Team Blech

From NY Daily News:

Poor Jessica Simpson. She's seems to be feeling the heat from her ex-man Nick Lachey, and has resorted to buying up "Team Jessica" T-shirts from the trendy Kitson boutique in Los Angeles — apparently in an attempt to keep up with the hotcake-like sales of "Team Nick" T-shirts. According Star magazine, Simpson visited the store on May 24 and dropped $10,000 on clothes, including the shirts.

"Jess saw the stack of 'Team Nick' T-shirts was much lower than hers," a source told Star. "Nick's T-shirts outsell hers 40 to 1. She said, 'I'm going to wear this.' … She was kind of sniffling, like she was going to cry."

Wicked Whispers

From the UK Daily Mirror. Even if we don't know the answers, they've got fun words- Snogging! Blagged! Luvvie! All the Crazy Brit words you know and love. Ok, actually I don't know what half of them mean...

WHO is the Hollywood starlet who pulled out of a recent charity do when it wouldn't lay on a private jet? The beauty's mean streak surfaced when she heard she'd have to slum it in first class on a commercial air carrier. (Jessica, Lindsey, Eva, Paris, Nicole, the list goes on)

WHICH married Hollywood star once enjoyed a steamy fling with a male surfer named Brad? The man in question blagged his way out of a domestic disturbance after his wife got a letter from the hunk threatening to tell all.

WHICH up-and-coming film director beat a Hollywood star in picking up two girls, one French, the other Russian, at the Century bar in Cannes? He shepherded them back to his hotel suite for a three-in-a-bed romp - all aided by some dodgy pills.

WHICH luvvie caused a stir on a recent photo-shoot for a posh mag? She insisted on picking the snapper and spent all day hitting on him and flashing him - much to his embarrassment. Good thing that her director husband wasn't around.
(Kate Winslet?)

WHICH American bimbette spent rather too long in the toilets of an L A club with a famous pneumatic pin-up? Bimbette is a bit of a Billy No-mates these days, and it looks as if pin-up has become her bosom buddy. (Paris Hilton?)

Which Hollywood A-lister does a very good job of snogging her boyfriend in public - even though she's having a secret fling with a top female model. If only she knew her model mate has another girlfriend she's far more interested in...

Die Hard Won't Die

There is talk of a Die Hard 4. Hollywood has completely run out of ideas.

Ace Needs a New Do

'American Idol' finalist Ace Young sings the national anthem before the Los Angeles Angels game against the Minnesota Twins baseball game in Anaheim, May 31.(AP Photo)

Katie's Last Day

Yes, she did educate people on colon cancer. But our sources say she is a bee-yatch. (Ann, too)

Liz on Larry King

Not near death like had been reported, Elizabeth Taylor was on Larry King 5/30/06. The two of them must have 20 marriages between them.

So she broke up a few marriages back in her day, and she hangs out with Michael Jackson. She also made a guest appearance on General Hospital when I was in grade school and I thought that was pretty cool. Didn't the Cassadines have a weather changing machine?

An advocate for AIDS victims long before it was the cool thing to do, for years she has shown compassion to those less fortunate. Take a note Eva Longoria.

pics: Reuters

I Demand a Recount

Mariah, named best legs by Gillette Venus, attends a press conference to kick off the fourth annual "Legs of a goddess" contest at Radio City Music Hall May 30, 2006 in NY.

Not sure who voted, or who else was in the running.

When is the "best fake breasts" contest? Mimi, you've got a chance at that title too!

She Lost Me With the Cell Phone

Darryl Hannah, protesting something to do with trees, while chatting on a cell phone. Kinda loses the impact, just a tad.

Hannah supporting the South Central urban garden Tuesday, May 30, 2006, in South Los Angeles. (AP photo)

You're in the Military, Serving Your Country and You Get to Rock Out to...

Gary Sinise??
Rare is the hot bassist anyways...sorry, but the extra long neck (is it called a neck?) of the guitar subtracts from the attractiveness of the player unless I'm 14 and you're John Taylor, or I'm 19 and you're Kip Winger (that's right, I said it).

The name of Gary's band? Lt. Dan Band.
What's the name of their album- Life's Like a Box of Chocolates? Run Forrest Run?

Rock on Lt. Dan. Get down with your bad self!

Gary Sinise performs onstage with the Lt. Dan Band during a USO show at Tinker Air Force base in Midwest City, Okla., Tuesday, May 30, 2006. (AP Photo)

Jen and Vince

At a Cubs game, where Vince threw the first pitch. You know she is just thinking about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Baby With Three Arms

This baby boy was born in China, with three arms. Some people would give their right arm to have three arms!

But seriously, doctors are evaluating before deciding to do surgery. Wouldn't that be wild if all three arms worked?

pic: AP

Memorial Day

Rumsfeld hits himself on the head when he finally realizes he invaded the wrong country.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush attend a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery Monday, May 29, 2006 outside Washington.

pic: AP

For The Insomniacs

Jennifer Aniston on Letterman. Sure to put you to sleep: You Tube

Bono in Monte Carlo

La Dolce Vita Ball in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The fundraising event will benefit Yele Haiti, founded by Wyclef Jean, to help its citizens raise themselves out of poverty.

pics: Getty Images, Reuters

R.I.P. Breakfast Club Principal

Paul Gleason, who played the cranky principal in The Breakfast Club and played the cranky deputy in Die Hard, died from lung cancer.

