Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear Rally Gets Huge Crowd

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rally yesterday gathered more than 200,000 people (Beck got around 80,000).

So don't believe the media hype that the teabaggers (he he) have any power. They just yell louder.

Yeah for sanity!

Let's Have a Chat About Project Runway, Shall We?

Uh, WTF?

The winner of Project Runway was Gretchen. I am guessing the producers helped Gretchen with styling- the sunglasses, the bronzer, the hair. Three of her outfits were the granny panties. Shouldn't she have to make full outfits? And I don't think the brown would look good on most people.

Andy was clearly out. His Ann Taylor Loft garb was nothing new. Too shiny, too holiday-office-look. Actually looked like they got drunk at their holiday office party and put part of the decorations on their heads.

Mondo, Mondo, Mondo! I think the judges were ticked he didn't listen to them (polka dot dress, the accessories on their head). And Michael Kors is just a bitter designer. He called the plaid pants clown pants, I thought they were fab.

Michael D (who?) got to show his line. It's ok. One of the tops looks like the model was shot in the chest. Maybe that's the new style. Keeps the bad guys from attacking you because you already look shot.

Ivy got to show her line. Very simple.

Valerie shows her line. Inspired by the Jetsons I suppose.

Michael C. shows his line. Brown.

Casanova shows his line. You have to see these outfits.

Photos: People, NY Mag.

Project Runway

Lifetime's site is a mess, so I can't even find Gretchen's hideous outfits from last night. This is all I can grab:

Michael C is odd, and I think phony, and I think all that crying was half fake, and what else...his clothes weren't great. But Gretchen's were just odd. And Heidi liked them?

They've given Gretchen many passes, they like her for some reason.


Some fabulous people sent me Rick Springfield's autobiography!

I started reading it as soon as I got it, flipping to find the cheating revelations (which I just assumed would be in there, and sure enough they were). I'll try not to be hurt that after all the throwing ourselves at him, he hit on neither my sister nor myself (and in my sister's case we literally threw her at him).

I'm not sure why he chose this photo, though.

Thanks D and S!


I thought the pics of a barely dressed Lea Michele from Glee in GQ was tacky. Their fans are young for Pete's sake. Oh, and honey. Quit singing Barbra Streisand. You are no Barbra Streisand. (I'm not linking to GQ, you'll have to find it yourself)

I did love that I walked in the room with Glee on, and Lea Michele was in a sailor outfit and the gay guy was sitting next to her singing and I knew it was from Streisand and Judy Garland. Maybe I'm a gay guy.

OMG I love this. I think I could move in with Tim Gunn after watching this:

Side note- Liza and Donna Summer sang a duet! I've never heard of this song! This is like 60's gay mixed with 70's gay. It's fab in it's oddness. Don't you want to meet the man that is lovin' Liza and Donna Summer? That's quite a guy!


I Want This as a Ringtone

I've probably posted this before, but it makes me laugh so here it is again.

I particularly want a ringtone of minute 1:26.

David Lee Roth vocals only:

Obama Lowers Taxes for Most Americans and No One Noticed

Read it here

I Was Just Talking About Her!

A couple days ago at work someone mentioned Airplane! and brought up the "I speak Jive" part and I told them that was Beaver's mom.

Barbara Billingsley passed away at 94.

The Miners are Getting Out

Kudos to them for not stabbing each other with a pen while trapped.  Maybe they didn't have a pen. 

Who is the guy doing the commentary for MSNBC?  Take it down a notch, we're only on miner 3, there's 30 more to go.  A glimpse of the capsule coming out isn't reason to say "there it is there it is there it is." When talking about one of the miners wives he said "look at the emotion on her face" and she didn't have any. In fact she was quite stoic.

Now if only most Americans knew where Chile is.

Political This N That

The RNC highlight a study that says the Democrats' tax plan is more generous to Americans.

If American would learn about the candidates, and not judge them by their ads, would this be an issue?

10,000 people line up to save their homes.

Frozen Yogurt?

It's actually mechanically separated chicken.

Source: Huffington Post


Rotten #7 is out, with the bind up (issues 1-6) available on Amazon soon. And you app people can get Rotten #1 for your iPhone.

Ain't in Cool News, USA Today and FHM have all given Rotten great reviews.

I still think this should be made into a movie with Clive Owen.

Cool song in this: