Happy Memorial Day

Take a minute today to remember those that serve/served this country.

Dennis Hopper Dies

Half of you are thinking "who?" and the other half of you can pour one out for DH and Gary Coleman.

Star of Easy Rider, Blue Velvet, and Speed (ah- now the young kids know who he is), Dennis was known for playing the bad guy.


Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout?

Sing it with me "Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you might not be right for some..."

Gary Coleman died yesterday. The star of Diff'rent Strokes, after the show was over he had a difficult life. It is alleged that his parents spent all of his money, and he struggled to find work. He fell recently and lapsed into a coma. With all his health problems, it's weird that it was a fall that was the cause of his death. Maybe there is more to the story.


American Idol


She wuz robbed! I like Lee, but his version of Beautiful Day was a Beautiful Dud. Maybe it's because I love the original, but he screamed through that song. I thought for sure Crystal would win.

I didn't see all of the show- I read Bret Michaels performed, and I saw Janet kill it in that outfit- work it! Who is going to tell Christina that no one cares? And was I the only one, when the past winners walked out, say "Jordan, that's right". Because I just don't remember much of her.

Paula showed up and wasn't too wacky. Meds evened out, perhaps.

This was Simon's last show. He's figured out a way to make even more money.

Lu out.

Ok, Fine

I watched the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Which means I had to tape it since it was opposite Lost. And I said CA wasn't a show to tape so I'm a big fat hypocrite, ok? I guess I'll just go down and register for the GOP now.

It really is just something to watch when you're too pooped from work to do anything else. There isn't anything compelling about it. It doesn't have smoke monsters or Jack Bauer. Sometimes I just don't want to think while watching tv, ok? (defensive)

And while I love hair bands, I never was into Poison. They had a couple good songs, but they're not casino concert viewing for me. Bret Michaels does seem like a nice guy, but he's no Jon Bon Jovi. Now that would be a good Celebrity Apprentice- Hair Bands. Calling Kip Winger!

24 Finale

Poor 24. This once great show gets hardly a goodbye. I have to watch the whole season, which is on my DVR, so I am not watching tonight's finale.

I dare not even get an image on the web, as those internets will surely ruin the finale (as if I can watch the whole season on my DVR and not hear about the ending).

Lost Finale


So all of this season's alternate universe was the after world. Some think that means everyone died when the plane crashed, especially since Jack dies in the similar position as the series opens (Jack laying on the beach). On the show after the finale, Jimmy Kimmel said he thought Jack died when the plane was rocky (and then evened out, thus the transition to the other world), and that confused me more. I think everything that happened on the island happened, and Jack died just like we saw.

I guess the mythology of the island doesn't need to be completely explained.


Lost and Celebrity Apprentice go up against each other tonight which is ballsy of NBC since, well, do I even have to explain? Sure Mr. Hospital Bret Michaels may or may not make the live finale to see if he wins over Holly Robinson whatever (he won't), but Lost is supposed to answer a gagillion questions (it won't).

Tonight you have the two-hour summary show before the two-hour finale of Lost.

Who has worse hair- Bret Michaels or Claire?

Photos: AP, ABC.com

WYBM Blind Item

My source says...

Talk show host #1 isn't as chipper as her persona, but she's not necessarily a raving loon. Once her orders come down the chain of command, she does sound demanding. Hard to say if that's from her or the others along the way.

Talk show host #2 is a loon, a nut, and all around completely crazy. 

Talk show host #3 is new at this gig, but not showbiz, and she is nice.

Talk show host #4 is same as #3 but male.

None are Opie!

She'll Throw a Diamond Phone at Them

Does she have any sense?

Prosecutors trying former Liberian president Charles Taylor for war crimes at a U.N.-backed court have asked judges to subpoena supermodel Naomi Campbell as a witness.

Prosecutors have filed a motion saying they want Campbell to testify about uncut diamonds Taylor allegedly gave to her in South Africa in 1997.

In a motion filed Thursday, they say Campbell told prosecutors through her lawyer that she was "concerned for her safety" and "did not want to involve herself in the case."

Prosecutors allege that Taylor provided arms and ammunition to brutal rebels during Sierra Leone's civil war in exchange for diamonds. He denies the allegations.

The prosecution also wants actress Mia Farrow to testify about the alleged gift. Farrow says Campbell told her about the gift. 

She is currently dating a Russian billionaire.  

Thanks Mo

Photo: AP 

This Is...

I thought this was Shakira. It's J. Low. She's def. had something done. Nose thining, brow lift, something. And I think she wore that pink mermaid outfit to distract us.


High School

Photo: People

Lost Sighting

Last night I went to pick up some Baja Fresh and as I got closer to the sidewalk I see people leaving SAGs offices (they share a parking lot), and gathering around one guy. As I walked past I see it's Matthew Fox. Dude is tall. Once I'm past I ask a woman walking in the same direction as me what was going on and she said they watched Lost and had a Q&A with Matthew Fox. I asked if it was the finale and she said no (which was a dumb question on my part- why would they show the finale?). I almost turned around and asked MF all the questions I've been blogging about, in exchange for some fish tacos of course.

Funny side story- earlier that day I was talking to an intern who said they were having a finale screening in the theatre on campus. I jokingly said I was going to try and sneak in as a student (ok, somewhat jokingly). She said she saw Desmond in an elevator once. I said I never see any of them around, she said they film in Hawaii, blah blah blah. Then that night I see Matthew Fox? What a coinkidink.

