. "NCIS," CBS, 17.47 million viewers.

3. "60 Minutes,CBS, 16.65 million viewers.

4. "Desperate Housewives," ABC, 15.68 million viewers.

5. "Dancing with the Stars Results," ABC, 15.49 million viewers.

6. "The Mentalist," CBS, 15.48 million viewers.

7. "CSI: NY," CBS, 14.89 million viewers.

8. "Criminal Minds," CBS, 14.78 million viewers.

9. "CSI: Miami," CBS, 14.35 million viewers.

10. "NBC Sunday Night Football: Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville," NBC, 14.21 million viewers.


This N That

A shout out to Nobel Prize winners, received due to their HIV and cancer research. You'd think these people would get a ceremony equivalent to people rewarded for acting in movies. Just a thought.

Mammals are increasingly faced with extinction.

Palin says Afghanistan is Our Neighboring Country. Um. Not to the U.S. Not even to Iraq if that's what she was referring to. Gosh, shucks. I just don't know what's she's talking about.
I thought I was going to quit talking about her!!!

McCain's Scandal

If you don't already know, McLiar was involved in a scandal called The Keating 5. This is not some attempt to smear McLiar. This is an actual case. And, 4 of the 5 were dems. The one repub- McLiar.

More will be posted at this site tomorrow.

Concerns About McCain's Health, and Is Palin Counting On It?

From Frank Rich, NY Times:

Now McCain is looking increasingly shaky, whether he’s repeating his “Miss Congeniality” joke twice in the same debate or speaking from notecards even when reciting a line for (literally) the 17th time (“The fundamentals of our economy are strong”) or repeatedly confusing proper nouns that begin with S (Sunni, Shia, Sudan, Somalia, Spain). McCain’s “dismaying temperament,” as George Will labeled it, only thickens the concerns. His kamikaze mission into Washington during the bailout crisis seemed crazed. His seething, hostile debate countenance — a replay of Al Gore’s sarcastic sighing in 2000 — didn’t make the deferential Obama look weak (as many Democrats feared) but elevated him into looking like the sole presidential grown-up.

Read the rest of the article.

Is Palin counting on McCain's potentially poor health to make her president? She does seem to act like she is running by herself. Remember in the debate when the VP candidates were asked what promises their administration would not be able to follow through with because of the bailout. She said "I've been at this five months, I haven't promised you anything yet"...I wondered why she wasn't supporting what McCain has promised us...seems as if she thinks it's all about her.

I thought I was going to quit talking about her!

Biden Style

Joe Biden's mother-in-law passed away today after a long illness. She lived long enough to see her son-in-law perform probably the best debate of his life, where he was a class act. (I'm assuming she watched it...don't know her personally, of course).

Someone Explain Wikipedia to Me

I was looking up Oprah's Wikipedia entry because my grandma was telling me about Oprah's mom owing $150k to a store.

Which, by the way, Opie's mom should watch Opie's show with Suze Orman. You don't buy more than you can afford. Don't make Suze yell at you and turn beet red. She will. She don't care whose mama you are.

Anyways, Wikipedia said Oprah died October 1. Now, I know that she didn't. But how weird that anyone can add this.

I looked today at it's been taken down. But is this what bored people do? I just don't understand the point.

Who's Smiling Now?

Remember when O.J. smiled after he was cleared of killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman? His attorney standing next to him had this expression- "WTF?"

Now O.J. can smile in the clink. A jury found Simpson guilty of all charges.

The verdict came 13 years to the day after Simpson was cleared of murdering his ex-wife and a friend of hers in Los Angeles in one of the most sensational trials of the 20th century.

They Could Take Over the World With Their Cuteness

While I was drinking my morning coffee I checked in with Regis and Kelly, to see whatsup. Today Mark Consuelos, Kelly's husband, was cohost. They are like two animated cute creations. I don't know how else to describe it.

Damn them and their perfect teeth!

Photo: People

Maybe He's Suffering From Liar's Disease?

McLiar has been blinking (and I don't think it's an attempt at winking) and looking confused in the last couple days.

The tubes of the internets are filled with the question: Did McCain have a small stroke?

