Amazing Race- Still in the Race by a Tweet

The Amazing Race starts tonight and I have a feeling this season will be just like last- I DVR'd it but didn't end up watching it. 

I am watching the start of this episode and it does appear to have several professional sports people/reality stars. I guess the producers think this makes for more compelling TV- get people who are near foreclosure competing with teams that have millions.

One of the women lost her passport. While she was at the airport unsure of what to do, her name came over the intercom. Turns out two guys found it at a gas station. One of the guys tweeted about it and got a response (from a producer?) that they would be on their way to LAX. The guys drive to LAX and give her her passport. Let's be honest- he wouldn't have drove to LAX for just anyone (she's a former Vegas showgirl).  Producer involvement this early in the game? I mean, who else would know she was on her way to LAX?

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