Lost Marathon

I watched A LOT of Lost this weekend. I think this is the way to watch Lost, helps to understand it when watching several in a row. Although I don't understand all of it.

-How did Michael die? I remember that they saw him off the island, but he must've died if Hurley sees him.
-Why is Sayid on Locke/smoke monster's side?
-Does the rest of Locke/smoke monster's camp know he's bad? (Like Sawyer and Kate).
-That last episode (spoiler) confused me- if Locke wanted to kill them he had a lot of chances, I guess he had to do it all at once? If that was the case, why not let them on the plane? Why was Jack so wrong about Locke not trying to kill them? And why didn't they put the bomb out the torpedo hatch? Maybe small subs don't have torpedoes, I suppose.
-Why can't they get Claire a better wig? Britney's broke a** extensions look better.

-The Devil, Jacob, and smoke monster confuse me. That's more of a statement than question.

I found a Lost wiki, with a spoiler page. They discuss smokey and the rest.

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