Mysterious Madge...or is it Esther?

Imminilalo. This word starts out Madonna's new track "Isaac" which is causing a lot of controvery amongst the Kaballah set. Anyone knows what it means?

Tranny Thanksgiving

Mariah Carey performed at a football game on Thanksgiving, and couldn't look more like a Tranny if she tried.

The Screaming Show

Monday is Oprah's Favorite Things show, which means there will be non-stop screaming. It has become unwatchable in the past. This year, there is a twist, according to her website- who is in the audience? Is that really considered a twist?

I would guess that it is victims of Hurricane Katrina, although there are so many of them how would she narrow it to 200?

Did you know Oprah's producing The Color Purple on Broadway? Maybe Madonna will want to star in it!


Do I See More Purple?

It's a small pic but that looks like a purple boa and...

are those the purple boots?

This is from a performance today in London. Madonna in purple is almost as fun as crazy Tom...sigh...remember the Tom days?

See Who's Dumb This Week

Democratic Underground lists their picks for the Top 10 Conservative Idiots.

Included in the 10:

Bill O' Reilly
Vibrator Boy called for terrorists to attack San Francisco. Bill still has his job and Dan Rather lost his...someone explain this to me.

Alabama's Governor
Bill Riley (I know, similar name to Vibrator Boy) announced that Americans should boycott Aruba because of the missing teen (who is from his state). The Democratic Underground goes on to list the names of missing teens from the state of Alabama.

Of course W the list. And more than once.
Check it out here

Grrrape Ape!

Madonna getting into a car in Paris with a purple purse and purple jacket and purple shirt tied over another purple shirt and purple sunglasses.

Ok, this is more raspberry...

Having trouble posting some of the latest purple Madonna photos. Click here to see the pics including her performing while wearing purple fingerless gloves
Purple fingerless gloves???

The Best SNL Ever

This Sunday NBC is airing a 2 hr special about SNL in the 80's. While SNL snobs insist the early years are the best (Murray, Belushi, Radner), the 80's were my personal favorite. Maybe because I'm too young for the "Jane you ignorant slut" years :-P

The absolute, hands down, best skit ever is the synchronized swimming episode. I incorporated it in my college senior year final broadcast project, that is how much I love it. I'm tivoing it this Sunday just in case they show it again.

How Martin Short got that hairline, I do not know. But his mannerisms are hilarious.

Dress You Up in My Love... of Purple

Oy vay! What is with Madonna and the purple getups?
I'm guessing purple is her Kaballah color.

Madge at the Harry Potter premiere
Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!

Are these the same purple boots? Purple...from her head down to her toe-e-woes

MC Hammer wants his jacket back

Purple on a horse


Bree slept with George. This must be why they're called Desperate Housewives.

The 70's are Back Because Madonna Says So

This reeks of desperately seeking re-invention

Why is she wearing the leotard from my 6th grade gymnastics team?

Danny Terrio wants his ball back

Of course, I'm going to buy her new CD.

We're Gas Guzzling Whores

Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will soon be a reality thanks to congress. I don't care that there aren't humans that live there, must we violate every inch of this planet?

The other day I saw the tiniest woman hop into her Hummer (not that even the largest of people needs a Hummer, but it just looked extra ridiculous). I laughed so that she would hear me, but I didn't taunt her like I wanted to. Who knows what kind of firearms come with a Hummer.

-Americans consume 9.1 million barrels of oil every day (this just includes vehicles)
-Drilling in the Arctic will reduce our dependence on foreign oil from 70 % to 66%, not much
-Predictions are that Arctic drilling will not result in cheaper gas

You can see how the Senate voted on this and other bills. They actually voted in favor of no cost of living raise for themselves. Shocker.
How the Senate voted

Dang. I wish Tom Cruise would act silly again. This caring about real life stuff is hard!



This is one of the oddest promotional contests I have heard of. If you find the "Mystery Cougher" and offer them a Ricola you can win up to $1 Million.

Here's how it works- you hear someone coughing, you offer them a refreshing, herbal Ricola and if they are the Mystery Cougher you win money.

With all the buzz on bird flu, if I hear someone coughing I am running the other way. Where can I order a bubble like John Travolta had?

Ricola Thanks a Million Game