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That Reverend Thing

I don't know if I've commented on Obama's reverend. But I would like to say that it is sad, unfortunate and almost alarming that a loud, black reverend with crazy beliefs gets all sorts of attention while the not loud, white religious leaders with crazy beliefs get a pass. If you don't know about the crazy guy that endorsed McCain (and McCain accepted it), John Hagee, look him up. He thinks God sent Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans because of a gay pride parade they were going to have.

How about religion out of politics?

Brad and Angelina Related to Barack and Hillary

From TMZ:
The New England Historic Genealogical Society, the oldest and largest nonprofit genealogical organization in the country, has found a way to get Barack and Hillary together -- through lineage!

They claim Barack Obama and Brad Pitt are ninth cousins, and Hillary Clinton is related to Pitt's baby mama, Angelina Jolie -- they're also ninth cousins.

I dunno. I did a little research on my family tree and it's difficult to get very far. A lot of people with similar names, or the spellings are recorded differently. And wasn't there a story saying Obama and Cheney were related?

Another Hollywood Divorce

I was surprised that Defamer didn't know that Robin Williams wife/soon-to-be ex met him when she was the nanny for him and his former wife. I thought everyone knew that. I guess that makes me old. And saying "that makes me old" really makes me old.

I think Joe Piscapo did the same thing...OMG, do people know who Joe Piscapo is? I better just go drink my prune juice and play cribbage.

Robin Williams divorce. I guess that schtick that is funny on Letterman for ten minutes really gets old at home.

Computer Problems!

I have not been able to post for several days due to some weird computer problem. If anyone knows a computer savvy person (or reliable company) in Seattle please email me: wouldyoublogme at yahoo dot com. (I can check email at work)

Not to bore everyone, but my computer won't give me a good IP address to access the internet (it keeps defaulting to 169.) Any suggestions would be great.

I know you're wondering- if the writer's strike didn't get you to read, surely not having the internet did. Ha!

This N That

Remember John Hughes movies? A reporter wonders where he's been.
I love Sixteen Candles.

Starbucks has to pay barista $100 million in back tips.

You Tube awards nominees. Don't know if I agree with the comedy nominess. What about:

Wimps vs. Favorites

Kathy asked to leave Survivor, making her the second of the fans to ask to go home (but Chet let it happen during a tribal council). Since we have no sense of Survivor Time, hard to say when Kathy quit and the next immunity challenge was. If it was close in proximity, she could've waited so that her tribe didn't lose two people. (turns out her tribe won the immunity challenge)

Why was Survivor on Wednesday? I was so confused and thought it must be Thursday. I judge days by what's on tv.

Obama Explains It

And by "it" I mean the pastor situation that some couldn't figure out. And I thought he explained it almost to perfection. If those people still can't figure it out maybe there isn't anything that will get through to them.
Barack Obama's speech today was inspiring. If you haven't seen it, you can read it here.

Photo: CNN

Anthony Minghella

The director of one of my favorite films, The English Patient, died suddenly. He was 54. Story here. I love, love, love The English Patient. Minghella made a movie out of what some thought was an impossible novel to translate to the screen (one Oscar the movie didn't get but many thought deserved, was for the adapted screenplay). And don't even debate me on whether or not you would have left Katharine in the cave while you went to look for help. Her bones were broken. And Count Laszlo didn't know he'd be held captive thus delaying his return. Dang that is a good movie.

Halle Berry Likes Vowels

The name of Halle Berry's daughter: Nahla Ariela Aubry.

Photo, source: AP

McCartney Divorce Over

Heather Mills got less than she was asking for and allegedly received $50 million in the divorce. That did not include money for their daughter. For not being a gold digger, like she claimed, she sure had some crazy demands: via People

Guttenberg on Dancing With the stars

On Dancing with the Stars, Steve Guttenberg congratulated his parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. A quick look on IMDB says Guttenberg was born in August 1958. That means Gutt's mom was three months preggers when she got married. That whore!

I joke. But don't the parents know to move up the wedding anniversary a few months? So you got married in March, tell people December and Stevie was a honeymoon baby. Or, maybe the Guttenberg's were progressive back in the day and don't give a crap.

Guttenberg was so happy to be there. He smiled and just raved about the show. I'm not sure if that was genuine or medication.

The judges did not like Adam Carolla or seem to think he was amusing at all. He scored lower that Penn Jillette, who surprisingly had some rhythm. Doesn't look like Adam will make it very far, so I don't think I'll watch much longer.

Did He Learn Nothing?

