Project Runway- They're Running Out of Celebrity Judges

I am a week behind, so there will be two PR posts in a row.

The contestants weren't in teams (!) but they had to listen to men describe their wife/gf's style and make an outfit. Talking about breasts flustered poor Olivier.

Malin Akerman is a guest judge. Wow. The producers really did tick off Hollywood by switching to Lifetime.

Joshua's win is starting to prove my theory that he is related to a producer, or has some dirt on Michael Kors. This is a snoozer!

Viktor was denied! This is adorable.

The judges liked Anya's dress.

Bryce made the bottom of the dress like a garden tote. The model said she could put her keys and phone in there. I don't know if she was just being nice, or if she really wanted to do that. One trip to the bathroom and you would see why that wouldn't be a good idea. Bryce was sent home.

The judges called Anthony Ryan's dress cheerleader, superhero, and various other not good comparisons. And what was he thinking with the white belt.

Bert designed what the client wanted, but the judges weren't impressed.

Again, Kimberly brings the not bad, not great outfit.

Laura is just average.

Olivier is testing our patience. We thought he was cute and arty, now we're not sure.

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