Project Runway- I Didn't Get to Watch Fashion Movies

I know- I am behind in my Project Runway posts. Fun fact for you- I just saw Bert at The Grove (shopping center). Nothing else to report, other than I saw him.

The designers had to create a look inspired by the 70's.

Of course, Anya won. Her jumpsuit will be sold online, or in a fashion mag, or something.

Anthony Ryan was sent home.

The Piperlime (wasn't she icy) rep liked Bert's dress, and that will also be sold online. Nips not included.

Josh was critiqued, rightfully so, for his outfits. He later complained to his fellow contestants that he was barely born in the 80's so how would he know how to make an outfit from the 70's.  Viktor mentioned these things called movies...which Josh said "I had to hide who I was, I couldn't watch fashion movies." Anyone on Project Runway should at least know Halston.

Kimberly makes the most forgettable clothes.

While Laura makes clothes I wish I could forget. There's a job at Contempo Casuals waiting for her after the show.

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