Concerns About McCain's Health, and Is Palin Counting On It?

From Frank Rich, NY Times:

Now McCain is looking increasingly shaky, whether he’s repeating his “Miss Congeniality” joke twice in the same debate or speaking from notecards even when reciting a line for (literally) the 17th time (“The fundamentals of our economy are strong”) or repeatedly confusing proper nouns that begin with S (Sunni, Shia, Sudan, Somalia, Spain). McCain’s “dismaying temperament,” as George Will labeled it, only thickens the concerns. His kamikaze mission into Washington during the bailout crisis seemed crazed. His seething, hostile debate countenance — a replay of Al Gore’s sarcastic sighing in 2000 — didn’t make the deferential Obama look weak (as many Democrats feared) but elevated him into looking like the sole presidential grown-up.

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Is Palin counting on McCain's potentially poor health to make her president? She does seem to act like she is running by herself. Remember in the debate when the VP candidates were asked what promises their administration would not be able to follow through with because of the bailout. She said "I've been at this five months, I haven't promised you anything yet"...I wondered why she wasn't supporting what McCain has promised us...seems as if she thinks it's all about her.

I thought I was going to quit talking about her!

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