I like some of the comments after the article:

Maybe he's eaten alive by guilt.

I have looked at these videos and in my professional opinion, the patient is responsive, healthy, and aware. It would definitely be wrong to pull the plug on him at this point!
Dr. Frist.

(a reference to Senator Frist reviewing Teri Schiavo by video tape and saying she was aware)

Howard Gets Married

I'm a total nerd, because I was happy to read that both Jimmy and Sarah showed up. And I'm a total nerd because I know that he just recently patched things up with Chevy Chase, so I'm surprised CC gave a toast.

After a lengthy engagement, the Sirius Satellite shock jock has taken the marital plunge with longtime girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, tying the knot in an A-list private event at New York City's famed Le Cirque restaurant Friday night.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos topped the guest list, with Consuelos, who became an ordained minister over the summer, performing the ceremony.

Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee, Joan Rivers, Stern's radio cohosts Robin Quivers and Artie Lang, Chevy Chase, Donald and Melania Trump and John Stamos were among the event's 180 esteemed attendees.

Consuelos wasn't the only one pulling double duty: Joel sang a song and Chase delivered an X-rated toast following the ceremony.


Can We Quit Talking About Her Now?

I wouldn't be surprised if the McLame camp has her say stupid things just to keep her in the press.

For now, I'm done talking about her. Time for change.


Hey Hillary Supporters*- What Do You Think of Palin Now?

Winking, and chanting "drill baby drill".

I'm surprised she didn't shimmy her shoulders and give the camera a come hither stare.

Smart women everywhere are cringing.

*I'm not exactly sure who these people are, since Hillary and Palin are polar opposites. But allegedly these people are out there.

McCain's Plan For Healthcare- Might Make You Sick

Biden Thrives, Palin Survives

Joe Biden gave answers to the questions, and solutions for problems. No gaffes. Very intelligent.

Palin didn't answer the questions. Kept bringing up energy even if it wasn't related to the question. It looked to me like she had rehearsed how to apply talking points. She didn't have any gaffes which only proves she can regurgitate talking points and not talk off the cuff, like when talking to Couric.

She rambled off speeches. Nothing felt from the heart.

In contrast, here's Biden getting choked up when talking about the death of his wife and daughter. Palin makes no mention of it when it's her turn to speak! Gee shucks that's some compassion fer ya.

I totally stole the post title from something I read this morning.

For the Debate Tonight

I thought of maybe a drinking game everytime Palin mentions Alaska, or being a regular person.

But, this Palin Bingo Game might be better. Less of a hangover.

Thanks to D!

Watch at :30

Hilarious. Listen to Keith's comments after the Worst Person #2. And notice the people in the restaurant laughing.

If you can't see it go Here

Palin Recently Disagreed With a Supreme Court Ruling in Alaska!

And she couldn't remember it, to tell Katie Couric?

From Gov. Sarah Palin (6.26.08):

"I am extremely disappointed with today's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court," Palin said. "While the decision brings some degree of closure to Alaskans suffering from 19 years of litigation and delay, the court gutted the jury's decision on punitive damages."


Daily Show Talks Bail Out

1:10, 1:40 in particular are funny.

Here's the Supreme Court Question

Ok, my earlier comment about naming Brown v. The Board of Education wouldn't work with this question since the actual question isn't name any Supreme Court case, but rather- one you disagree with. Obviously I don't disagree with Brown v. The Board of Education. So, with the new question I personally would say when Gore lost the recount in Florida. Palin might've gone with the Larry Flynt case. Doesn't she watch movies?

This is frightening not just because she doesn't have an answer, but with what ease she avoids the question.


As if you didn't know McLiar is a cranky man.

Palin Makes Fun of Biden's Age...While Her Running Mate is Six Years Older Than Biden

I think the snarky comments are in the clip in the previous post, I don't want to watch it again to find out.

Basically she gives a speech in front of a crowd and says we've been watching Biden give speeches since she was in 2nd grade.

Then, when Couric asks her about saying that when McCain is 72, Palin mentions Biden has experience at least three times.

Palin reminding us of Biden's experience over and over and over...