Amazing Race- Still in the Race by a Tweet

The Amazing Race starts tonight and I have a feeling this season will be just like last- I DVR'd it but didn't end up watching it. 

I am watching the start of this episode and it does appear to have several professional sports people/reality stars. I guess the producers think this makes for more compelling TV- get people who are near foreclosure competing with teams that have millions.

One of the women lost her passport. While she was at the airport unsure of what to do, her name came over the intercom. Turns out two guys found it at a gas station. One of the guys tweeted about it and got a response (from a producer?) that they would be on their way to LAX. The guys drive to LAX and give her her passport. Let's be honest- he wouldn't have drove to LAX for just anyone (she's a former Vegas showgirl).  Producer involvement this early in the game? I mean, who else would know she was on her way to LAX?

Project Runway- They're Testing Our Patience

This week it was teams and menswear. AHHHH! But it wasn't a true team challenge, and none of the contestants gave a crap what the others on their team was making. The designers had to create an outfit for a member of The Sheepdogs. Never heard of them? They are an unknown band that won a contest to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone.

I'm not diggin' Joshua's outfit, but of course the judges like it.

Anthony Ryan  can whip up a good outfit, but most of the time they're like this. Was this the outfit Ms. Kors said was like the Golden Girls. Zah! Love a GG reference.

You wouldn't know that Anya wasn't from America with this pilgrim-inspired garb. Maybe they get Charlie Brown specials in the...Bahamas? Completely forgot where she is from. How this guy has a smile on his face while wearing this...he must be high.

This poor guy just can't get a good outfit. Kimberly dressed him up as a pumpkin Peter Pan even though the judges have stated their dislike for that color scheme.

My nemesis Nina Garcia liked the pigtails. Can't say I do. But I thought Bert made cool pants.

Although Nina Garcia (yes, I always say her first and last names) didn't like the jacket while the other judges did. I agree (!) with her, looks old lady. And I know the scarf was supposed to be Aerosmithy, but I think this is a miss for Laura.

Viktor made jeans and a jacket, and despite the daisy shirt, he is the clear winner.

Olivier proved himself to not be the idiot savant of designers that he might've be perceived at the beginning. But he's young and could get better. But for now, he made this.

Project Runway- They're Running Out of Celebrity Judges

I am a week behind, so there will be two PR posts in a row.

The contestants weren't in teams (!) but they had to listen to men describe their wife/gf's style and make an outfit. Talking about breasts flustered poor Olivier.

Malin Akerman is a guest judge. Wow. The producers really did tick off Hollywood by switching to Lifetime.

Joshua's win is starting to prove my theory that he is related to a producer, or has some dirt on Michael Kors. This is a snoozer!

Viktor was denied! This is adorable.

The judges liked Anya's dress.

Bryce made the bottom of the dress like a garden tote. The model said she could put her keys and phone in there. I don't know if she was just being nice, or if she really wanted to do that. One trip to the bathroom and you would see why that wouldn't be a good idea. Bryce was sent home.

The judges called Anthony Ryan's dress cheerleader, superhero, and various other not good comparisons. And what was he thinking with the white belt.

Bert designed what the client wanted, but the judges weren't impressed.

Again, Kimberly brings the not bad, not great outfit.

Laura is just average.

Olivier is testing our patience. We thought he was cute and arty, now we're not sure.

Netflix and Facebook Had Changes This Week, Did Ya Hear?

The Office Was Kinda Funny Last Night!

I know many of you have given up on The Office, but I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe Michael Scott/Steve Carrell was just too over top. I also like Pam and the dog video. And the planker in the bathroom falling. Just watch.

Kennedy and Mondale's Daughters- Die on the Same Day, Same Age, Both of Their Moms are Named Joan

Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted and his former wife Joan, died of a heart attack at age 51. She had previously been treated for lung cancer.

Eleanor Mondale is the daughter former presidential candidate Walter Mondale and his wife Joan. She had been battling brain cancer. She was also 51.

Things You Might Not Care About

The Real Housewives of New York, or RHONY for those of you in da know, let some of the cast go.

My coworker played this video all day long. Is it that funny?

Sarah Palin likes the brothers? See Deadspin's funny take on it here. (The lucky man who is alleged to have had a tryst with Palin played for Michigan. Keep that in mind when you read the headline.)

When Was the Last Time Journey Was in the News?

First of all, if you don't read Dlisted daily, you must.

Second, the story about the DC crasher, Michaele Salahi, having an affair with Neal Schon from Journey, is so hilariously written...just go read it here!

Project Runway- Another Team Challenge

Team challenges mean cat fights, bickering, bitching and more bitching. This week- one team works well together nearly giggling as they stitch, while the other team narrowly avoids death by sewing needles.

Let's begin, shall we?

The old make your own fabric challenge. These are creative people, surely they will come up with some beautiful textiles since they can do anything they want. Right? Well, just wait and see.

Team Chaos
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Olivier and Bryce are all on one team. Before the outfits walk down the runway you know who is going to win just by the designers.

The judges were in love with Olivier's jacket... of course...Anya wins. Huh? They barely talked about her outfit.

Anthony Ryan made a fabulous outfit. Love!

Viktor's dress was a hit with the judges, although you wouldn't know it by the model's expression.