Thanks Yahoo

Thanks for showing us the American Idol finalists. Even though it hasn't aired yet.

Not that it's a huge deal, but must you put the results of every show (reality, awards, finales) in the Yahoo mail news feed before it airs on the west coast?

Next Sunday, I'll be disappointed if you don't reveal what's up with the smoke monster, what happens with Jack and Kate and the meaning of the island. What's a few years of watching a show, wanting to see the ending play out compared to seeing the results when I'm checking my email.

You Could Have Your Own Shoooooowwwww!

(Said in Oprah announcing voice)

Oprah's new network, OWN, is accepting applications to find the next big TV star. There are several categories to choose from - Traditional Talk Show
- Cooking
- Interior Design or Fashion
- Health & Wellbeing
- Wildcard
One of the bad things about this- your video submission is posted on the website and everyone can see them.

Here's a disclaimer:  
PLEASE NOTE: Your uploaded submission video will become the property of OWN, regardless of whether or not you are selected as a participant on the show. 
AKA- it will be shown at company Christmas parties.


Last show before the finale.

Am I just embarassing myself at this point with all the Lost questions? So much I don't get.

Do we even know who Jack's baby mama is? I can't remember if we know who he had the teen with. Not Kate because that's in the other life. He doesn't know her in the alternate life, right?

American Idol

Each singer picked a song first, their second song was picked by the judges. 

Casey- first song was a snoozer. It's almost cute that he's so naive that he doesn't know to play a catchy song, even though they've reminded him week, after week, after week. 

Crystal- I listened to the Melissa Etheridge CD that has Come to My Window on it, a lot in the 90's (palazzo pants shout out!). So I dig the song. But the harmonica (or was it the arrangement, am I that knowledgeable?) was off. Ellen gave a lesbian name drop "Melissa would be proud of you". Because, all lesbians know each other.

Lee-  I was a little hesitant when I heard the words "Lynard Skynard" (no offense- all I know of them is Free Bird). But he done good.

Casey- Randy and Kara gave Casey a John Mayer song, which I don't think is his genre, which was odd since Kara always talks about people's genres. A John Mayer song shows you can sing ok, but doesn't wow 'em.

Crystal- They told Casey his song choice wasn't known to a lot of voters, and then Ellen gives Crystal a song by Wings.

Lee- Hallelujah gets me every single time.

Crystal and Lee in the finals ya know it.

Are We Boycotting BP?

The gas station I go to is made of recycled materials, with funky lights...it looks as if Virgin America made a gas station. And it's convenient for me...

...and, they are owned by BP.

So what to do? I haven't heard of people boycotting like the Exxon days.

Did I mention this place provides anti-bac hand wipes? Lavender scented.

You know how much I like anti-bac products.

Betty! Betty! Betty!

(Any Laverne and Shirley fans out there thinking "pick up Betty...your hashblacks are ready")

Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live last night and she kicked butt. If you're like me, you were holding your breath as she said every line, hoping she could read the cue cards. I don't watch much SNL, but I thought it was funny last night.

Lost Marathon

I watched A LOT of Lost this weekend. I think this is the way to watch Lost, helps to understand it when watching several in a row. Although I don't understand all of it.

-How did Michael die? I remember that they saw him off the island, but he must've died if Hurley sees him.
-Why is Sayid on Locke/smoke monster's side?
-Does the rest of Locke/smoke monster's camp know he's bad? (Like Sawyer and Kate).
-That last episode (spoiler) confused me- if Locke wanted to kill them he had a lot of chances, I guess he had to do it all at once? If that was the case, why not let them on the plane? Why was Jack so wrong about Locke not trying to kill them? And why didn't they put the bomb out the torpedo hatch? Maybe small subs don't have torpedoes, I suppose.
-Why can't they get Claire a better wig? Britney's broke a** extensions look better.

-The Devil, Jacob, and smoke monster confuse me. That's more of a statement than question.

I found a Lost wiki, with a spoiler page. They discuss smokey and the rest.

Send Your Hair to the Oil Spill

Human and pet hair can be used to absorb oil. This seems odd, since if I don't wash my hair every other day it gets oily. But whatevs.

Some hairdresser figured out that hair absorbed oil during the Exxon Valdez disaster (remember that- people boycotted Exxon, and local celebrities were outed if seen filling up at an Exxon).

From the Seattle PI:

• Line a designated hair collection box with plastic
• Any length of hair is fine
• All types of head hair including straight, curly, dyed, or permed are fine (My comment: you know some sicko is sending pubes)
• Shampooed hair is preferred
• Fur, horse hair and wool is accepted
• Pet hair does not need to be shampooed, just not filthy
• Include hair only and not other garbage
• Tie the bag shut and tape the box

Washed nylon stockings, even with runs, are also needed. Put these in a separate bag.

Go to the Matter of Trust site for where to mail your hair.


We're big Betty White fans in my family. I mean, her autograph picture made it onto the wall of fame in the house (not a joke). So, we were ahead of all this Betty hoopla. So there!

Betty hosts Saturday Night Live tomorrow! Grab your favorite Golden Girls inspired drink and tune in.

White House Correspondence Dinner

No surprise- Obama is funnier than Leno.

Obama is first, and is charming and funny. Then there's Leno. He's his usual hacky self, which I know is some people's kind of humor. I'm more of a Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert person, so Leno is not for me. (For some reason we can't see any of the clip Leno shows, and he has several, so it's annoying.)