Project Runway- They're Testing Our Patience

This week it was teams and menswear. AHHHH! But it wasn't a true team challenge, and none of the contestants gave a crap what the others on their team was making. The designers had to create an outfit for a member of The Sheepdogs. Never heard of them? They are an unknown band that won a contest to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone.

I'm not diggin' Joshua's outfit, but of course the judges like it.

Anthony Ryan  can whip up a good outfit, but most of the time they're like this. Was this the outfit Ms. Kors said was like the Golden Girls. Zah! Love a GG reference.

You wouldn't know that Anya wasn't from America with this pilgrim-inspired garb. Maybe they get Charlie Brown specials in the...Bahamas? Completely forgot where she is from. How this guy has a smile on his face while wearing this...he must be high.

This poor guy just can't get a good outfit. Kimberly dressed him up as a pumpkin Peter Pan even though the judges have stated their dislike for that color scheme.

My nemesis Nina Garcia liked the pigtails. Can't say I do. But I thought Bert made cool pants.

Although Nina Garcia (yes, I always say her first and last names) didn't like the jacket while the other judges did. I agree (!) with her, looks old lady. And I know the scarf was supposed to be Aerosmithy, but I think this is a miss for Laura.

Viktor made jeans and a jacket, and despite the daisy shirt, he is the clear winner.

Olivier proved himself to not be the idiot savant of designers that he might've be perceived at the beginning. But he's young and could get better. But for now, he made this.

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