Color Bryce lucky that he ended up on this team.

Team Nuts and Bolts

Now, this was your typical school yard way of choosing teams, so how did Joshua, Laura, Becky and Bert all get on the same team? If I thought the producers were manipulative I would say this was on purpose.

They brainstormed for themes and came up with, not joking, the Village People, (suggested by Joshua) sea anemones (Laura) clocks (not sure). So they went with clocks and named their team Nuts and Bolts, appropriately enough. I am not joking when I say that Joshua last week reminded me of Can't Stop the Music, which stars who else? The Village People.

Joshua was bringing the bitchy. He was fighting with Tim over "where is your girl going?" This is a common question asked of the designers. Something along the lines "someone would by this for what occasion"? Joshua didn't like the question, and said she could just be living her life...she could be going anywhere since it's a jacket. I guess he didn't feel comfortable saying she was going to a reunion of 80's video models. This is around the time Tim had them all hold hands for a prayer circle. Really.

Joshua came up with this design, and the fabric. I love when Michael Kors said "not a lot of women want to have cancelled on their crotch." The shoes are bad, too.

Laura said she is the love child if Betsy Johnson and Oscar De La Renta had a baby. Uh, yeah. Keep telling that to yourself toots.

Oh Becky, I like your feisty, spitfire-y sass, but you have work still to do with design. We knew she would be sent home as soon as she said "I'm confident the jacket will carry me through." The editors always do that!

Bert brings his usual not amazing, but not the worst dress.

Kimberly again doesn't wow, isn't the worst

Favorite Headline of the Day

"Who Wore It Better"
Emma Stone of Lady Gaga

US Weekly Poll leans in favor of Stone by 91%. Gee, really. I thought the woman with the over exaggerated hip and Kentucky Derby hat looked so stylish.

September 11

Kevin Costner Can Predict the Future

In 1997 Kevin Costner made The Postman, some post-apocalypse tale of a man on a mission to deliver letters. Might need him again- to deliver my Netflix!

Apparently the US Postal Service is in trouble. All of us paying our bills online and emailing a happy birthday instead of sending a card (what would Emily Post say!) is costing the post office some dough. Hey, even Netflix could function without the post office- they could offer everything through streaming.

Jobs and pensions are at stake:

Donahoe has also proposed laying off as many as 120,000 workers, nearly one-fifth of the agency's work force, and pulling workers out of more expensive federal pension plans. Pre-funding retiree benefits has cost the Postal Service $21 billion in the last three years.
But that doesn't mean Costner actually can predict things...I mean it's not like his other movies could predict...doh!

Speaking of People Out of Touch With Their Roots...


Now she has an english accent! She isn't even married to the english guy anymore!

At the Venice Film Festival someone made the mistake of giving Madonna hydrangeas.

Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars

Comedians are best when they are still connected with their roots.  When they start making millions, they get less funny. See: Steve Martin, Jim Carrey...

...and Eddie Murphy. Which is why he's perfect to host the Oscars! Why should they start being funny now? See: Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

Eddie Murphy's stand up concerts, Delirious and Raw, are hilarious. But that's not what he's going to be bringing to the Kodak theater.

Project Runway- Avant Gawdy

It seems like every season there is an avant garde challenge, and every time there are designers that don't know the meaning. If you're going to be on Survivor learn how to start a fire before you start the show, if you're going to be on Amazing Race train in rappelling, and for the love of Pete if you're going to be on Project Runway learn avant garde!!! I say this frequently, yet these reality contestants aren't listening! (what? they don't read the blog?)

I never thought I would say this but where was Nina Garcia when we needed her? Her and I don't agree often but I think when she's gone Michael Kors goes soft.  

Anthony Ryan was the winner.  Walking down the runway it looked blah. Guest judge Kenneth Cole was very politely trying to say- yeah, no.

The judges liked Laura's dress.  I thought it looked like something Carrie wore right before pig's blood was dropped on her head. Not avant garde.

Also in the top three, Joshua (the really bitchy one). Anyone else notice that the color palette is the same that the judges hated previously (orange with brown)?  And he added a witches hat? Looks like Halloween. No way Nina Garcia would've let that go unnoticed!

Joshua (the one that was brought back) gave us avant garde for hookers. And he was sent home.  Did you notice the top part of his outfit resembled what the other Joshua wore (what was that?!) on the day of the runway? 

Heidi liked Bert's outfit, so that helped him out of the bottom. But let's be honest, we can see Lady Gaga wearing this.

Oliver made this, which I think has to be one of the ugliest globs of fabric to ever walk the runway, which is saying a lot since there has been some ugly stuff on the runway (see the two photos above). The judges kept pointing out how well one side was constructed.  Really? It looks like the vests we were wearing in the 90's.  And why make her hair a mess also? Oliver has not recovered since falling on the track, me thinks.

I thought Anya would be in the top 3. She wasn't.

Becky didn't like being called dowdy so she showed them! She made this pin cushion dress.

Bryce...wonder what inspired him to make a straight jacket outfit.

Kimberly doesn't bore, doesn't wow.

I thought this was tacky, like something Destiny's Child would wear, but Viktor made it through to the next round. These are the colors and textures of pantyliners. He was lucky there was already an overflowing (no pun intended) bottom 3.