Principal Vernon: What was that ruckus?
Andrew Clark: Uh, what ruckus?
Principal Vernon: I was just in my office and I heard a ruckus.
Brian Johnson: Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

pic: AP

Why X-Men 3 is Doing Better Than Mission:Impossible 3

(Besides the Cruise factor)


"X-Men: The Last Stand" stormed to an estimated $107 million three-day opening, the largest ever for Memorial Day weekend and the fourth-biggest in box office history.

On the all-time list, "X-Men: The Last Stand" ranks behind only "Spider-Man," "Star Wars: Episode III" and "Shrek 2" for opening weekend gross. None of the other films opened on a holiday weekend, which usually gives movies a boost.

How they have the figures when Sunday isn't over, I don't know.

In my mind, the reason for this is because X-Men 2 was great. Love it. It runs on cable all the time, and no doubt just about every movie buff has seen it.

Mission:Impossible 2 on the other hand was stinky. What was with the face changing? Hardly ever runs on cable and just is not a good movie. Surprised they even made a 3.

On Rotten Tomatoes- M:I:3 received a "fresh" at 70% while X-Men 3 received a "rotten" at 53%. (

Fun factoid: Dougray Scott, the bad guy in M:I:2 (and cute Prince in Ever After) was originally going to play Wolverine but dropped out of the original X-Men to be in M:I:2. Bet he regrets that.

It's a Girl....

Angelina & Brad finally had their much awaited baby today in Namibia. I wonder how long we'll have to wait for our first glimpse of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

You've Got Hail

Ok, not hail but rain. I know, shocking that it's raining in Seattle.

Luckily TBS is running, for the millionth time, "You've Got Mail". I was surprised that I liked this movie, but it really is charming.

Besides, it's good to see Meg Ryan's original face. She should've kept it!

I could read a book, but nah.

Cate Blanchett- My Girl Crush

She is the opposite of Scary Hatcher to me...LOVE Cate Blanchett.
Here she is in Cannes for the "Babel" premiere. Co-star Brad Pitt can't make it, for obvious reasons.

Cannes Pics

"Clerks II". oy.
And why does Kevin Smith have to wear short pants all the time? It's borderline repulsive.

D&G party.
Is RDJ back on drugs? How many sober guys would wear this?

The Edge is wearing something weird too. Must be the theme of the party.

Eva at the premiere of 'El Laberinto Del Fauno'.

Jacko in Japan

Jacko received the Legend Award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 in Tokyo May 27. He has never looked more like a female.

Mr. Nose Hairs Gets the Anchor Job

Not sure what happened to Elizabeth Vargas, but Charles Gibson is the new ABC 'World News Tonight' anchor. That must've ticked off his Good Morning America co-star Diane Sawyer, who allegedly wanted the job.

When I think of Charles Gibson I think of an interview with Kim Basinger (I think on Letterman) where she talked about all the hair coming out of Charles' nose. (Or maybe it was the guy on the Early, pretty sure it was Charlie)

Men, look up your nostrils from time to time and give those hairs a trim! And give those ears a look-see while you're at it! (I say this with happens to everyone)

Wacky Willem

Between the sling and the tall girlfriend/costar/whomever she is, Willem Dafoe is looking kooky. He should hook up with Shaz.

Shaz in Cannes

Robin Williams and Sharon Stone attend the Johnny Walker Gold Amfar After Party.

Still a Fur Wearing Whore

Scary is a Meany...Maybe

Consider the source (NY Post) but here's a little tidbit about Scary Hatcher:

TERI Hatcher isn't as sweet as she'd like everyone to think. The actress - who suffered a serious drought of roles after her turn in "Lois & Clark" - left her longtime manager Eli Selden (a woman) last year during Selden's fight with breast cancer.

One source said: "Eli got her the role in 'Desperate Housewives,' and soon after that was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought it valiantly." One source says Hatcher "left Eli because she told her, 'You can't focus on me right now during this important time in my life,' " but another source said: "I think it has more to do with Teri didn't want to be reminded of how she used to be nobody." Selden and Hatcher's agent Steve Small at Paradigm didn't return calls.

pic: Reuters


Hair Bands Decline in Popularity Linked to Tawny Kitaen

Tawny Kitaen tells
Well, I was with him (David Coverdale) during the Whitesnake “Here I Go [Again]” years, so I owned part of the publishing. Plus, I did the video and he went on to sell 15 million records. And I’m not blowing my own horn here but this is just true: I split and the guy can’t sell a million and a half. But I said fine, you keep the royalties but I want a couple more million dollars for that. So he compensated me. Plus I got alimony on top of everything. Plus I got the house. Alimony is a great thing.

So, she is saying that Whitesnake sold a lot of albums because she was slithering around on top of cars? And when she divorced the Whitesnake lead singer the band couldn't sell albums? It had nothing to do with trends, changes in music that happens every few years, or that hair bands had long overstayed their welcome?

Side note: wikipedia links Tawny to Tommy Lee, O.J. Simpson and Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart?!?! He seems out of place in her list of paramours.

pics: wikipedia, ESPN

Hugh Jackman Gets Dorkier By The Minute

As Wolverine in the X-Men movies, Hugh is hot, hot, hotty, hot. As regular Hugh, not so much. Is it the haircut? Is it the fact that I saw him cha-cha-chaing on the Tonys?

Is dorkier even a word?

Hugh promoting X-Men 3.