I thought the pics of a barely dressed Lea Michele from Glee in GQ was tacky. Their fans are young for Pete's sake. Oh, and honey. Quit singing Barbra Streisand. You are no Barbra Streisand. (I'm not linking to GQ, you'll have to find it yourself)

I did love that I walked in the room with Glee on, and Lea Michele was in a sailor outfit and the gay guy was sitting next to her singing and I knew it was from Streisand and Judy Garland. Maybe I'm a gay guy.

OMG I love this. I think I could move in with Tim Gunn after watching this:

Side note- Liza and Donna Summer sang a duet! I've never heard of this song! This is like 60's gay mixed with 70's gay. It's fab in it's oddness. Don't you want to meet the man that is lovin' Liza and Donna Summer? That's quite a guy!


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