Ugh. Remember when Ben Affleck campaigned for John Kerry? Apparently he's at it again, hosting an Obama fundraiser in Boston.

Photo: AP

Ticketmaster Service Charge: $11 a Ticket!

Give me a break, Ticketmaster. Unlike other services that may require gas to be shipped (notice groceries are more expensive?), how can Ticketmaster justify $11 per ticket service fee? This is in addition to the ticket price, and a $2 per ticket venue fee. And $2.50 to email it to me.

I love me some Duran Duran, but the price of ok tickets (won't know until the show since I've never been to the WaMu theater before) are outrageous.

For the price I paid, Simon Le Bon better give me a massage while seranading me with Save a Prayer. In a g-string.

She Should've Told Him to F Off

Maybe Eliot Spitzer has something to blackmail his wife with, and that's why she agreed to stand behind him at this awkward press conference.

Photo: AP


So, we know the Oceanic Six are: Jack, Kate, Aaron (Claire's baby), Hurley, Sayid, the Korean couple and Ben. Ok that is 8 people. I am so confused.

Michael makes an appearance. Adding to the confusion. Oy.

Photo: AP

Crazy Cruise

Gawker has a gem of a video of Tom Cruise at his birthday party a few years ago (probably pre-Katie). It's not too horrible, since I think it shows him to be fun-lovin' (breaks out in a few funny moves...wouldn't think he would jump down and do the snake). But at the beginning he is going crazy over some cheesy guitar playing to the Top Gun theme track. He has to stop the over-the-top laughing. Seems just a tad non-genuine. Just a dash.

Movie Filming in Seattle

Aaron Eckhart is here somewhere, and since he is filming a movie, "Traveling", with Jennifer Aniston I would think she is too. But she has been spotted in Florida with Owen Wilson filming "Marley and Me" based on the book about a guy and his dog.

Aniston really needs to thank Angelina and Brad or one or both. I just think she is blah, and it is her name (not talent) that gets her work. I am not on Team Angelina so please, no emails. I'm just saying I think there are probably talented gems out there in the acting world that don't have a famous dad or ex that would be better in her roles. Hollywood uses the same 5 actresses. It's boring.

In Vancouver for "Traveling", and on the set of "Marley and Me".

I am too tired to search for Eckhart around town. Although, a picture of Aniston and any bloat (aka baby bump) sold to US Weekly might be enough to pay for a tank of gas.

Chris Rock

Not safe for work. That seems obvious since its, Chris Rock. But thought I would remind you.

At 2:50 is hilarious:

On married life:

The war in Iraq:

On prescriptions:

Madonna Munster?

Madonna in the press room at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Photo: FWD

Mary Ann with Mary Jane!

Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," is serving six months' unsupervised probation after allegedly being caught with marijuana in her car.

She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving.

Under a plea agreement, three misdemeanor counts — driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance — were dropped.

Wells' lawyer, Ron Swafford, said that a friend of Wells' testified that he'd left a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle after using it that day, and that Wells was unaware of it. Swafford also said several witnesses were prepared to testify that Wells had very little to drink at the party and was not intoxicated when she left. He said she was swerving on the road because she was trying to find the heater controls in her new car.


Spitzer- He Hardly Knows Her!

Ah, an old joke.

I find it interesting that NY Gov. Eliot "client 9" Spitzer may resign. Why is there any question? Some reports say he spent $80,000 on prostitutes.

Who are clients 1-8?

Why Are Polar Bears So Cute?

At the Russian zoo:

In Quebec:

In Nuremberg:

Madge at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I think it was a combination of nerves and botox (possible face or brow lift) but Madonna looked a little different when she gave her speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Unlike the other performers, Madonna wasn't shown during the introduction speech (they stand in the hallway and react to the speech before them). Didn't see her family in the audience.

Iggy Pop sang "Burning Up" and "Ray of Light". I thought he was funny. He did weird dances and went into the audience and tried to get them to dance. Madonna was laughing at him, so it is possible she has a sense of humor. Although, there were a few moments when she had a look of "wtf". Hard to know what Madge is thinking.

Meg Ryan was in the audience sitting next to Tom Hanks. I don't care what you say, her face still looks different.

Billy Joel introduced Mellencamp and they both gave cranky old guy, yet good speeches. Tom Hanks gave an energetic speech for The Dave Clark Five. He had odd glasses on. Rita, get on that. Madonna needs to let loose and not be so controlled.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tonight

You'll have to make your way to VH1CR (ch. 473 in Seattle) to watch it, 5:30pm Pacific time.

Madonna will be inducted, which to some Rock and Roll purists is "an embarassment" since she is considered pop, and because this is her first year of being nominated.

