Kevin Costner Can Predict the Future

In 1997 Kevin Costner made The Postman, some post-apocalypse tale of a man on a mission to deliver letters. Might need him again- to deliver my Netflix!

Apparently the US Postal Service is in trouble. All of us paying our bills online and emailing a happy birthday instead of sending a card (what would Emily Post say!) is costing the post office some dough. Hey, even Netflix could function without the post office- they could offer everything through streaming.

Jobs and pensions are at stake:

Donahoe has also proposed laying off as many as 120,000 workers, nearly one-fifth of the agency's work force, and pulling workers out of more expensive federal pension plans. Pre-funding retiree benefits has cost the Postal Service $21 billion in the last three years.
But that doesn't mean Costner actually can predict things...I mean it's not like his other movies could predict...doh!

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