It's a Slow Celebrity News Day, So...

here's a cute photo
It was either koalas or Paris Hilton at a party. I chose koalas.

We're off on Saturday.
Some links:

We love Kathy Griffin. I don't care if she's pretending to be married. She's cool.
Kathy Griffin chit chats

Angelina's brother doesn't know to take out the memory card w/pics of his famous sister's baby shower before taking the camera to be repaired? That's basic Famous Sibling 101.

Access Hollywood showed clips from the Julia Roberts-narrated documentary about the real life Sophie's Choice type drama in a Russian school. AH is a drippy tv show, did they have to show real life? The sound of the girl crying for her mama will be in my head for days. I watch this show to avoid the news. Don't make me feel. ugh.
Three Days in September

A little lighter news:
Is Larry King tooting? I was thinking, not that long ago, what happens if Larry toots on air. Really. That's what I think about when I watch a live tv show.
Larry on You Tube

What was behind this kiss? It might affect how I watch 24 next year.
Rush & Chloe?


Zany World Leader

The Japanese PM loves Elvis.
What would be in an Elvis sushi roll? Peanut butter and bacon of course.

President Bush poses for a photo with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, and first lady Laura Bush while taking a tour of Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, Friday June 30, 2006 in Memphis, Tenn.

Photos: AP, Reuters


Star Admits Gastic Bypass Surgery...Almost

Star reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

Star told Larry King that she never said she lost weight from Pilates and eating less, and that everyone (ie: the public) knew that she had surgery.

She wasn't specific, just said that she had medical help with weight loss. She danced around the subject like the lawyer she is. (And CNN was crafty in playing a clip from her last Larry King appearance that showed she did not say that she had surgery even though she told Larry today that she did.)

This apparently is one of ABC's reasons for letting Star go- that she was not honest with how she lost weight and the audience didn't believe her. Another reason they gave was her wedding with all the freebies was not popular with the audience.

Why not just say she is painfully annoying and no one can stand her?

This pic is of Star staring at the monitor as Larry taunts her with what Barbara said about her.

Photo: Reuters/CNN


Why Won't She Smile?

She won't smile and he looks like a woman.

I'm assuming this is at the wedding.



No Scary at Marcia's Wedding?

Where is Scary Hatcher?

That taller girl does not look amused.



Brandy Looks Scary

Brandy attends the LG and Jermaine Dupris Fusic Party for BET on June 27, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.


Emaciated is the New Skinny

She looks photoshopped. Like half of her body was erased.

Kate Bosworth leaves the Letterman show.


Los Angeles Film Festival

Charlize Theron and some poor dog that had to get his face painted.

Virginia Madsen with good hair. That is surprising.


Non-Fur Wearing Whores

While it's unfortunate that Star Jones wears fur, at least we won't see her naked in a store window.

Stella McCartney's London shop held the PETA Humanitarian Awards.
Here is the window protesting fur:
The hilarious thing is Pam was photographed wearing Uggs all over Malibu for years and no one in PETA told her they were made of animals? She eventually figured it out.

Also at the event, but not posing nude:

Jeff Beck and Chrissie Hynde. He looks straight out of Spinal Tap.

Pam and Stella McCartney. Did Pam rip her hem?


Lois 'Lollipop' Lane

Calista has been dethroned. There is a new lollipop head in town.

Kate Bosworth on TRL June 28


A George Sighting

George in Italy at the Armani Fashion Show.


It's a Slow Celebrity News Week When...

...the Star Jones/Barbara Walter riff is all over the news.

And by news I don't mean Entertainment Tonight. Actual news stations are devoting a lot of time to it. Britney could drive with her baby on the hood of her car and no one would notice.

Don't get me wrong, I love it.

I don't know why ABC cares if people know that Star was fired. They should've canned her butt years ago. Not letting her come back the next day after her comments to People magazine doesn't make sense though.

Read about it here



Tori Was Not on Her Way Home to Ailing Father

Aha! She was dining in Toronto when she got word that her Dad died. She had previously said she was on her way home after he had a stroke. She's got to be out of that will, right?

-EOnline/US Weekly


You've Probably Seen This...

But just in case you haven't:


How Did the Groom Not Bust Out Laughing?