Steve Morse, longtime Boston Globe music critic who was a member of the hall of fame’s nominating committee for seven years said:
“It seems like this is driven by commercial achievement and sales, rather than having anything to do with the rock ’n’ roll genre,” Morse said. “It’s really a commercial move. They’ll be able to sell more tickets to the museum and more people will watch the broadcast.”

Ah. Welcome to the US, buddy.

Madonna won't perform, instead Iggy Pop will be performing her songs! And she is being inducted by Justin Timberlake. Talk about commercialism. Isn't she working on her album with him? (yes, and it "drops" next month) Isn't she friends with one peer who could induct her? Where's Jelly Bean Benitez? That kid from the Open Your Heart video? Warren Beatty? Someone other than JT.

Sadly, the lead singer of the Dave Clark Five (no, it's not Dave Clark, but Mike Smith) died 11 days ago. They will also be inducted tonight, introduced by Tom Hanks. What? He's not even a singer. Oy.

Saturday Night Live- Fierce

You have to know Project Runway to get it.

Where's Erin Brockovich?

Drugs found in drinking water supplying at least 41 million Americans. And this is a bit of an ewww on how it gets in the water:

People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down the toilet. The wastewater is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes. Then, some of the water is cleansed again at drinking water treatment plants and piped to consumers. But most treatments do not remove all drug residue.

Are they saying tap water comes from toilets? It is treated and then put back in the drinking supply? That. Is. Gross.

This study was done by the AP, and not the bottled water people (that we know of).

Source: AP

Spring Forward

Daylight savings time starts today!

Iraqi Dog Comes to the US

This is a much better story than the soldier that threw a puppy. (I don't want to talk about that any further, but it happened recently).

Nubs the dog was befriended by the soldiers but had to be left behind when they relocated 70 miles away. Nubs ran alongside their vehicle as they left. Sniff sniff.

But, two days later Nubs showed up at their camp (70 miles away!) and the soldiers decided they had to keep him, despite it being against the rules.

Nubs arrives safely in San Diego!

Photo, source: ABC News

The Monkey

Allegedly in the new Esquire interview, George Clooney mentions that one of his friends told him to look up this monkey from You Tube.

I don't know if George laughed as hard as I did, but if so call me. There's no way your current arm candy thinks this is funny.

The dramatic arms up in the air reminds me of over-acting children. Whoa!

I'm assuming the monkey is ok. Mainly because 1- it's a monkey and they are always jumping from trees. 2- I don't think he is the only monkey to do this and I doubt this is the thing that kills off the monkey population. 3- Because it's funny and I want him to be ok!


The Michael Clayton star, 46, agreed to a good-natured Googling session in the April issue of Esquire magazine, and in it he's asked about a laundry list of recent rumors about him – including his reported run-in with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter pitchman Fabio.

When asked about his alleged feud with Fabio last fall (in which the model said he could beat Clooney up), the actor responds, "Yeah, that's probably true. He's a big guy. There is a moment when you are actually in the argument and you're thinking, 'If I do get beaten down by Fabio, that will be far worse than the pain. I wouldn't shake that."

Also found in the magazine's Web search:

• When Esquire discovers a Web site that calls Clooney "gay, gay, gay," the good-natured actor quips, "No, I'm gay, gay. The third gay – that was pushing it."

• Donald Trump's recent "short guy" comments about Clooney. George, who is 5- feet 11-inches tall, responds, "I saw Donald Trump on Larry King and he was saying, 'Clooney is a very short guy. I mean he's a tiny guy.' I've met Donald Trump once, and I was sitting at a table. He came over, shook my hand, and walked away. I guess I looked about three foot five sitting at that table."

• They also surface a quote from Rupert Everett criticizing Clooney's Ocean's movies as a "cancer," to which Clooney replies: "Where did that come from? You kind of go, Dude, weren't you in Dunston Checks in?"

Photo, Source: People

When Bush Was Elected Gas Was $1.42

The Phone Call

Not as funny as My Son is Gay, but still funny. The only thing missing is the finger snap. (although there is the finger gesture)

When you're a kid and your mom is trying to get your attention while she's on the phone she'll snap at you. And then point. It's the snap-point. Usually followed by mouthing of words like "don't hit your sister" or "go pick that up".

My mom has this bathrobe.

Thanks to Dave!!!

Surivor- Chet is Still There!

Chet looks so tired it makes me tired. He could barely run the obstacle race. By why did they have Joel pull him around? Chet should've been paired with someone much smaller.

