Project Accessory Has the Devil Inside

Considering the lead singer of the song Devil Inside allegedly died using an alleged leather belt (an accessory!) to allegedly hang himself on a door knob...should you use it as the theme song to your accessory show?

Think, people!

I'll Tell You Where to Put a Schweddy Ball

A mom group, that I won't mention so as not to give them more publicity (because so many people read this blog, ya know) is asking grocery stores to stop carrying Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls. Based on the hilarious skit from SNL that starred Alec Baldwin as Mr. Schweddy, it is more known for being the only memorable skit from SNL in the last 10 years than for it's frequent mention of the word balls.

I got on this mom site to see what else ticks them off- Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars.  They were encouraging boycotts of Dancing With the Stars advertisers.  I didn't search much on the site...just a minute was making me feel icky, but I didn't see any protest against violence.

Enough about those fools,  enjoy some balls!

You Might Have Ass Phone

1 in 6 cell phones in Britain have traces of e coli. I am guessing the statistics would be the same for the U.S. Unless they're saying the Brits are more poopy.

The report was done for Global Handwashing Day, which is today! I can't believe they didn't pick me to be an honored guest.

Project Runway- Cluck Cluck

The designers had to create an outfit inspired by a bird. And they had to go head to head against another designer.

Winner...Anya. She lucked out getting a sold black bird.

Anya went against Laura. The judges applauded Laura for trying something different. Oh please.

Bert was against Josh, and lost (and was out of the show). I like the skirt.

Josh bored us with this, and the judges loved it. Their only critique was the corsage-looking flower. I have to know what blackmailing photos Josh has of the judges.

Kimberley scrapped her other outfit and came up with this one-shoulder dress that resembles her head-to-head competitor Viktor.

This might be the first outfit of Viktor's that I didn't think was great.

Annoying Headline of the Day


Eddie Cibrian is Officially Having the Worst Week Ever

I think they meant to say "his worst week ever". Having a show cancelled and injuring yourself on the set of said cancelled TV show doesn't really compare to, say, Hurricane Katrina.

Project Runway- I Didn't Get to Watch Fashion Movies

I know- I am behind in my Project Runway posts. Fun fact for you- I just saw Bert at The Grove (shopping center). Nothing else to report, other than I saw him.

The designers had to create a look inspired by the 70's.

Of course, Anya won. Her jumpsuit will be sold online, or in a fashion mag, or something.

Anthony Ryan was sent home.

The Piperlime (wasn't she icy) rep liked Bert's dress, and that will also be sold online. Nips not included.

Josh was critiqued, rightfully so, for his outfits. He later complained to his fellow contestants that he was barely born in the 80's so how would he know how to make an outfit from the 70's.  Viktor mentioned these things called movies...which Josh said "I had to hide who I was, I couldn't watch fashion movies." Anyone on Project Runway should at least know Halston.

Kimberly makes the most forgettable clothes.

While Laura makes clothes I wish I could forget. There's a job at Contempo Casuals waiting for her after the show.

Steve Jobs Dies

Steve Jobs died today at the age of 56.

Twitter trending topics included iHeaven and iSad along with RIPSteveJobs and ThankyouSteve. 

It was a bit odd to receive an email from Apple today, hours after the announcement of Jobs' death, discussing their latest product. Seems like that is one email newsletter you could put on pause for a day.

J Lo's New Commercial- It's Stalkerific

What was the creative discussion behind J. Lo's new commercial?

Let's have J. Lo driving the Fiat as street thugs dressed in Gap clothes run after her, stalk her and jump on her car. And put a few of them on skateboards...and get Cool Rider from Grease 2 to make an appearance.

Fearing for her life, J. Lo will stop the car and the thugs will lift her out of the car's roof. They will set her on the hood while she's wearing heels. If you could dress her like a 90's secretary on her lunch break on a hot day, that would be great. When off the hood, J. Lo should engage in funky dancing with the thugs. She will perform so many hip movements they will be on the ground. It's like her hips killed them. Brilliant!