Patricia Arquette tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, actor Thomas Jane, this past weekend in Venice, Italy.




Don't know how accurate this is:

Love was in the air in Lake Como, Italy last week, when George Clooney was spotted romancing lyricist Linda Thompson, the long-time live-in love of Elvis Presley.

Sources tell TMZ the couple was spotted dining late into the evening with friends at the swanky Villa D'Este resort. The next day, 'Captain' George took Thompson, the ex of Olympian Bruce Jenner and songwriter David Foster, on a sunset boat ride around Lake Como. We're told Thompson stayed the night at Clooney's villa and left the next morning.

Between her and Scary Hatcher, George likes the nip/tuck look.

source: TMZ
photo: Getty Images


Superman Returns- The Review

You already know if you're going to like this movie.

If you like superhero movies and can sit still for over 2hrs, you will like it. It has its slow moments, but some great special effects stuff (we saw it in 3D at IMAX and the scene about 40mins in is amazing). If Under The Tuscan Sun is more your thing, then you can probably skip this.

Some observations:

-The guy playing Superman is not too bad.
-Kate Bosworth's wig was a little distracting. Couldn't she had dyed it?
-There seems to be a lot of kids in movies that have asthma.
-Some parts are hard to follow if you're not a geologist.
-I was dreading Kevin Spacey's scenery chewing but he kept it reined in. I credit, rightfully or not, the director. The same director helped Spacey get his Oscar for The Usual Suspects.
-Kevin Spacey shaved his head and did not wear a bald cap.
-Superman did not seem gay. (Larry King asked the director what he thought of rumors that Superman is gay. Larry is always on the cutting edge...of insanity)
-Yes, there are parts that don't make sense. But keep in mind you're watching a movie about a guy that can fly and see through things. Throw logic out the window.
-The women's clothes were great. Loved the dress Lois Lane wore at the end.

Not related to the movie: Before the movie started I was talking about OJ and said "F*cker" out loud. The kids in front of me turned around and looked at me. I apologized and said that OJ gets me all worked up. Before the start of the movie the family changed seats. OJ fans?


BET Awards

Hottie from the Flava Flav reality show.

Which is more frightening- that look on her face or that top?

Omarossa and her new breasts.

Beyonce and Jay Z.


Will The View Now Be Watchable?

...probably not.
But maybe a little better now that Star is leaving.


Rush Limp-augh

According to the AP:
Rush Limbaugh was detained for about three-and-a-half hours Monday at Palm Beach International Airport after authorities said they found a bottle of Viagra in his possession without a prescription.

The police confiscated the Viagra. Some woman out there is breathing a sigh of relief.

(AP Photo/File Photo from 2005)


Bruce Willis is Losin' It

Bruce has been promoting Over the Hedge, and hanging out with the furries for a few weeks now. Looks like he's getting a little...say it with me...Squirrely!


Did Larry Spoil the Ending?

(don't worry, I won't repeat what he said)

Massepaqua, Hello!

When the cast of Superman Returns was on Larry King's show, he quoted one of his kids on what happened at the end of the movie. Did anyone else catch this?

I can't remember how the original Superman ends, so maybe it's not a spoiler. But I think it was. Hopefully no comic book nerds were watching or else they might've soiled their Batman Underoos.


Out in Public More Than Usual

Does it seem odd that Nicole & Keith are being so public with their wedding, when they would barely talk about each other/be seen with each other when they were dating?

He has weird hair for a guy.

Nicole Kidman walks with Keith Urban through the lobby of a hotel in Sydney, Australia, Monday, June 26, 2006. (AP Photo)


Z is My Fave

I love Z's attitude in this photo.



Becks Scores

No, not with his assistant. He scored the winning goal against Ecuador. I had no idea he could really play. I thought he was just there for his looks.

UnPosh was there too.

Photos: AFP and AP


80's Band Cameo Allegedly Involved in Sears Tower Plot

Ok, not really.

But the family of one of the alleged conspirators released this photo. Don't they have anything more recent?

Bad Guys- always update your family with recent headshots. Otherwise you'll look like the opening act for Billy Ocean. Word up.

Photo: AP


Pirates Premiere

Melissa "halfpint" Gilbert is looking dowdy.