Normally I'm not a fan of Cirie, but after she got Chet to stay and Joel to go, I kinda like her now (maybe just temporarily).

The tribes swapped, Amanda wrestled a shark and Jonathan has a bad boo-boo.

Joel was surprised when he got voted out.

Terry M. Quickly Leaves Bill Maher's Show

Bill Maher was interviewing Democrat leader and Hillary supporter Terry McAuliffe via satellite when all of a sudden the satellite feed showed the color bars and then went to black. Maher confirmed with his producers that Terry was gone, and it wasn't just a technical error.

What were they talking about when this happened:

Terry suggested that Maher join him when he goes to the Puerto Rico primary.

Bill: Let's not bring Bill Clinton because we don't need trouble.
Terry: (laughing) He doesn't drink.


Wonder why they (Hillary's people) pulled the plug?

Project Runway- Once Again I Disagree With the Winner

It was obvious who the judges were going to pick as soon as that feathery creation walked down the runway. While none of Christian's clothes resembled what anyone would wear in the real world, they showed great craftmanship and is exactly the upstaging type of clothing that is shown at fashion shows. The judges could not not pick him, if that makes sense.

I don't know what the criteria is, but I thought it used to be wearable clothes. Although, I've noticed the prize has changed and the winner no longer works for Banana Republic, so maybe they can pick more couture type of designers.

Posh Spice was the guest judge and she loved Christian, telling him it was totally her. Uh, when has Posh ever worn something that covered up? Even in the cold London weather we see her wearing tight, strapless dresses. I don't see her wearing this:

Christian had 7 outfits that were black with large shoulders, with an 8th outfit in red/brown? that had big shoulders.

The judges liked Jillian's innovative designs (I'm not sure what the thing is on the arm in the first one):

The judges appeared to hate Rami. They barely had anything nice to say (that we saw) and trashed his color choices.

I thought this was the best of everyone's designs.

Ohio and Texas Didn't Get the Memo

Hey guys, we were going with Obama. Obama fever, and all. Anyone? Anyone?

I think the Saturday Night Live sketches helped her!

Ugh, The National Enquirer Was Right

I don't know if they were right about the entire story, but Patrick Swayze does have cancer.

From his publicist:
"Actor Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment."

"Patrick's physician Dr. George Fisher states, 'Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far. All of the reports stating the timeframe of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.' Patrick is continuing his normal schedule during this time, which includes working on upcoming projects. The outpouring of support and concern he has already received from the public is deeply appreciated by Patrick and his family."

I'm too sad to make any kind of Dirty Dancing reference.

Source: TMZ

Patrick Swayze Ailing?

Blogs are picking up the National Enquirer story that Patrick Swayze (who was in Road House with Jeff Healey who just passed away) is very ill.

Just yesterday The Best Week Ever posted The Top 20 Stupid Faces Made By Patrick Swayze in Ghost (which, couldn't we freeze frame any movie and the face could be in a weird pose...or am I being defensive because Swayze might be sick?)

I feel sad. While everyone loves Ghost and Dirty Dancing, I love The Outsiders, where he was Darry, the older brother to Sodapop and Ponyboy.

Other Swayze movies- Red Dawn (remember- the food falls off the Soviets truck and they scramble to get it?), Road House and Point Break, To Wong Foo.

He was also in one of the best Saturday Night Live sketches- when he's the Chippendale Dancer competing with Chris Farley.

Hope this rumor isn't true.

When News Isn't News

On the US Weekly home page:

Kevin Federline Becomes an Uncle
Winona Ryder Not Engaged!
Lauren Conrad: "My New Puppy is the Cutest Ever!"

They then have a poll of who would be a better parent- P. Diddy or Jennifer Lopez. (Currently Jen has 89.9% of the vote...I'm guessing that is because she actually lives in the same house as her children)

This N That

Jeff Healey, the blind guitarist who had a popular song in the 80's dies. E Online reminds us that he was in Roadhouse. (A Patrick Swayze must-see, in a bad movie kinda way)

Van Halen postponing tour while Eddie has medical tests. Was it Valerie's Oprah interview, or seeing David Lee Roth everyday that's the problem?

I haven't been watching American Idol, but allegedly this contestant used to be a stripper. And it's a guy.

Am I The Only One That Thinks He's Charles'?

For whatever reason, Bill Maher repeated on his show several times that Harry wasn't Charles' son. Diana did have an affair with a red haired man, but that is believed to have started after the birth of her sons. That is a bummer that your mum has an affair with a red headed man, and you have red hair. But I think it's just a coincidence.

He looks like Prince Philip a little, and Diana's brother also has red hair.